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    Jewish Woman to be New Supreme Court Justice

    <H1 itxt="1">Forthoseof you who thought that Obama's victory heralded a diminution of Jewish power/influence: please see below.(All zionists can relax--your man (as in the days ofBush II, Clinton, Bush I, Reagan, Carter, etc.) is in the white house! Only the names, faces, andcomplexions...
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    Wm. Shatner vs. Black thug

    you must see this...!
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    Tiger Woods' return to Golf

    Well, I think he will return in time for thePGA, because I don't think he can stand a whole year away from the majors.
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    Hispanic Rage/White Politeness

    <H1>More "latino" puh-ride</H1> <H1></H1> <H1>BRUNEY, K-ROD HAD TO BE SEPARATED</H1> <H2>RELIEVERS WAR OF WORDS TURNS PHYSICAL</H2> <DIV id=relHolder> <DIV id=relStories> <DIV ="relTitle"> <DIV id=relTopics> <DIV ="relTop" jQuery1245209173706="33">By MIKE PUMA <DIV id=article> <DIV...
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    Jack Kemp RIP

    I thought I'd put this in Happy hour, since his political life has eclipsed his football career. Any thoughts on Jack Kemp? My own opinion is that he was a good quarterback, one of the stars of the AFL. Politically he had some good moments. He was an earlytax cutterand a pretty strong...
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    Detroiters stocking up on guns/ammo

    libertarian karen de coster blogs about a growing detroit boom: guns and ammo to deal with the coming crime wave (and obama's socialism). Jax, are you stocking up?
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    Columbus wins MLS: Whites excel

    <H1>Schelotto leads Crew to first-ever MLS championship</H1> <DIV id=writer_info> <H2 title=""></H2> <DIV ="gray_dots"> <DIV id=story_nav> <H3>Updated: November 23, 2008, 8:49 PM EST CARSON, California - Midfield maestro Guillermo Barros Schelotto collected some more hefty bling. Coach Sigi...
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    Good News for Happy Hour: Take that GWB

    Murderer Medellin Executed At Lastâ€â€No Thanks To Bush Administration By Brenda Walker With the long-postponed August 5 execution of illegal alien Mexican Jose Medellin for the brutal 1993 gang-rape and murder of two Houston girls, Jennifer Ertman, 14, and Elizabeth Pena, 16, in 1993...
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    Black army rapist murderer sentenced...

    to death...twenty-one years later. I don't like Bush, but he made the right call here in not mitigating his sentence. Bush: Former Army cook's crimes warrant execution By DEB RIECHMANN Associated Press Writer The Fayetteville Observer, Marcus Castro This April 1988 picture shows Ronald...
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    Marshawn Lynch plea bargains

    ...avoids hit and run charges (and a spot on our crime thread) Bills' Lynch says he was behind wheel in accidentUpdated: June 27, 2008, 1:40 PM EST add this RSS blog email print BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - The Bills' Marshawn Lynch has admitted he was behind the wheel of his SUV when he hit a woman...
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    Black Detroit councilmen/ladies in action

    Hilarious video of blacks arguing, filled with the illness of "last worditis" Sorry I don't know how to make the link direct, but here it is in click and paste mode. It's also available onÊ/ind ex.html
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    Question about FA cup final

    I see that the final is Portsmouth versus Cardiff, and I understand the Welshmen are the "underdogs" and are not even in the Premier Division. (Of course, that's what's great about the FA cup--some lowly team can be a "giant killer.") Do any of our fans know which of these teams is more...
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    Spying for Israel

    American arrested as nuclear spy for Israel By Randall Mikkelsen 1 hour, 45 minutes ago WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. authorities arrested an 84-year-old American on Tuesday suspected of giving Israel secrets on nuclear weapons, fighter jets and missiles in the 1980s in a case with links to...
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    Baxter’s articles....

    ...have been brilliant! I especially liked the latest one on the rise of the white striker. Go Torres! This quote is especially good: "As American Football fans know, under the sports Caste System, once Blacks start to dominate a position, a *silent understanding arises between media...
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    Bundchen/Lebron James Vogue cover

    msn is inviting comments on this cover. They seem to think it's anti-black racism! I commented to the effect that it was anti-white racism, promoting the idea of the white woman as a toy of the black barbwhite. Anyway, here's your chance to weigh in.
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    Jim Ringo dies: Hall of Fame Center

    RIP to another great white football player from the Lombardi era. Jim Ringo, 1931-2007 November 19, 2007 Pro Football Hall of Fame member Jim Ringo passed away early this morning after a short illness. He was two days shy of his 76th birthday. "As Vince Lombardi once observed, Jim...
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    BlowingBubbles: are you there?

    and how is Westham doing?
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    Andy Pettite

    Another milestone for another veteran white starter: 200 wins! And he's still in top form!
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    Mussina: 16 straight seasons

    I know that he's not having a good year this year, but last night he won 12-0, to bring him up to 10 wins for the year. That's 16 straight years of double-digit victories. Not bad. And he's closing in on 250 wins. His fastball is below 90 now, but with the array of pitches he has, he just...
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    Jonathan Meyers

    Here's a report on a guy from CT. He's a senior this year. Check out the yards per carry (8.5), and TD's (23). Jonathan Meyers Fullback: Greenwich High School, Greenwich, CT You may have already mentioned this guy. He's being heavily recruited by Division I. Greenwich is an almost...
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    Phil Beats Tiger at Deutsche Bank

    This would've been happier news at a Major, of course, but it's still a legitimate head-to-head victory. The press, to its credit, acknowledges this. Mickelson turns in playoff performance to beat Tiger By DOUG FERGUSON, AP Golf Writer September 3, 2007 AP - Sep 3, 6:29 pm EDT...
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    MLS All-stars beat Celtic: Becks attends

    Well at least MLS All-Stars have a 4-0 record against the Foreign competition (having beaten Fulham, Celtic, Chelsea, and Guadalajara-Mexico). The two MLsers who scored were not white Americans, but Angel is a white Colombian. He played for Aston Villa in England. His English is pretty...
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    Tejada’s streak ends

    I don't know whether someone else already mentioned it, but there's good news, Tejada's consecutive games streak came to an end at around 1,200. So Cal's record is safe for now.
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    The Mercury Girl: Has she changed?

    I don't know if you follow commercials, but I've been a big fan of Jill Wagner--the Mercury Girl ("you've gotta put Mercury on your list!"). I think she has a very sexy voice and figure, ...but I think her face has changed. Her face looks strange--perhaps slightly vertically elongated, the...
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    Chelsea Wins FA cup in Injury Time

    Well, its semi-bad news since Drogba scored the goal, but at least Frank Lampard had an assist. Anyway congrats to Drogba, Lampard, and the whole gang at Chelsea. I wish you had fewer foreigners, but well done nevertheless. I wonder who would have won if it had gone to penalty kicks...