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    Top 20 fittest women and men on earth

    Seriously is. Also she is good looking which never hurts. Haha
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    Top 20 fittest women and men on earth Don’t know if any of you are into CrossFit. Personally I tried it and found...
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    Human Space Exploration

    Might want to read Paul Kersey’s book “whitey in the moon”. It does a good job going through the joys of vibrancy in the space program. I never questioned the moon landings before but now I’m more doubtful. Given the state of technology then it seems pretty unlikely in my view but I also...
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    Cycling Thread

    I bought a cheap Schwann a couple years back and been riding it for a while now. I think I paid 159 bucks for it which is funny considering when I was a kid it seemed like Schwann was a premium brand but I suppose they aren’t the same firm anymore. Interesting idea you have though! Enjoy...
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    Anyone seen Arkansas on Amazon prime? Vince Vaughan was solid in it. It was a good but not great movie, def worth the time to watch it
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    Human Overpopulation

    Excellent point. Most places in Europe are also quite densely populated and until recently they didn’t have to realize the manifold benefits of diversity
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    Cycling Thread

    I don’t do it seriously but I do a few miles each weekend or try to at least. It’s possible to spend upwards of 5k on a good bike but I can’t justify that in my own mind. I agree though it’s a great way to decompress and get some exercise in. I don’t care for stationary exercise bikes. I...
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    Human Overpopulation

    If the world were as densely populated as Manhattan, then the entire world population could fit into the state of Indiana (approximately). I’d say there is room to fall back and punt . Overpopulation isn’t an issue as much as overpopulation of countries that do nothing to respect the...
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    Leo Chenal LB

    Wonder how it’s possible that no one can challenge the Z’s of the world on their own turf w this nonsense ? Why doesn’t chenal himself do it? Unathletic? This from sports illustrated When you combine athleticism with size, Chenal's workout was practically off the chart. He earned a...
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    WR Danny Amendola

    And apparently he is a male model. The guy has done well for himself. Shame there aren’t more of him that make it through the racial gauntlet.
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    Leo Chenal LB

    Even just looking at the Zierlein write ups I’m struck that it’s all nonsense. what matters for a linebacker I would guess is can he tackle and or cover a tight end if need be. All the jargon that these ass clowns use is to disguise their sheer contempt of white guys who happen to be athletic...
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    Trevor Bassitt- Division II to American Champ

    And no room for him at a division 1 track program…
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    2022 USF Bulls

    Here are the profiles of the bulls running backs. I was intrigued by the preferred walk on idea of this albritton. 5’6 170. Out of high school but considered 3 stars 5’9” 180...
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    Will China Take Taiwan in the Next Few Years?

    Biden doesn’t know what day it is let alone whether or not we are going to the mattresses w China over Taiwan. The reality is we ain’t gonna stop them if they want it and they know it.
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    WR Danny Amendola

    Shame it took the nfl three years to figure out he could play. And then only because of Wes welkers success. What a hoax of a league.
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    Former Packers I’ve seen some of his highlights and he looked like a pretty talented back though he was before my time watching football. interesting to see his career progression the article outlined
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    Miami Dolphins General Thread

    1982 killer bees defense. Amazing but YT was still capable of playing defense at that point and it was the highest ranked in the league
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    It’s easy to be down and I know that I am often something of a political pessimist when posting but consider this. Whites South Africans who are a much smaller minority than whites in the USA still manage to survive against all odds. in addition, all of the bs of the last couple years has...
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    It’s amazing Kipling is allowed on the internet at this point. Terrific and inspiring writer
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    Starsux Forces Employees to Watch Anti-White Propaganda

    Not really justice to have low wage baristas get beat with chairs. I mean I hate Starbucks too, but that’s a bit far in my view
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    Coronavirus thread

    I agree having the ridden the subway recently I observed the same. The thing is, at this point everyone has had the dreaded virus and amazingly life has continued. So it’s a lot tougher to maintain the fear now then before. It really all started around December 21. People started getting...
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    New York Jets General Thread

    It was a lifetime really. It’s when all this nonsense began accelerating. that jets d line was really solid but impossible to reproduce now I think. oh well, I can’t call myself a fan anymore but it’s fun to wax nostalgic occasionally.
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    Andy Isabella

    Maybe he could ask Kyler Murray for a recommendation? nauseating
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    Arizona Cardinals General Thread

    I’m so glad they are overpaying this guy. That way when he completely sucks it will be even funnier watching them try to tap dance their way out of it . 46mm for one player per annum is utterly ridiculous. Keep buying their merchandise though and buying tickets!
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    47 super brave conservatives!!!

    Well it would certainly be nice if the government would keep out of all of it, but since to govern means to control, what is the likelihood of that happening? Complete joke.