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    2022 Michigan Wolverines

    Great write up, thanks!
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    NFL News, Rumors and Musings

    Borghi had a workout with the Texans, let’s hope he catches on there!
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    Transfer Portal News

    Probably knows he won’t be catching much if Petras is the quarterback.
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    Max Borghi

    I’m disgusted by this. How can a player with his stats and ability be waived as a UDFA. Absolute travesty.
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    2022 UDFA tracker

    Jack Sorenson has signed with the bengals. Ranked in the top 10 in yards this year, still not good enough to get drafted..
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    2022 NFL Draft

    Borghi signed by colts…
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    Is there a chance of a USA-Russia war in the near future?

    O Of course you don’t, you’re not the president of a world super power, and there are more than likely forces at work here that you can’t comprehend. Fact is, NATO and as an extension the EU, have pushed Russia too far on this occasion with aggressive territorial expansion. Not to mention the...
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    Aaron Rodgers

    Ideally they would draft Alec Pierce, the second coming of Jordy Nelson. Lord knows he will slip further than he should.
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    NFL News, Rumors and Musings

    Danny amendola signs with the Texans. Happy for him, but what an inept organization - letting go of chad Hansen at the beginning of his career for a veteran at the end of his career.
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    2021 College Football Write-ups

    Interestingly it has WR Berkeley Holman as the starter for northwestern, which wasn’t in the write up. +1 for the wildcats.
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    Los Angeles Rams General Thread

    Both Henderson and Michel are somewhat unjury prone, so there is hope yet for Funk. Arguably he had earned the No.2 spot so at worst he should still make the squad.
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    Class of 2022

    Safety Jake Pope commits to Alabama. Let’s hope he gets to play and not swallowed up by the depth chart!
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    2021 UNLV Rebels

    Fairly sure Tate martell transferred
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    2021 California Golden Bears

    Wouldn’t get too excited, the 2022 is 100% upsiders.
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    Class of 2022

    Jaren kanak, 4 star athlete, commits to Clemson, appears to be recruited as a linebacker. Good spot!
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    Class of 2022

    Wisconsin with commits from Cade Yacamelli and WR Tommy McIntosh. RB Bryce Duke to Virginia Tech WR Brock Spalding to East Carolina WR Landon Ibieta to Miami
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    NFL News, Rumors and Musings

    Berrios making some noise at Jets training; From Twitter - Zach Wilson loves Braxton Berrios. Trusts him. Trusts his routes. And Berrios is a good route-runner; it’s his tough-catch ability that just isn’t there all the time. Red zone TD. Good to see, hopefully Wilson continues to target him...
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    NFL News, Rumors and Musings

    Austin Proehl, recently cut by the 49ers, signed by the chargers..
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    Class of 2022 not sure if this kid has been mentioned.. Jaren Kanak. Athlete in Kansas who ran a 10.37 100m.. offers from penn state, Wisconsin among others..
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    2021 UDFA tracker

    Austin Trammell to the Falcons Dillon stoner to the raiders
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    2021 NFL Draft

    One of the most glaring examples of the caste system I predict in this draft involves SJSU receivers Bailey Gaither and Tre Walker. They had arguably a similar career with Gaither having a much better average. At the pro day, Gaither outperformed Walker considerably but I have seen Walker mock...
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    2021 NFL Draft

    Blake Proehl pro-day; 4.41 40 yard dash 10.6 broad 36 vertical 12 bench 7.00 cone not bad at all...
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    NFL News, Rumors and Musings

    Sad for David sills though...
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    2021 NFL Draft Looks like Bailey Gaither did a 4.45sec 40yard dash. He also thoroughly out-performed the upside Tre Walker. Interesting to see who gets drafted..
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    2021 NFL Draft

    In today's pro day, #Terps RB Jake Funk said he benched 225 for 22 reps, 38-inch vertical, 10'2" broad jump and ran as fast as a 4.43 in the 40-yard dash