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    Boxing history

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    South Africa private sector

    fascinating interview
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    Alec Pierce
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    progressive family

    Girl teaches her parents with Powerpoint presentation.
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    White Flight?

    I came across this one today.
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    One Championship

    Interesting article regarding One heavyweights.
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    Interesting discussion
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    Recent Fights

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    Felix Cash

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    Marvin Hagler Dies

    Did you guys see that Marvin Hagler just died.
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    Men Competing in Women's Sports

    I see Quid Pro Joe is all for it
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    Interesting Insight Into Black Culture/Genetics

    These guys are lamenting their lifestyle, but at the same time acknowledging they have to live the way they do. There are jobs, but they would rather be on the street hustling.
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    Devon Wylie

    The San Francisco 49ers head into 2014 training camp with LaMichael James as their primary return man, but they will have several players competing for his job. One player that is a bit of a long-shot, but could surprise, is wide receiver Devon Wylie. The 49ers signed Wylie to their practice...
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    Jared Abbrederis

    Green Bay - The Green Bay Packers' bad luck with injuries stuck a local favorite. Wautoma's Jared Abbrederis is in danger of missing his rookie season with a knee injury.The team fears it's a torn ACL in his right knee, according to Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The...
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    Ryan "the Polish Prince" Kielczweski

    From Eastside boxing today. In the co-feature bout, undefeated up-and-coming prospect Ryan “The Polish Prince†Kielczweski made a major statement that he is someone to watch in the super featherweight division with a spectacular one-punch KO over Puerto Rican knockout artist Miguel...
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    astounding video
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    power to weight ratio

    Does anyone know which current player has the best horsepower to weight ratio based on the 40 yard dash? Peyton Hillis weighs 240 and has recorded a 4.55 so would rate a 52.7 (240/4.55).
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    Kevin Curtis

    I see Kevin Curtis is playing for the Chiefs today against the Ravens. He still looks fast as ever (and they still don't throw to him :)
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    caste football records

    Lemaitre now has over 80 pages of posts. Only Pickering is anywhere close with 56.
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    I hope CLM gets good coaching and a smart approach to the weights this winter. Injuries have very much impacted some of our best hopes, e.g., Macro, LeBlanc, Shirvo, Pickering, and Guliev just off the top of my head.
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    Toney and IQ

    Do you guys really think he was smart enough to create a bunch of hype for a pay day? After watching the interviews, and considering what he tried to do, I think he might have been stupid enough to really believe he could just walk right in with no experience. I gotta wonder if this guy is...
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    Teddy Atlas

    Pride, the Chamber of Truth, and Why Teddy Atlas won't let Povetkin fight Klitschko! By Dave Cacciatore - The biggest risk in life can be the one not taken. You might wonder if Teddy Atlas has ever heard this old saying. As it seems puzzling that his charge, a soon to be 31 year old, Olympic...
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    Mayweather Sr., class act <sarcasm>

    Here's part of the interview from Eastside Boxing Floyd Mayweather Sr: "Pacquiao didn't want to fight Shane Mosley and my son f*cking destroyed him!"Â￾ by Geoffrey Ciani - This week's edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio featured an...
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    Asian performers

    World Leading 27-1¾ (8.27) LJ By China's Xiongfeng Su
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    Kendra from girls next door

    Did you guys see that Kendra from the Girls Next Door (Hef's 3 blondes) is engaged to Hank Baskett, black WR for the Philadelphia Eagles.