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    2011 New England Patriots

    parental support This can be the result when White parents support their talented children. It seems that Black children have free track clubs to train them and take them to...
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    High School Basketball Championships

    Good article and the "Comments" are very telling. Something quite interesting is that the losers are called "athletic" in more than one post, but not the winners. I suppose that (as a coach)it's nice to know that a bunch of "nonathletic" players can inflict a 21-point whipping on "real athletes".
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    High School Basketball Championships

    The "more athletic" comment was meant as sarcasm. Obviously, the teams of "afroletes" who were dealt double-digit defeats aren't "more athletic", only perceivied as being so.
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    High School Basketball Championships

    These are the 2010 Ohio Division I state champions, Jackson HS. A bunch of heady, high-motor, blue-collar boys who someone managed to inflict double-digit defeats on their more athletic opponents in the state tournament.
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    Bill Dudley passes away

    It's sad to know that Hall of Fame player Bill Dudley would not be drafted nor even signed as a free agent in today's "afrolete only" NFL. Nowadays, the ability to play the game has been discarded as a criterion and replaced by "upside".
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    Offensive lineman stats

    Thanks for the informative post. Having been involved in team sports I know that a number of factors determine performance, but stats do tell some of the story. Is it safe to say that bad players do not have great stats and great players don't have bad stats? So, considering that you...
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    Offensive lineman stats

    Intrigued by the choice of 3 Dallas Cowboy offensive linemen as starters in the 2008 Pro Bowl, looked up the stats for Pro Bowl guard Leonard Davis and compared him to the much-maligned "bust" Robert Gallery of the Oakland Raiders. Leonard Davis had 2 false starts and 3 holds for 55 penalty...
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    Offensive lineman stats

    2008 season, 16 games: Flozell Adams, LT, Dallas vs. Michael Roos, LT, Tennessee AdamsRoos False starts 94 Holding calls30 Penalty yards8520.00 Sacks allowed7.25 1.00 Yards lost 55.50 24.00 The evidence shows that Flozell Adams is a better left tackle than Michael Roos---if more...
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    Offensive lineman stats

    icsept, By coincidence I too looked up the stats for Flozell Adams, but compared him to Michael Roos. Why was Flozell Adams a starting tackle for the 2008 Pro Bowl? As you say, stats may not tell the whole story, but they are usually better than subjective opinion. Thus far, the stats lead...
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    Offensive lineman stats

    I think that in order to get the headings and numbers to line up you will have to create table on the Message page and then paste the information into the table. Hopefully, that will work.
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    Offensive lineman stats

    Found this site and it's very interesting. Just for the heck of it looked up the stats for Pro Bowler Jammal Brown and non-Pro bowler Jon Stinchcomb of the NO Saints. The column headings are: Year, Team, Games, Games...
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    White WRs/TEs 2009

    Nice article about U. of Texas WR Jordan Shipley. Nicknamed "ESPN for his highlight catches" and credited with "blazing speed". They must think that he's black. A Texas Star Finds End Zone and His Voice By THAYER EVANS DALLAS â€" Jordan Shipley is a realist. Among all the...
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    2009 New York Jets

    The Jets traded for Braylon Edwards, yet did not sign Matt Jones. Their GM must be a genius---NOT!!! NEW YORK -- Cleveland Browns coach Eric Mangini has dumped dissatisfied wide receiver Braylon Edwards off on his former team. Mangini sent Edwards, a former first-round pick whose troubles...
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    2009 Washington Redskins

    WASHINGTON, DC--After a Week One loss that featured a disheartening, uninspired performance from his offense, Redskins coach Jim Zorn said he's afraid that his sh*tty quarterback is losing confidence. "Our sh*tty quarterback looked a little lackluster this week,"Â￾ Zorn told the media today...
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    Matt Jones Released

    Now that Michael Vick has been signed by the Eagles, Matt Jones' situation really stinks. There is something fishy going on. My home team is the Chicago Bears, and considering the quality of their wide receiver corp, they should be eager to sign Matt Jones. But, the head coach is Lovie...
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    Is Bolt on Drugs?

    Some very interesting discourse here. I have to say that it seems that ArizState 03 is definitely doing better than those who see fit to post in opposition. If you want to take off after me, please inform me at which universities you did your Masters and Doctorate studies in exercise...
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    NFL Combine

    Another empirical study of NFL combine performances and actual NFL performance: "Determining Draft Order and NFL Success at the Linebacker Position" by Zach Pfantz. A Masters Thesis for Coe College done in 2007. ". . . an empirical analysis of on field college success compared to an...
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    Jamarcus Russell

    Regarding the article about the quarterbacking situation of the Oakland Raiders by Clifton Brown, I took the time to put in "my two cents worth" and think that all the other Caste Football posters should also do so. I don't really want to get into a go-around with the aspiring general...
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    Pat Kirwan....Sirius NFL Host

    "When I got home, i googled the combine performances of both Long and Kiwanuka, and lo and behold, i was SHOCKED (Im being sarcastic here, i knew Long was the better athlete) that Long beat this african prince in EVERY SINGLE DRILL!!!!! 40 yard dash: Long 4.71 Kiwanka 4.75 Long...
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    2008 Giants

    I would love to see Plaxico's IQ score, high school and college academic records, and ACT and/or SAT scores. I strongly suspect that they are all low and that he was admitted to my alma mater, Michigan State University, as a football player, not a true student. As much as i like college...
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    2009 draft

    There is an interesting article in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research for Nov., 2008 entitled "The NFL Combine: Does It Predict Performance in the National Football League?". In it the authors state, "Using correlation analysis, we find no consistent statistical relationship...
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    Maybe it should be Thinkers Always Win: Picking an NFL QB is a crapshoot By Scott Bordow EAST VALLEY TRIBUNE (MESA, ARIZ.) 10/12/2008 Given the time and money NFL teams spend on scouting, what we'll see this Sunday seems incomprehensible. Two undrafted free agents â€â€￾ Kurt...
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    espn sportscenter

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    Afirmitive Action for white basketball pl

    Interesting post at American Renaissance ( site: How would Blacks feel if Whites filed a discrimination lawsuit against university athletic departments claiming discrimination in the basketball programs? After all, the racial makeup of basketball teams across the country do not...