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  1. Don Wassall

    2022 College Football Week 4

    Tell me if I'm wrong, but going by the updates the first few weeks it seems like there's more Whites carrying the ball this year than we've seen in a long time. Also, going by the team write-ups, more starting White WRs as well.
  2. Don Wassall

    2022 Presidents Cup

    Late in the Saturday matches the U.S. leads the internationals 10-4. The singles matches are tomorrow. It's taking place at Quail Hollow in Charlotte. This event is still a distant second to the Ryder Cup in excitement and prestige thanks primarily to the Americans dominating it since it...
  3. Don Wassall

    2022 College Football Week 4

    What a mutant Bowers is! With his size he looks like Derrick Henry outrunning small DBs on some of his long TD runs.
  4. Don Wassall

    2022 Tennessee Titans

    The Titans are once again a forgettable Caste squad with the exception of rookie WR Kyle Philips and QB Ryan Tannehill. Philips was a fifth round steal out of UCLA who immediately excelled in training camp and was the team’s leading receiver in Week One, though he injured his shoulder in Week...
  5. Don Wassall

    2022 NFL Week 3

    The Steelers are now 0-6-1 in games over the past two seasons that T. J. Watt has missed in whole or in part.
  6. Don Wassall

    Good Music Videos

    You think back to certain times, and years, and some stick out in your mind much more than others. One of those to me is 1985. It was mid-way through the Reagan years, which in retrospect were the last years of America 1.0 even though at the time those of us, like me, no different than...
  7. Don Wassall

    2022 New Orleans Saints

    The 2022 Saints still look like a typical Sean Payton team – a decent amount of White players compared to many other teams, but no one to root for other than second year linebacker Pete Werner, and Taysom Hill if he ever gets meaningful snaps. The new head man is Dennis Allen. Considering he...
  8. Don Wassall

    2022 Los Angeles Rams

    Through two games Skowronek has 9 targets and 6 catches, second on the team among WRs after what's his name, while Allen Robinson has just 7 targets and 5 catches. Robinson may or may not be over the hill. He had a terrible season last year after putting up 98/1147 in '19 and 102/1250 in...
  9. Don Wassall

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers General Thread

    In all fairness, Brady was pretty much in a sustained rage the entire game. I don't think he's ever been one to limit his criticisms to just White teammates.
  10. Don Wassall

    2022 Cleveland Browns

    Winovich placed on IR for minimum of four games. I was curious to see if he'd get to play on Sunday, and the 37% snap count was a step in the right direction. But alas he's one of those talented White players who has trouble staying healthy. Given the new regime in Cleveland, he may have...
  11. Don Wassall

    2022 NFL Week 2

    39 yard reception by Kumerow, showing off his "deceptive speed."
  12. Don Wassall

    2022 NFL Week 2

    WR Gabe Davis is injured, which is giving Kumerow an opportunity, just caught a third down pass!
  13. Don Wassall

    2022 NFL Week 2

    White receivers are a lot better at not taking hits than previously. They've learned, and it helps that there's a few more of them than there used to be although nowhere remotely near the number that should be playing in the NFL. (At least two-thirds if not more.) Ed McCaffrey, Tom Waddle...
  14. Don Wassall

    2022 NFL Week 2

    Kyle Philips is active for the Titans-Bills game. He had been questionable all week with a shoulder issue, hopefully he's back close to normal and Tannehill will look to him again tonight after leading the team in receiving in Week 1.
  15. Don Wassall

    2022 Washington Commanders

    Wentz throwing up big numbers right away is one of my highlights of the first two games of the season. Many obituaries for White QBs turn out to be wildly premature. Wentz getting back to elite level for an organization that's always had a love affair with Black QBs would be particularly...
  16. Don Wassall

    2022 Detroit Lions

    Yes, a nice write-up on one of the few teams with a positive trend from our perspective. Hutchinson needed all of two games before showing how dominating he can be. And nice that Anzalone kept his starting job as most observers had Rodriguez replacing him. Have to disagree a bit on Goff. He...
  17. Don Wassall

    2022 NFL Week 2

    Looks like Rex was quickly demoted from starter to team mascot -- 2 receptions for 9 yards, no carries. . .
  18. Don Wassall

    2022 NFL Week 2

  19. Don Wassall

    2022 NFL Week 2

    Kyler Murray once again doing nothing. . .
  20. Don Wassall

    2022 NFL Week 2

  21. Don Wassall

    2022 NFL Week 2

    Maxx Crosby with the sack of the manlet. Jimmy G with the TD pass to Ross Dwelley, in for the injured Kittle!
  22. Don Wassall

    2022 NFL Week 2

    Matt Stafford 8 of 8 so far, with no throws to Kupp. Guess he has to make amends for targeting Kupp so often last game, unlike what happens with superstar Black receivers.
  23. Don Wassall

    2022 NFL Week 2

    Cooper Rush looking damn good, just threw a TD pass
  24. Don Wassall

    2022 NFL Week 2

    Trey Lance injured, may be serious
  25. Don Wassall

    2022 NFL Week 2

    The idiot analyst in the LAR-ATL game making fun of Ben Skowronek's last name, knowing he won't be canceled. Hypocritical POS