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    Total white starters, just a little down

    I did a quick league wide survey and found about 177 total white starters in the NFL. There are about 38 white starters on defense which is higher than in recent years, but that overall number is right around where it has often been in the last few years. For one season it hit around 190, but...
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    One hundred years since Wilson throws the US into WW1

    So on Thursday it was the 100 year anniversary since President Wilson's awful decision to declare war on Germany. There are many facets of that debacle. One that stands out is how soon he reached the decision for war after the overthrow of Czar Nicholas in Russia. He abdicated on March 15...
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    Mid-season white WR roster improvements

    In some ways the season has been disappointing in that Nelson hasn't been quite the same as years past, Decker is on IR, Hartline and Cooper are out of the NFL as of now. However, over the season those pesky short mostly undrafted or drafted in the lower rounds type white WR's have been...
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    White starters holding pretty steady, again

    I did a quick count of total white starters in the league and came up with about 180, similar to last year which started off with 182. This number is pretty similar to what we've seen over the last few years. I'll do a quick list by conference in the next few days.
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    2015 St Louis Rams

    Due to injuries the Rams will now have four starting white players on the O-line. Just today the signed two more white O-linemen, last week they signed Welker, and at some point they even signed a white back-up D-lineman, Matt Longacre. The clear team to root for, now that they have Welker, in...
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    White starters about the same as last year

    It looks like the total amount of white starters this year will be about 180, about the same as last year, and pretty similar to what we've seen in years past. I'll do a basic rundown by team in the following days, unless someone else wants to.
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    2015 QB position battles

    There's nothing as dramatic as a white vs black qb position battle, in college or the NFL. It looks like this year there will be several, and in many cases the white qb is the favorite, and in some cases they will be replacing a black qb from last year. Here's the list I've compiled so far...
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    Hitler and the invasion of Poland

    In discussing the advent of World War Two, revisionists seek to shift blame away from Nazi Germany and unto various other forces, with an assumption that Hitler was practically forced to invade Poland, or maneuvered into it. It is true that Germany had valid grievances against Poland, such as...
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    South Carolina, what were you thinking?

    I've been studying US history of late, including the slavery controversy. One little known aspect of Slavery in the US was that South Carolina re-legalized the importation of foreign slaves into South Carolina from 1803 until 1808, at which time all foreign slave importations were banned in any...
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    Good news from Virginia

    Yesterday, college professor Dave Brat defeated GOP house majority leader Eric Cantor in the GOP primary. Cantor had been in line to be the next Speaker. Brat opposed Cantor in part due to his seeming willingness to do some kind of mini-immigration deal with the Dems, basically at least a...
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    North Carolina Primary today

    Don't know how many North Carolina readers we have but a couple of interesting congressional primaries today. In NC district 2 pro immigration GOP congresswomen Renee Elmers faces Frank Roche who is running on reducing all immigration, legal or illegal. IN NC district 3 relatively anti-war GOP...
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    Did Hitler regime ever repudiate Lebensraum theory

    One of the main arguments against the Hitler regime in Germany was that it was aggressive and genocidal by its very nature, in that the theory of Lebensraum called for conquering lands to Germany's east and either killing or enslaving the slavic population and resettling these areas by Germans...
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    Senator Lindsay Graham facing challengers this June

    Senator Lindsay Graham is a younger version of John Mccain, pro-war, a complete stooge for Israel and for massive amounts of more immigration. He comes from a state that can elect much less harmful senators, like Jim Demint, and even Demint's black sucessor Tim Scott who voted against Graham's...
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    White starters among ranked and other top teams

    Jimmy Chitwood mentioned about the amount of top ten teams with white starters this year, and that inspired me to do a full survey of basically all the ranked teams plus "others receiving votes" which amounted to 43 teams. Of the top 25 teams from the USA today/BSPN poll we find 1-10 Arizona 2...
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    2013 College Football Season Week 2

    A few intriguing matchups for the weekend. Georgia 6 SC 2, really hoping for the Uga to win this one Miami of Ohio 9, Kentucky 5 Mich St 10 S Fl 6 Temple 9, not sure of Houston but probably much lower West VA 9, Okla 4 Wash St 8, USC 5 Northwestern 11, Syr 7 BYU 14, Texas 6 Wyoming 11, Idaho 6...
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    2013 white starters down from last year

    Unfortunately it looks like the overall white starter numbers took a big hit from last years roughly 190. This year its somewhere around 172. This is due to a big fall off of about three starters each in Oakland, Houston and Denver, plus smaller random things like Urlacher retiring, new black...
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    Why don't other whiter teams do as well as Boise State

    Boise State has been an inspiring program over the last few years, beating far darker opponents in bowl games and exciting non-conference matchups. So far they keep recruiting whites, and play them on defense and at WR in big amounts. My question is, what are they doing well that other...
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    2013 College Football Season Week One

    Hard to believe another season is about to begin. This year I'll list games of interest among the bigger conferences with significant white starter differences, but won't be posting the smaller conference matchups such as when North Texas plays WMU. For Thursday and Friday nights games found...
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    2013 white vs black starter position battles

    Its a little early, but I can't resist jumping the gun on my favorite category, white vs black starting position battles in the NFL. Of course, in many cases, if a player loses a battle, he will still be involved quite a bit, especially in a tight end or defensive player battle where there are...
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    2013 white vs black position battles

    As we get closer to the 2013 season, I thought I'd post a list of high profile starting position battles where the favorites to win are a white vs a black. Some of these battles may be dated and already over, but we can update it and expand it over time. I'll list the white player first...
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    Draft history of current NFL white starters

    The annual disappointments that we see every year at draft time, inspired me to do a little research about current white starters in the NFL and how they were drafted, or not. I included a few partial starters, like Steward Bradley and Dennis Pitta. Drafted in the first round: 54 2nd round...
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    2013 white starters by team

    I did a quick survey of CBS sports baseball depth charts which looked to be pretty well updated. American league teams of course have 9 potential starters, National league 8, and I'm not counting pitchers. Of course, the Hispanic players are a little complicated, in terms of ethnicity, but...
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    White slaves of the ante-bellum South

    While researching the politically incorrect topic of Black slaveowners of the old South, I discovered references to another forgotten historical fact, the White slaves of the South. Basically, these were people with one eighth or one sixteenth African blood, who were still slaves because their...
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    2012 Atlanta Falcons

    I don't know whats going on in Atlanta, but in just the past week we have had the following roster/depth chart changes. 1) Mike Cox back in at fullback, replacing Lousaka Polite. 2) Black DE Edwards cut, Bierman should now be starter at DE. 3) Tight end Chase Coffman and WR Tim Toome (Mr...
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    College football week 2

    Here are the notable matchups with white starter differentials. On thursday we had Utah 11, Utah St 7, loss Today we have Ohio St 8 UCF 1 E Car. 9, SC 3 Wake For 9, NC 3 Ind 10, Mass 7 Rice 13, Kan 9 AF 16, Mich 8 Cent Mich 13, Mich St 8 Syr 8, USC 2 TAMU 6, Flor 2 Nev 10, SF 2 Notre Dame 10...