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  1. whiteathlete33

    Crime Thread

    Did anyone see this? POS pushed a 68 year old woman into the subway tracks and called her a cracker.
  2. whiteathlete33

    Coronavirus thread

    Here is my take on this. We have been had! I see more and more evidence that this is less deadly than the common flu! In Ohio for example, some 3300 state inmates have the virus and 96 percent show no symptoms. I would say a good third of the US population could have already had this "deadly"...
  3. whiteathlete33

    Coronavirus thread

    What is even scarier is we have no idea when this ends. When this all began a few weeks ago I thought maybe a month. Now they are saying June or July. That is like 3-4 months. I have read about a few suicides here in NJ, people jumping of bridges and shooting themselves over losing their jobs...
  4. whiteathlete33

    Coronavirus thread

    Hey so are you guys on lockdown in Missouri? Are gyms and restaurants closed. Here in NJ pretty much everything is closed except for grocery stores and restaurants for takeout only. This is going to put a lot of businesses into bankruptcy. They are even charging people with misdemeanors who have...
  5. whiteathlete33

    Coronavirus thread

    Yes, and let's keep the country shut down for months maybe until June like I am hearing. We will see riots and suicides from this. I suspect millions already had this virus and didn't know or didn't show symptoms. The tests are garbage.
  6. whiteathlete33

    Coronavirus thread

    So Don, in your opinion, is Trump playing this right?
  7. whiteathlete33

    Coming Financial Crisis Worse Than ’29?

    Have you seen the job numbers from January and February? Yes, job losses will be huge the next few months but the economy was doing very well up until a few weeks ago. If this crap can get under control within 1-2 months we will be okay.
  8. whiteathlete33

    Wilder vs Fury II

    Alot of black Beyonce fans are making excuses for the loss. Their theory is this fight was fixed so that a third fight could take place. I have heard Fury had his gloves illegally wrapped, rabbit punches, Fury used WWE tactics, tripping Wilder, and steroids just to name a few. They will never...
  9. whiteathlete33

    Crime Thread

    Here is one of the most sickening cases yet. See below! As far at the guy from Milwaukee the perps family is pulling the race card. They say he found a noose in his locker and was being racially harassed. Yeah, right. Just see the comments by blacks on Facebook defending the killer...
  10. whiteathlete33

    Wilder vs Fury II

    I did not expect such a good performance from Fury. Last time Fury seemed okay with just staying on the outside and winning rounds by throwing the occasional jab and dodging Wilder's bombs. This time he kept moving forward and Wilder had no clue how to fight moving backwards. Brilliant move. I...
  11. whiteathlete33

    Wilder vs Fury II

    Very concerned at this point. Fury came in at 273 pounds. What is he doing?
  12. whiteathlete33

    2019-2020 NBA Season

    The league did take a nice turn some years ago with talented Europeans being drafted to which suddenly the black players and racist John Thompson because upset . Remember when Larry Bird had a half white team some years ago and quickly received backlash from black supremacists:?
  13. whiteathlete33

    Crime Thread

    Don't worry. Good ole Bill Deblasio has his back.
  14. whiteathlete33

    Will Jews (who are mostly white) eventually become victims of their own anti-White racism?

    There have been a string of black on Jewish crimes lately such as the shooting in Jersey city and random attacks on NYC streets. The media would like to make us think these attacks are all the work of white men but it's so far from the truth.
  15. whiteathlete33

    2019 NFL Week 15

    Great game for CMac and Laird is light years ahead of that bum that was starting all season!
  16. whiteathlete33

    2019 NFL Week 11

    Supa afflete Dalvin Cook with 13 yards on 8 carries.
  17. whiteathlete33

    Crime Thread

    This one makes by blood boil. A feral affirmative action hire. Second one a black man picked up and body slammed a 55 year old white grandmother...
  18. whiteathlete33

    Sergey Kovalev

    I have a feeling the fix is in. Kovalev is getting 12 million for this fight. I am sure that is by far his biggest pay day. For Canelo to go up in weight and fight a still dangerous Kovalev is unheard of. If it goes to the cards expect Canelo to get the decision.
  19. whiteathlete33

    2019 NFL Week 8

    Yes, and let us hope CMac has a big game today and rebounds from last week.
  20. whiteathlete33

    The Most Beautiful Women of All Time

    A young Jennifer Love Hewitt. I am talking about late 90's. Unbeatable!
  21. whiteathlete33

    Thoughts on living in different countries?

    Hey WL! I don't know about Ukraine. Yes the women are the most beautiful but it is a pretty poor country overall. I'd rather go live in Poland. They do not allow any migrants, the country is virtually 99 percent white, and they have a decent economy.
  22. whiteathlete33

    2019 NFL Week 5

    If Cmac keeps this up he deserves the MVP. He is basically that entire team. Not only is he rushing like a mad man but is also second in receptions on his team today.
  23. whiteathlete33

    2019 NFL Week 5

    Over 200 yards form scrimmage for CMac. Deshaun Watson continues to put up video game numbers.
  24. whiteathlete33

    2019 NFL Week 4

    Hope CMac gets 100 yards on the day. He is pretty close in both receiving and rushing.
  25. whiteathlete33

    2019 NFL Week 3

    I see it now on CBS, but for some reason still shows 13 carries for 53 yards.