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    2014 Indoor Track Season

    Maslak's height is listed at 5'9, which is very impressive for a 400 guy. Also he looks to be in phenomenal shape. This could be the guy to watch this summer for the 400. His personal best indoor for the 200 is 21.33, which I'm sure he could break easily right now. Maybe he'll run a few of...
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    If 43-8 is a blowout, what's 46-2?

    I agree. The only stories about racism you ever hear in any news or media outlet is one that points the finger at a white person. To say that non whites aren't racist is absurd. They aren't all racist, but I would be willing to bet an alarming number of them hold a grudge, be it silent or...
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    Now That It Is Over, Can You Wake Up?

    Being as though I live near Seattle, I must say, this is truly the most nauseating sight I've ever seen in this god forsaken city. Estimates are at 700,000 people for todays turn out. People taking the day off from work and actually pulling their kids out of school. What does that teach them...
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    Second-Worst Black Scumbag Loses (Mayweather Jr. is #1)!!

    Broner struggled against Malignaggi...eeking out a decision. He showed that when he fights at 147(which is his true weight), he has no power and can't man handle guys like he was doing in the smaller divisions. He's been fighting much smaller guys his whole career. He isn't a top echelon...
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    An Outsider's Perspective on this Website

    If you think my post is too long or you don't like the content, then try not reading it next time.
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    An Outsider's Perspective on this Website

    The OP in this post has received way too much attention from us. He's an idiot and doesn't even seem to be responding to posts anymore. As for me, I'm a christian and believe myself to be a very reasonable person. I believe blacks and whites have very different cultures and they simply don't...
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    Evgeny Gradovich

    Gradovich had a great performance last night stopping Billy Dib in the 9th. He showed good power with improved boxing skills.
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    Freddie Roach get's assaulted by latinos.

    I get really tired of the Mexicans parading around with their "I'm Mexican and I never quit. I'm a born fighter" crap. They always come into fights with tons of people in their camps and they are always running their mouths. They are nearly non existent in any of the higher weight...
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    11/02, Golovkin VS Stevens & Abdusalamov VS Perez

    This can't be serious. Ward is a super middleweight and could probably fight at light heavy...but I dont see him ever fighting at cruiser weight let alone heavyweight. Ward is such an idiot.
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    Max Kellerman

    Yeah I think many people are oblivious to how modern day announcing is actually more like subliminal advertisement than they realize. It's almost like training the brain to think a fighter is better, even if he isn't. Many people would probably score fights differently on their own if they...
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    Max Kellerman

    I wish there was a stream with no announcers. You could just tune in and hear the crowd and the fighters. Now that would be awesome!
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    Deontay Wilder: The Great Black Hope

    Thats the third video I've seen, i believe, where he's been dropped easily. He's got no chin. He's in big trouble against Stiverne who was able to hurt Areola.
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    Max Kellerman

    Everything Kellerman says is pretty much verbal diarrhea. He spent 8 rounds last saturday talking about how good of a fighter Stevens is. Stevens got beat from corner to corner for 8 rounds against a physically superior man. It's obvious that Kellerman is so feminized he didn't want to say...
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    11/02, Golovkin VS Stevens & Abdusalamov VS Perez

    Didnt watch the Mago fight but it seems like he didnt properly prepare so hopefully he will rebound. I watched the Golovkin fight, and Kellerman and jones tried their best to hype up Stevens but Golovkin systematically beat him down in one of the best displays of boxing Ive ever seen! What a...
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    HBO's Great Black Hopes

    Yes I believe Firtha did stun him. He basically bum rushed him and threw some wild shots. Wilder has no defense at all. He will get rocked by anyone in the top 10.
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    HBO's Great Black Hopes

    Watched the Wilder-Firtha fight and these are my observations: wilder is 29-0 with 29 KOs, so why is he fighting a guy who is 21-10? The announcers stated Wilder couldn't get a better opponent because of money issues. This stinks to high hell! He's obviously avoiding better fighters. Wilder...
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    2014 NFL Season Week 7

    Watching this game it's absolutely beyond me why Hillis isn't starting on a team! He didnt pile up huge yards but he is undeniably talented. He can literally do everything! If he had any kind of line to run behind he could pile up big yardage. Now he'll probably be cast aside once again...
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    Vasyl Lomachenko

    This is so true! He would probably have a 5 minute special on sportscenter. It would be sandwiched inbetween Adrian Petersons son's memorial piece and the "oh my god, the first black gymnast to win blah blah blah!" piece.
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    Vasyl Lomachenko

    Wasn't able to see last nights fight as the youtube video has been removed. But by watching some of his highlights, he actually reminds me of Manny Pacquiao. He has incredibly fast "core movement" as I like to call it. He swivels around a lot and hits his opponents from a lot of different...
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    HBO's Great Black Hopes

    Hasn't Wilder been on the deck multiple times before?
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    There are articles everywhere that discredit white boxers. Are we really supposed to care about this article? Ok I read it....great, moving on.
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    Vasyl Lomachenko

    Very impressive that he's debuting against a guy who is 25-3 with 15 KOs! Unlike the american olympians who are overly protected and tend to fight 5-10 easy fights to pad their records with KO's. Errol Spence and Deontay Wilder are examples of this.
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    Artur Beterbiev

    Watching this fight, Saunders seems like a fairly game opponent and it's impressive that this is only Beterbiev's second pro fight. We all know how different the pros can be from amateur. It seems funny to me how a lot of fighters turning pro now will fight upwards of 5 or 6 absolute bums...
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    UFC 165

    Like someone else mentioned, Jones has chicken legs. Maybe a good strategy woul be to try and land some lower leg kicks. It could be that his much smaller opponents haven't been able to get close enough, but that shouldn't be the case with this fight. Anyone know what Jones actually weighs...
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    2013 NFL Season Week 3

    Yeah I caught that sneaky athletic comment too. No one in the NFL has physical abilities that are sneaky. They've been filmed, timed and measured in almost every way possible. To call him "sneaky athletic" is a jab at him. He's just plain athletic! But we all know why he threw "sneaky" in...