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  1. Freethinker

    2022 NFL Week 9

    Week 9 kicks off with a likely stinker on TNF with arguably the best team record-wise against the worst. The Eagles and Texans are anti-White teams. Good match-ups for this week include Packers v Lions, Vikings v Redskins, Bills v Jets and Rams v Bucs. I'd also like to see the Bengals get...
  2. Freethinker

    2022 NFL Week 8

    We kickoff week 8 with a Thursday night matchup of two NFL average Caste Squads. I assume most will root for TB due to Brady and against Baltimore due to Jackson. Checking the weekend action, I'll be looking forward to 49ers v Rams, Cardinals v Vikings, Packers v Bills and Bengals v Cleveland...
  3. Freethinker

    2022 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    A better-late-than-never preview of the 22 Bucs. The Bucs should just be know as the TB Bradys as that is what makes them compelling and competitive. After coming out of a brief retirement, the 45 year old 7x Super Bowl Champ and all-time great QB is back for one more dance. At 3-3 the Bucs...
  4. Freethinker

    2022 Indianapolis Colts

    Better-late-than-never preview of the 22 Colts. The Colts have not been a good team from a demographics perspective for quite sometime now. Back in the Peyton Manning days there were plenty of guys to root for like Austin Collie, Blair White, Anthony Gonzalez, Brandon Stokley and Dallas Clark...
  5. Freethinker

    2022 New York Jets

    The NY Jets are an awful Caste Team, that from year to year averages amongst the fewest White players and the fewest wins. The local media has been excited about GM Joe Douglas but the portly Caste lackey has had poor results so far. Indistinguishable in fact from previous failed regimes. The...
  6. Freethinker

    2022 Detroit Lions

    If Caste Football was giving an award for Most Improved (from a demographics point of view), then the Lions might be the front runners for it. It also appears that the roster improvement is leading to better outcomes, as they were competitive in each game, going 1-1 into a pivotal division game...
  7. Freethinker

    2022 Denver Broncos

    2022 Broncos Preview I figured I knock this one out in a timely matter so you can decide if you want to watch the Seahawks and their 2 starters against the Broncos on MNF. Spoiler, you probably don't. Total White Athletes on Roster (Starters in bold) 14 Whites total, with 4 or 5 starters...
  8. Freethinker

    2022 Seattle Seahawks

    2022 Seahawks preview I wanted a quick preview to knockout before bed so I picked the old, gum-chomping lunatic Plantation Pete Carroll's always dark squad. The only question year after year is if the Seahawks will allow double figure Whites on the 53 man roster. Spoiler, this year they just...
  9. Freethinker

    2022 Los Angeles Rams

    2022 LA Rams Preview So the Rams are fresh of a Super Bowl win, with probably the Whitest team in the NFL last season. They were definitely the CF favorites and should remain so this year after watching them on the Thursday opener and glancing over the roster. Despite the blowout loss to a...
  10. Freethinker

    2022 Kansas City Chiefs

    2022 KC Chiefs Preview The Chiefs are not usually a rooting interest for CF since Fat Bastard (Reid) as taken over as HC. The lard mustachioed man usually keeps a fairly dark roster and has the admittedly talented Magical Mulatto at QB. However, after the draft that KC had, there are signs...
  11. Freethinker

    2022 NY Giants

    2022 NY Giants Preview The Giants have been a very anti-White organization since the days of GM Ernie Accorsi when they had the last starting White CB and also had Whites at WR and RB (occasionally). Since then they have mostly been a typical Caste Squad; White QB, some OLineman, TE and maybe 1...
  12. Freethinker

    2022 Chicago Bears

    2022 Chicago Bears The Bears are one of the most anti-White organizations in this putrid league. I can't remember the last time they had a compelling team with a decent number of White players. They don't allow Whites at any skill positions and on defense they are limited to the occasional...
  13. Freethinker

    2022 Los Angeles Chargers

    2022 Chargers Preview Every team in the NFL is anti-White to one degree or another as they pander to a small segment of the population (13% or so) vs the majority (60-something %). As far as the Chargers go, they are actually one of the better teams in the league but lets see what that...
  14. Freethinker

