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  1. 'sup bro?

    Josh Allen
  2. 'sup bro?

    Top White sports achievement '17-'18

    In your opinion, what do you think is the most significant sports achievement by a white person was this past year? male or female.
  3. 'sup bro?

    Documenting the Caste System at the running back position in the NFL
  4. 'sup bro?

    Joey Dudeck

    Feature article on him in USA Hockey Magazine... He's the son of former Heisman candidate Joe Dudek... the father broke walter payton's NCAA touchdown record. His son Joey is #11 in this video...
  5. 'sup bro?

    Caste Football Civil War

    my ancestors came from germantown pa and fought with the bucktails.
  6. 'sup bro?

    Caste Football Civil War

    my grandfather's, great grandfather was shot at appomatox and lived.
  7. 'sup bro?

    2014 Draft has 2 features on the unbelievably overrated jones and another on donovan mcnabb's nephew being drafted. i'm surprised justin bailey is not hyped more. probably because he's an american who went to the ohl. usa hockey doesn't like when people leave the adm. imo, bailey is the best...
  8. 'sup bro?

    The most important and best books you will ever read

    Getting Pat Buchanan's Death of the West in the hands of a DWF can do wonders. For the high level WN, Kevin MacDonald's Culture of Critique is a good read as well. For the guy who's not that into books, James Edward's Racism, Schmasism is a quick read.
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    Sup Dawg

    'sup bro?
  10. 'sup bro?

    Been reading most of the threads here today...

    oh the humanity! whites cheering and wanting to see the success of others that share their heritage. please show us the way! please!:hail::hail::hail::hail::hail:
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    Making relationship/marriages work?

    agree with you 100% highlander. i feel like i'm eating a bit of crow knowing that marriage licenses were initially put in place to stop miscegenation.
  12. 'sup bro?

    Making relationship/marriages work?

    1. THE most important thing a conscious white person NEEDS to do is BREED. 2. Relationships are a contract and the best relationships are the most fairly negotiated. 'fights' arise from un-negotiated aspects of life that pile up on one person. Immediate communication, problem solving skills...
  13. 'sup bro?

    Alex Linder on the Caste System

    The Great Black Dope: Why the Crusade to Replace White QBs with Blacks Is Doomed to Fail Football is the main sport in America. Most popular with the fans. Most popular with the tv-watching public. Football's number-one position is quarterback. The QB is nearly as important to the outcome of a...
  14. 'sup bro?

    Is a violent holy war(jihad) coming to America?

    preparation is never a bad idea. i just find is hard to believe that our masters have put so much time into conditioning us and policing us, that the endgame is a slaughter. plus arabs are not ignorant about the jooz either. if there is an attack against whitey, i will first assume it's a...
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    Sikh temple shooting suspect identified

    any traction on the four gunman accounts?
  16. 'sup bro?

    2012 London Olympics

    i think sharpova is throwing the game to williams. no effort at all.
  17. 'sup bro?

    2012 Buffalo Bills

    jim leonhead is talking with the bills today. could possibly be signed.
  18. 'sup bro?

    Ann Coulter wakes up?

    coulter probably looked at how much pat buchanon is raking in with his book sales. she probably figured if pat can be pro white in books, and tow the line when i'm in the limelight, this may be a formula for success. we'll see if she uses any of our language in here tv appearances.
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    Any member who wants to help

    you could always start the article on metapedia and cut & paste it in wikipedia when the defenders are organized.
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    Any member who wants to help

    i do wish you good luck. i''d help myself, but my ip address is pertinently banned from wikipedia from an editing war on the black supremacy page. so i ended up taking my own advice and made my own... you are wise to organize the troops before...
  21. 'sup bro?

    Any member who wants to help

    make the page on metapedia and just add a link to the wikipedia page.
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    Happy 4th of July

    i throw a party every 4th of july. i invite family and friends and make it whites only. i don't even have to promote WN, i just watch it unfold in front of me. it's amazing how when you get whites together in their natural social environment, how the actual problems come to the surface. if you...
  23. 'sup bro?

    Is this a pro white site.......really now?

  24. 'sup bro?

    Pittsburgh chases more diversity!

    the quintessential white guy reporter, doing a piece on hip hop and the PP. the contrast is just striking. and the ignorance of the contrast even more so...
  25. 'sup bro?

    American University officially apologizes for white people.