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    Human Space Exploration

    That's too true. Affirmative action is the touch of death to anything. It's being more concerned with bureaucratic red tape procedure than the actual work itself, which I see a lot of beyond just affirmative action these days. Some drone in some cubicle somewhere is much more concerned with...
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    2022 NFL Week 3

    @Leonardfan "3 yards and a cloud of dust type RB to me."-------A plod and plummet prototype. Lol.
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    The Great Jack Dempsey

    Recently watched video film of Greb on Youtube. Man, that guy had a physique that Bruce Lee would've been proud of. Had he been the size of Tunney, people would have been terrified of him. Even so, with an anything goes fight with no rules he might have still beat anyone.
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    2 billion people watched this dreck!

    Was reading some of the old comments from 2011 where the vultures from The View were complaining about what everyone was wearing during that particular wedding. They were so crestfallen that they couldn't spot any dashikis, pants worn at mid thigh, or Air Jordans. Lol.
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    2022 Oklahoma Sooners

    Lots of Captains and Majors. Captain Munnerlyn, Major Lance, Major R. Johnson Finley, Major Harris, Private Parts, Admiral Thurgood.
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    Olivia Newton-John

    I have a couple that are fairly early in her career. Good Lord: compare something like this to what passes for music today.
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    Sandy Hook Elementary School Demolition

    That Sandy Hook thing is the very definition of phony. That freaking Parker dude and his triplicate daughters; none of these people grieved like real human beings. Dry sobs with no tears. Immediate interviews with news teams. No paramedics allowed in to see if there might be a faint chance of...
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    We Are Living In A Cartoon

    Look up Valentina Sampaio. This one is out in the open like Bruce Gender. Just how many might harbor secrets, Victoria's Secret?
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    Cleveland Browns General Thread

    It's pathetic that teams even wanted Watson. It would be fascinating to have a time machine and bring people who are no longer here to this day in 2022. Just today I had to install some IT equipment in a doc office and the screens in the exam rooms had streaming pharmacological ads without a...
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    Leo Chenal LB

    "Lacks speed and explosive burst in pursuit." He's their biggest lb in terms of weight, meaning probably the strongest since he has a faster 40 time than all of them except the smaller Willie Gay. Does Zierlein see a white guy and automatically think he must have no speed? Somebody's paying...
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    Good Music Videos

    This post is about the opposite: bad music. Was loading up my car today and there were some guys, I won't say who but you all can guess, sharing their music with the entire neighborhood. It was some guy flapping his gums with each line having "gonna kill some m*****rs" or "look at these...
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    Coming Financial Crisis Worse Than ’29?

    Good Lord they're insidious. People are petrified to name them; they beat around the bush and say Zionists and Globalists. That nepotism of theirs drowns everyone else out. Anyone here read the website of Miles Mathis? I've read articles from him off and on for years...
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    Las Vegas Raiders General Thread

    What a defensive backfield the Raiders could conceivably have: Trayvon, Tre'Von, Cre'von, and Duron (Mullen, Moehrig, LeBlanc, and Harmon). And of course fronting them will be Jayon (Brown) at lb., plus Divine Devil (Divine Deablo) with Rock Ya-Sin (Rock Your Sin) waiting on the apron. They are...
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    Joe Biden's America

    "He" actually looks like one of those DNA mutants from the X-Files, like that twisted freak who elongated himself to fit into AC ducts and down chimneys so he could stab people in their beds at 3 AM.
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    Joe Biden's America

    Must be pics of "him" after the Langley electrodes were removed following an MK electroshock session.
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    Alec Pierce

    I said "rather" slow, and it is, comparatively speaking, to some other receivers in the league. The main gist of my point was that Cosell saw very little difference between London and Pierce, other than London's 540 degree dunks. Saying Pierce is "likely faster" is wishy washy. Fact is, in a...
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    Alec Pierce

    "he's likely even faster than London." That dude just can't bring himself to say it. Pierce timed around 4.33 to London's approx. 4.6? One guy is fast; one guy is rather slow.
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    How the Whole World is Run and it's always been the same people holding humanity down

    All that Masonic symbology is weird. People who join them seem to be those types who can't stand on their own two feet. They almost seem to be possessed at a low level. Funny that every single astronaut who "walked on the Moon" were these guys. That's one way to keep things quiet. Imagine trying...
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    I've always sat on the fence on this thing; maybe closer to believe it didn't happen. Who can say whether unmanned landers left those mirrors. Those little dots that they say are LEMs might or might not be. I got a lot of info out of reading Dave McGowan's Wagging the Moondoggie series. Whether...
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    Seattle Seahawks General Thread

    Tim Weaver, author of Leonardfan's piece. Lol. The man looks synthetic. It could be that tonight they will infuse his servo motors with more synthetic androgens in the Westworld warehouse.
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    Surviving 75 Days in an inflatable life boat

    You can bet his boat collided with a whale. They are the greatest hazards for small boats at sea. Anyone ever read the story of the Robertson family whose boat was bashed by killer whales and sank in '72?
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    Good Music Videos

    " They Only Come Out At Night" might be the greatest name for an LP. Classic early 70's pic. Lol.
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    Washington Football Team General Thread

    Maybe you all talked about this under another thread, but here's John Riggins' thoughts on the Commies new name. Unfortunately, he seemed to be on board for the name change, only not that one, but maybe that view is only for public consumption, as the brown shirts of political correctness are...
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    A Copycat League -- Except When It Comes to the Patriots

    For me it has lately become "enjoy the NFL at your own risk". Too many things don't add up as far as managerial and coaching decisions go. Just as a ferinstance take that LB Leo Chenal. Anyone could see he's better that lots of what was drafted before he was. It sometimes all seems...