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    The Tribe vs Ye!
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    Jobs Women Shouldn’t Do

    When I retired from the army I was a jailer/deputy for a couple of years and the jail I worked at constantly had problems with the female staff getting into trouble with the inmates. That was almost 30 years ago but I see some things never change...
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    Derek Chauvin Sentenced
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    End State

    How do you see the U.S.A. in the next generation?
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    Former NFL Player Kills 5 People

    Former NFL Player Murdered 5 People in S.C., Including a Doctor and the Victims’ Grandchildren, Before Killing Himself: Reports (
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    Colorado Shooting
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    Atlanta Massage Parlor Shootings

    The perp was caught less than 20 minutes from where I live. Btw those massage parlors...fronts for prostitution. I'm wondering why he did it, maybe his "happy ending" wasn't happy enough? It's a dangerous world, yall be careful...
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    Milo Yiannopoulos No Longer Gay

    I know that he has a couple of fans here, thoughts? Milo Yiannopoulos comes out as ex-gay (
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    Rush Limbaugh, RIP
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    Should the request for $2000 stimulus be approved?

    Feel free to comment.
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    2020 Election

    Don't forget to vote!
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    "THEY" are Winning :(

    More bad news...
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    Chris Matthews Resigns

    Looks like the #metoo culture has claimed another victim. Good for him!
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    Dat Raciss Bell!

    Ok now a bell can have a racist past. SMH
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    Groveling White Folks

    This man did a complete 180 with regards to diversity.
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    Small Victories

    When you think the world is going to hell in a hand basket every now and then good news happens!
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    Teams Invited to Kaepernick Workout

    Saw this in the news this morning, do yall think any team will sign him?
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    Fat and Dumb Kids

    Sadly this affects all races.
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    9 Mormon women and children were shot and 'burned alive' in an ambush near the US-Mexico border

    This might be an unpopular opinion but it's OUR never-ending appetite for drugs that is helping to fuel these cartels.
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    Confederate Monument Rededicated.

    I live not to far from where this happened. Finally some good news for once!
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    Is the NBA kow-towing to the Chicoms?
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    Dallas Cop Sentenced to 10 years

    Speaking as a former sheriff's deputy this "officer" ignored basic police protocols, wait for backup, instead of just shooting. In this time and age. Now she probably has 5 years to think about it. Opinions?
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    Is the Bern Extinguished?

    I expect to hear him withdraw shortly, Princess Lieawatha will probably get the nomination and promptly be made a fool of by Trump during the debates.
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    The Knock-out Game is Back! Or Had it Ever Went Away?
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    Et tu Phil?