    2021 NFL Week 10

    Guess no one is watching this coal bowl. Ravens and the Blank Slate have really struggled. For the Fins, Andrew Van Ginkel is a fun player to watch. 5 total tackles, half a sack and a few QB hits. Edit: after no posts all night, we both start at the same time. One of the mods can delete this...
  15. Freethinker

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers General Thread

    Scotty Miller designated to return this week from turf toe. With nut job Antonio Brown still hurt, Miller should be the #3 receiver which amounts to a lot of targets in Tampa’s elite passing offense. Edit: With TB on a bye this week, let’s hope Brown remains out for week 10.
  16. Freethinker

    2020 Week 12 NFL

    JJ Watt had a fantastic pick 6 earlier in the game. Only 2 lousy games today. Gobble, gobble.
  17. Freethinker

    Stipe Miocic

    It’s hard to believe that this great White athlete, fighter and champion is without his own thread. In this anti-White and anti-masculine society there are not a lot of positive role models for our boys to aspire to. I believe Stipe is a White man worthy of emulation and praise. He’s a former...
  18. Freethinker

    2018-19 NBA Season

    Key: Starters are in bold. (TW) means the player is signed to a two-way contract and can go between the NBA roster and team affiliated G-League squad. (INJ) injured and missing significant time. Atlanta Hawks: 3 Whites, 1 starter Guards – Kevin Huerter Forwards – none Centers – Alex Len...
  19. Freethinker

    2018 Houston Texans

    Here are the White starters and overall roster for the 2018 Houston Texans: QB – Brandon Weeden TE – Ryan Griffin C – Nick Martin G – Greg Mancz DE – J.J. Watt LB – Brian Peters Special teams: P Trevor Daniel, K Ka’imi Fairbairn*, LS Jon Weeks *Some Hawai’ian mutt LB Ben Heeney is on...
  20. Freethinker

    2018 New York Jets

    Here are your White starters and overall roster for the odious New York Jets and their predictably Caste squad: QB – Sam Darnold, Josh McCown TE – Eric Tomlinson C – Spencer Long G – Brian Winters, Ben Braden T – Brent Qvale DL – Henry Anderson Special teams – P Lac Edwards, K Jason...
  21. Freethinker

    2018 Atlanta Falcons

    Here are the White starters and overall roster for the 2018 Atlanta Falcons: QB – Matt Ryan, Matt Schaub FB – Ricky Ortiz* (Questionable ethnicity; has a bit of a George Zimmerman look) TE – Austin Hooper, Logan Paulsen, Eric Saubert OL – Jake Matthews, Andy Levitre, Alex Mack, Brandon...
  22. Freethinker

    2018 Philadelphia Eagles

    Here are the White starters for the defending Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles: QB – Carson Wentz, Nick Foles, Nate Sudfeld TE – Zach Ertz, Dallas Goedert OL – Lane Johnson, Jason Kelse, Stefen Wisniewski DL – Chris “Cuck” Long LB – Nate Gerry DB – Chris Maragos (PUP) Special teams...
  23. Freethinker

    2017 New York Giants

    Last year, I waxed poetic about my days as a Giants DWF and how enjoyable they were to watch under GM Ernie Accorsi and HC Jim Fassel. So you can read or re-read the 2016 Giants write up to recall the "good ol' days" of Jason Sehorn, Joe Jerovious, Jeremy Shockey, etc. Alas, it's the current...
  24. Freethinker

    2017 New York Jets

    The Jets are perennially one of the blackest teams in the NFL and this year is no different. It's hard to believe the Jets were a 10-6 team just 2 years ago, the 1st season under negro HC Todd Bowles. Maybe all of the brothas played harder under one of their own that year? Last season, the...
  25. Freethinker

    2016 Minnesota Vikings

    In his 3rd season as the Vikings head coach, Mike Zimmer hopes to build off of an 11-5 NFC North Division Title. Before the season start, the Vikings were a trendy pick to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl this year. Now that melon-headed Teddy Bridgewater has been lost for the season, many...