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    UFC 123 - Silva vs. Belfort

    I don't want to rain on the parade, I like rooting for white fighters as much as anybody on the forum, but... I don't think Anderson Silva is going to lose to GSP or Sonnen or anybody for a while. And I think Jones beats Shogun, too. I don't think Shogun's patented leg kicks will work against...
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    Shortlist for Fedor

    Then let's hope he finds something to motivate him, 'cause back-to-back losses to guys like Werdum and Big Foot Silva don't bode well for a small heavyweight who has more than 30 fights. I'm glad his losses came in Strikeforce instead of the UFC. It would make me want to vomit to have to...
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    Strikeforce's upcoming heavyweight tournament

    Fedor and AA need to retire, imo. I don't want to see Fedor lose anymore, and seeing AA flat on his back rigid as a board, mouth open, making gurgling noises is too much.
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    Herschel Walker wants to play for ATL

    Walker wins a couple of MMA fights against cans and he thinks he can play football again? Ok.. Re: his 'weird diet;' he claims to eat one meal a day of soup and salad. You can't eat that and maintain that kind of physique, regardless of your genetics. He himself has admitted that he...
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    Another Article on Race and the NFL

    In a conversation with co-workers after the game, I mentioned the common problem teams are having with dropped passes. Guess who both mentioned as having dropped a ton of passes? Jordy Nelson. I hate to say it but my mouth dropped open and I was speechless. In my opinion Nelson would have...
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    Strikeforce's upcoming heavyweight tournament

    There are 2 black guys in a field of 8; two Brazilians; and four whites.
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    2010 Seattle Seahawks

    Dropped balls cost the Seahawks this game. I lost count.
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    2010-11 NFL Playoffs

    I'm surprised no one is talking about all the dropped passes by the Seahawks and Patriots receivers today - even Wes Welker. Just curious, is Wes Welker in on the fix too? Or just Brady? Or is it the whole NE team?
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    2010-11 NFL Playoffs

    I've lost count of the number of Hispanic people I know who are now Jets fans because of Mark Sanchez. Just like the Cain Velasquez - Brock Lesnar fight, the marketing folks in the NFL and the UFC drool over these types of ethnic heroes to bring in more $$$.
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    2010-11 NFL Playoffs

    So... Jets beat the Steelers to get Sanchez into the Super Bowl as the first ever Mexican-American quarterback? What happened to Jim Plunkett? Is he no longer considered Mexican-American or what?
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    U.S. conquered Southwest from Indians not Mexicans

    The Mexicans who are in the Raza movements consider themselves descendants of the Native Americans rather than the Spaniards, despite the fact that 99% of them all have Spanish surnames.
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    Black employee at USDA shuns white farmer

    USDA Official didn't go 'full force' in offering aid to bankrupt white farmer
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    Office of Minority and Women Inclusion

    Financial bill creates Office of Minority and Women Inclusion in 20 different Federal agencies: Office of Minority and Women Inclusion
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    Tony Kornhole out at MNF

    Sounds like he was just being a rude cornhole. But I don't have any sympathy for him, either.
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    SI swimsuit blonde...and swastikas!

    All I know is that I'd rather not live in a new Nazi regime here, anymore than I like living in the one we have now. I'm for smaller, less centralized government, not more government. I want less government control of the people, not more control of the people. The idol worship of Obama is the...
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    An Ode to the Caucasian Male

    Ode to the Caucasian male
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    Old white man attacked on bus (video)

    Epic Beard Man has been interviewed and the video posted on YouTube:
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    Old white man attacked on bus (video)

    They're saying this is EBM (Epic Beard Man), too, tazed at an Oakland A's game: Police taze fan at A's gameEdited by: White Shogun
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    UFC 110 : Big Nog vs. "Brown Pride"

    I know I should root for Bisping too, Dixie... but man I've been a fan of Wanderlei Silva's for so long it's hard to root against him. I agree with you though, if Bisping wins it will be discounted because Wanderlei is old. He is definitely past his prime I believe, but is still a good fighter.
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    Old white man attacked on bus (video)

    Thanks to guest301 and Freethinker for the backup.
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    UFC 110 : Big Nog vs. "Brown Pride"

    I know I'm going against the tide of CF and white pride here but I'm rooting for Wandelei Silva in this fight.
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    Old white man attacked on bus (video)

    There is another video that follows that one, where the old man is ranting and raving in the street just off the bus. He beats on a sign, is screaming stuff, it looks like the black guy was on the street too at the beginning, in a face off but I couldn't be sure. It's a real 'filmed in the...
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    Old white man attacked on bus (video)

    The old man even moves away, changes seats. They're still talking, but the black guy has to go to the old man, and hit first. Then the black guy gets beat down... the girls are encouraging him, then they say they can sue. Then to top it off they have the old man's bag and tape themselves saying...
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    Old white man attacked on bus (video)

    I think the black kid's name is 'Pinky,' not the old white guy. What did it say on his shirt?
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    SI swimsuit blonde...and swastikas!

    I can see where I have understated bigunreal's argument regarding scripted games v fixed games. I do think though that even the argument of scripted games is less harmful than pro-Nazi commentary in damaging the site's credibility. However, I can't argue with Don's last post, re: free speech...