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  1. Fortitud3

    Camerawoman trips Syrian invaders, Jobbik fires her. She worked for N1TV, which is operated by Jobbik who decided to fire her, cowards. Give her a medal. And just a bonus, look at all the mad cuckservatives.
  2. Fortitud3

    Female officer's ineptitude being covered for. NSFW suicide by cop video.

    Partners view: Her view: Okay so if you watch the video from her POV, you see her pull up gun with her pointing at the suspect with the suspect pulling it towards or already at her partner(it was a fake...
  3. Fortitud3

    In fear of violence, Brussels police violently attack Polish pro-life protesters

    Its funny how violently attacking people with speech you disagree with is a good enough reason for the police to suppress that speech with violence and the fact that the act they support, seeing the result of it is offensive to them.
  4. Fortitud3

    Strong correlation between being stupid and saying college athletes should be paid.

    Majoring in a sport they play. Really who could be that stupid?
  5. Fortitud3

    NFL Week 17

    Guess I'll start it... Bowe fumbles the ball at the 1 yard line and Kelce picks it up to get the TD. Chiefs still have 0 receiving TDs from WRs.
  6. Fortitud3

    James Watson auctions off Nobel medal, man buys it and gives it back.

    Honest empirical argument, leads to him getting shunned. Glad someone bought it and gave it back to him.
  7. Fortitud3

    2014-2015 NHL Season and 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Starts October 8th. Looking forward to the Capitals being a bottom 5 team after signing Niskanen and Orpik, but the Islanders are a top team in the east because they got Boychuk and Leddy and this is all because Ovechkin is a selfish Russian. Hoping for both Ovechkin and Malkin to have...
  8. Fortitud3

    Ted Cruz booed off stage at In Defense of Christians summit for Pro-Israel rant.
  9. Fortitud3

    Russia-Ukraine conflict thread

    Mariupol is surrounded by Russian separatists. Ukrainian military fleeing. Azov Battalion supposedly staying, but plenty of information circulating that even the volunteer brigades are not liking the indiscriminate shelling. Singer, Ruslana who is called the "Voice of the people," for Euro...
  10. Fortitud3

    Germany may treat NON-GERMAN doctor in Hamburg for Ebola How will Sweden one up them?
  11. Fortitud3

    Slovakia bans gay marriage
  12. Fortitud3

    Golden Dawn leader speaks in Parliament after being temporarily released Greek government must be embarassed, can't prove their charges and the party only keeps gaining popularity, meaning the people see the government as corrupt.
  13. Fortitud3

    2014 NHL Draft

    McKenzies ranking from lottery 1. Aaron Ekblad, D 2. Sam Reinhart, C 3. Sam Bennett, C 4. Leon Draistl, LW 5. Michael Dal Colle, LW 6. Nick Ritchie, LW 7. Nikolaj Ehlers, LW 8. Jake Virtanen, RW 9. Kasperi Kapanen, RW 10. Haydn Fleury, D 11. Brendan Perlini, LW 12. William Nylander, LW Craig...
  14. Fortitud3

    Jay Z busted wearing anti-white Afrocentric groups pendant. It'll be forgotten in a couple days and his Afrocentric song will be loved. Seriously, why is it alright for blacks to be Afrocentrist in spite of genetic tests proving...
  15. Fortitud3

    Isaac Nauta (Class of 2016) Mute the video and enjoy. Plays both TE and DE.
  16. Fortitud3

    Oduya makes Swedens Olympic team.

    Oh God... I've been a doubter on Hedman for a long time, viewed him as a pylon, but apparently going to the KHL and playing on big ice had him playing better, so they snub him for Oduya. Awful.