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  1. Truthteller

    San Francisco 49ers General Thread

    Nice replies by all. I absolutely agree with EP, S.F. should've drafted Mac Jones. I really thought they would. My guess is Shanahan (as rumored) wanted Jones, but super-cuck Lynch and the 49ers young, silver-spoon raised, left-wing owner wanted a black quota at all costs -- Goy version of...
  2. Truthteller

    San Francisco 49ers General Thread

    Couple fascinating stories in this largely ignored 49ers thread: Left-wing ESPN Lonsman warning that Jimmy G. might stay another season because Trey Lance is "greener" than most people realize? Gee, who would've figured a quarterback that only played one season at the 1-AA level, would be...
  3. Truthteller

    New USFL starting in April

    Leo and W.I.R, I think USFL players are scheduled to make about $4,500 per game (10 game season, 4 teams make playoffs). Teams also get a bonus for each win and $10,000 extra (per player) for USFL champs -- that's assuming the season comes to a conclusion? Don't forget, AAF and XFL 2.0 had...
  4. Truthteller

    New USFL starting in April

    Bucky, I agree about the OT's. I quickly looked at the first round of OT's and it looked about half white 4-4....but upon closer inspection, the other OT rounds were mostly all black. Guards and centers seem only slightly better, Day 2. Phall, is correct, they drafted by position, round 1 to...
  5. Truthteller

    2021-2022 NBA Season

    Yes, Buck, I'd say Milwaukee probably would've been the best spot for Dragic, Dallas would be next. Heck, even the Clippers would've been better? W-Lightning, Goran found himself in the worst spot possible early this season, Toronto. A crappy, basically all-black team that is run by a left-wing...
  6. Truthteller

    New USFL starting in April

    Wanted to break this (USFL Draft) down a bit more, but have very limited time to post tonight. Also, wanted to respond to the NBA replies (on Steve Nash), but will do that tomorrow. Here is the early returns from the USFL Draft...
  7. Truthteller

    2021-2022 NBA Season

    Not sure what the heck Dragic was thinking? As much as I dislike the Mav's owner with the silly fake name "Cuban" (real family name is Feldman-Chabenisky), I agree Dragic would've been much better off in Dallas or elsewhere. First off, with super Cuck Steve Nash at the helm, Brooklyn is now...
  8. Truthteller

    Pittsburgh Steelers General Thread

    Bucky, you might be right. But I think Flores' time in Miami showed he was no better or no worse (in terms of being "anti-white") than your typical, cucked white NFL coach. Flores certainly never showed he held militant hatred towards whites, like Uncle Tom Ken Norton Jr. from Seattle clearly...
  9. Truthteller

    2021 Running Backs

    Gringo, I watched a bit of the Shrine Game (online) and the "fullback" from Northern Illinois got a fair bit of playing at tailback. According to the announcers, his RB coach was impressed with him in practice and let him do the "Mike Alsott thing" that night. His RB coach, by the way, was a...
  10. Truthteller

    Blacks Attacking East Asians - Why?

    Another angle, not mention yet. Blacks attack Asian immigrants because they sense that Asians really do despise them on a visceral level. Most immigrants, even African blacks and Europeans, hate American blacks because they did not grew up bombarded by relentless propaganda from the jewish...
  11. Truthteller

    Top 25 Cable Shows in Black Households

    Mid 2010's (or so) Major League Soccer (MLS) was strutting like a peac0ck, because they were filling a football stadium in Seattle, signing international stars, had incredible demand for expansion teams at inflated prices and building soccer-specific stadiums all over the U.S and Canada --...
  12. Truthteller

    Another ESPN jerk

    Below is the link to the full video (on the page) from Project Veritas. I'm posting a follow up story of how ESPN wants to deal with it, in terms of public relations...
  13. Truthteller

    Canadian Freedom Fighters

    Must See Video: Justin Trudeau Gets Outed by His Own Brother Kyle as Pawn of New World Order Taking Orders from Bilderberg and the Council on Foreign Relations...
  14. Truthteller

    Kansas City Chiefs General Thread

    After 3, mostly injury riddled season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers released wide receiver Justin Watson, who posted 1st to 3rd round workout numbers (40 time, ect) for his size coming out of Penn in 2019. Soon after he was cut, he (foolishly) signed with Kansas City? Watson is not listed (yet) by...
  15. Truthteller

    Houston Texans General Thread

    Good points. I look at this like a game of "musical chairs". Teams that hire first can pretty much sign who they want, but the last teams standing are usually going to have a ton pressure on them to hire a black head coach, as Icsept noted. As far as the Texans being "incompetent"? At...
  16. Truthteller

    Another ESPN jerk

    Project Veritas ventured over to the Satanic Sports Temple based in Bristol, Connecticut -- ESPN. More video will be out tonight, but apparently the blacks over at ESPN are frothing at the mouth angry at whites and terrorize them non-stop throughout the building...
  17. Truthteller

    NFL News, Rumors and Musings

    Broncos legendary quarterback/current Caste cuck Jack Elway Jr. and Doug Flutie are also part Arab, so I guess Elway can suddenly be considered a minority front office hire? Here's a list of Lebanese NFL players and coaches, which includes the previously mentioned Jeff George and coach Abe...
  18. Truthteller

    NFL News, Rumors and Musings

    Thanks WIR, I just looked it up and found him a minute ago. Here he is.
  19. Truthteller

    Walker Kessler

    Thanks for the updates on Kessler, JC.
  20. Truthteller

    Miami Dolphins General Thread

    That would be very little problem for quite a few, as they can claim Native American or Native heritage. For quite a while, the NHL pumped up very white looking, diminutive star Theo Fleury as non-white, because he had some native blood. Fleury was always featured with Anson Carter and Mike...
  21. Truthteller

    NFL News, Rumors and Musings

    Hatie now makes 5 minority coaches, according to BSPN....I remember watching a All-Star game (Blue-Gray Classic?) in the latter part of the 1990's and there was a full blooded Korean safety from Dartmouth playing, Lloyd Lee. I don't remember it, but a quick search reveals he played a half...
  22. Truthteller

    NFL News, Rumors and Musings

    I noted before I had ESPN and ESPN 2 locked for about 7 years (parental cable locks), meaning I had to put in code numbers to unlock it and watch a game -- I just became so tired of their B.S. I decided I didn't want to see it, even just channel surfing....I finally took off the locks in the...
  23. Truthteller

    Houston Texans General Thread

    Texans should have never fired Culley. He did not deserve to be fired and they still owe him $17 million to boot. Now, suddenly, they are in a situation were 5 other NFL teams went out and signed white HC's of their choice and the NFL needs some black HC's hired! Miami has a prominent jewish...
  24. Truthteller

    Seattle Seahawks General Thread

    I did not realize this until today, but the Seahawks fired the above mentioned, militantly anti-white DC Ken Norton a couple weeks ago. Norton has been a coach in the NFL since 2010 and in that span his teams (Seattle and Oakland) have never had a full time white starter on defense. This...
  25. Truthteller

    Jacksonville Jaguars General Thread

    Wile, I was thinking something similar about Philly fans last night after I posted the Eagles had gone over 30 years without having an entrenched white starting quarterback --- between Jaworski and Wentz. Given the demographics of their ticket buyers (mostly blue collar, ethnic whites), I...