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  1. Don Wassall

    Current / Past fullbacks who would make good Running Backs / Ball carriers ?

    So Konrad had apparently already accepted that he was going to be a fullback since he showed up for the Combine (or his pro day, whichever that's from) at 251 pounds, yet still ran a 4.62, which was given a "great" grade for speed. Just think if he had shown up at say 230 pounds, he would have...
  2. Don Wassall

    Current / Past fullbacks who would make good Running Backs / Ball carriers ?

    I've always had mostly negative feelings about Moose Johnston, mainly because he played the role of blocking fullback/selfless Caste solider so well that he more or less became the template of the White blocking fullback and made it easy to effortlessly shift other big and capable White running...
  3. Don Wassall

    Washington Football Team General Thread

    Sam Howell is yet another White QB with good mobility to go with his passing skills. Would be great to see him nail down the starting job in '23 and beyond: Commanders HC Ron Rivera said QB Sam Howell "will start out as QB1" heading into the offseason. This will be fun to revisit after free...
  4. Don Wassall

    Justin Fields on Black QBs.

    Great line!
  5. Don Wassall

    Joe Biden's America

    Here's a link with the often hilarious highs and lows of the pathological liar's State of the Union speech last night:
  6. Don Wassall

    2022-'23 NHL Season

    The amazing Jaromir Jagr recently scored his 1,099th goal as a professional, surpassing Wayne Gretzky's mark. Gretzky's mark includes goals he scored in the WHA, while Jagr has been playing for the Kladno Knights in the Czech League in recent years, in fact he owns the team. As far as the...
  7. Don Wassall

    Justin Fields on Black QBs.

    Mahomes and Hurts starting in the Super Bowl patches over the reality that by the end of this past season it had once again become a monumental achievement for a Black QB to throw for 200 yards in a game. Mahomes and Geno Smith in his outlier season were the exceptions. This is the same...
  8. Don Wassall

    The Most Beautiful Women of All Time

    North Dakota-born Angie Dickinson had All-American looks and appeal.
  9. Don Wassall

    Joe Biden's America

    I posted one on Philly a year or so ago, yeh it's tough to watch.
  10. Don Wassall

    Joe Biden's America

    Tour of LA, well beyond sickening what the anti-humans have done to this country.
  11. Don Wassall

    The Most Beautiful Women of All Time

    English beauty Lesley-Anne Down played a Russian spy in one of the Pink Panther movies and I was instantly smitten:
  12. Don Wassall

    The Most Beautiful Women of All Time

    Olivia Hussey had an English mother and Argentine father:
  13. Don Wassall

    Good Music Videos

    Here's a memorable one-hit wonder song and video from the early, fun days of MTV, pure '80s.
  14. Don Wassall

    2023 NFL Draft

    What a cuck Jeremiah is and always has been. His father is a preacher who has a television show that promotes the always-obey-the-government, turn both cheeks version of surrender Christianity.
  15. Don Wassall


    Yeh, they don't have Joe Mixon's privilege. Charged with a serious crime one day and already with a history of battery against women, the charge is promptly dropped the next day like magic. You read all the time about how this person or group is threatening to sue, or actually does sue, but...
  16. Don Wassall

    Joe Biden's America
  17. Don Wassall

    GAB and social media ideas

    Thanks for the kind words BFU, and I want to thank those who liked the Facebook page I asked you to, all none of you. That's none as in zero, nada, zilch, nil, zip. So I'll try one more time. Help a brother out and like this page and some of the articles and help spread the word about it...
  18. Don Wassall

    NFL News, Rumors and Musings

    It's always interesting to see how the annual quarterback carousel turns out. The Rams are reportedly interested in Mike White. If they sign him to be Stafford's backup, that should then free Baker Mayfield to see if he can start somewhere. All he needs is a good system and proper coaching...
  19. Don Wassall

    2022 NFL Playoffs Divisional Round

    Welcome to the board, you laid it out well. Willis was so bad he could barely throw a forward pass. Instead of the left's usual two-steps forward one-step back persistence, this past season was more like four or five steps back. And Hurts lived up to his surname down the stretch as he was...
  20. Don Wassall

    Tom Brady

    The GOAT has retired for good. He had a career that will never be approached in its accomplishments much less surpassed: Brady in a video statement acknowledged his 2022 agonizing back-and-forth on whether to leave the game and said there would be none of that this time around. Brady, 45...
  21. Don Wassall

    Aaron Rodgers NY Jets

    Reminds me of Brett Favre's career arc. Many years and great moments as a Green Bay legend, then to the Jets for a pretty disastrous season before finishing with the Vikings. Rodgers has been an all-time great but what I particularly like about him is his willingness to say what's on his mind...
  22. Don Wassall

    I was recently turned on to this great message board at the urging of a listener...

    Thank you, Patrick, I'm thankful to have been on your show. Glad you found this site and we found you. You're a topnotch interviewer, I'm glad to have been interviewed by a real pro and also one with fairness on his mind. You're an important voice my friend.
  23. Don Wassall

    2022-'23 NHL Season

    Yes, WL misinterpreted the headline, they "changed their minds" from wearing the "pride" regalia to deciding not to wear it.
  24. Don Wassall

    2022 NFL Playoffs Divisional Round

    I agree, this was a bad year for the Black QB push, except for three of them -- Mahomes, Hurts and Smith. Two of them are in the Super Bowl but it doesn't change the fact that the quality wasn't there this year which is why I'm not as obsessed with Black QBs as some as this has been going on...
  25. Don Wassall

    2022 NFL Playoffs Divisional Round

    That's why I wrote the post that you replied to. If it makes more DWFs begin to open their eyes just a little bit then that's a good thing. But if they don't go further than what you mention in their comprehension, then it's little different than the DWFs who, say, root for the rare White...