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  1. GiovaniMarcon

    Ernie Davis "The Express" (2008 movie)

    Today I found a DVD copy of "The Express" for only $1 at a video store that was shuttering its doors, and got suckered in to buying it just out of curiosity. It's about Ernie Davis, the first Black winner of the Heisman Trophy when he played for the 1960 Syracuse football team. Needless to...
  2. GiovaniMarcon

    A 100% serious question

    One of my office mates got written up last week because he made a "culturally insensitive" remark at a meeting, and it made one of the higher level executives butt-hurt. The gist of what went on was that our investment firm (I work in the public relations/advertising dept. now) was trying to...
  3. GiovaniMarcon

    Who is the most "Caste" music band?

    I'd have to say U2 is the most caste rock band. They only do fashionable causes and seem to be incredible liberals in all things. I speak mostly of Bono, the singer. I used to like U2, back when it was cooler to like Pearl Jam and U2 was definitely not the trendy group to like anymore...
  4. GiovaniMarcon

    Are you donating to charity this season?

    For the past three years, I've been donating a sizable sum (to me, anyway, considering my middle class income) to local charities during the Christmas season. I've also volunteered at the downtown mission. Not this year. Every year, I've notice that the people coming to charity giveaways...
  5. GiovaniMarcon

    Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, et al

    After the Packers game on Fox the post game discussion group got into a conversation about Tim Tebow, and Terry Bradshaw said that although Tebow is a good player he isn't nearly as refined as other Heisman candidates -- that he's raw, rough, basically a tough bruiser. Typical.
  6. GiovaniMarcon

    Non-cheerleading chicks on the field?

    Guys, what's your take on the plethora of lady sports announcers and columnists and interviewers on the football fields? Yay or nay? Personally, while I think some of them are nice enough eye candy, their obvious lack of knowledge of the game and pathetic attempts at sounding credible (ie...
  7. GiovaniMarcon

    When did the NFL become mostly black?

    At what point did the NFL become more than 50% black? It's nauseating to see so few white players on the field nowadays. I liked football when I was a kid but as I've become more racially aware I see the discrimination against the white players ever more clearly. Are other whites (besides...
  8. GiovaniMarcon

    Nick Willis (NZ) medals in the 1500meters

    New Zealand's Nick Willis won the bronze medal in the 1500 meter foot race in a tightly contested final. He pipped white Berber Mehdi Baala and badly defeated several Africans, and himself was only a couple seconds off the gold. Too bad he didn't get 1st, but it's great to see a white medal in a...
  9. GiovaniMarcon

    The Decline of White Sprinting

    Why have white men's fastest times in many sprints declined over the years? I usually come to two possibilities: 1 - the whites with fast times years ago used PEDs, where as most white sprinters today do not 2 - young whites do not seek out sprinting opportunities in the same numbers...
  10. GiovaniMarcon

    Has a white sprinter ever --

    Has a white sprinter ever run 100 meters under 10 seconds unofficially?
  11. GiovaniMarcon

    Wladimir Klitschko versus Larry Holmes

    Do you think Wlad could have taken Holmes in his prime? How about Wlad versus Gerry Cooney? Cooney's a southpaw which would make him dangerous.
  12. GiovaniMarcon

    What do YOU think?

    If an NFL coach were to, say, start 10 whites on offense (the lone black being the 2nd WR), and 8 whites on defense (with the three blacks being a CB, a DL, and an SS), would the media eat him alive for it? What would the writers for ESPN and SI have to say about it? Or Yahoo! sports...
  13. GiovaniMarcon

    Is America doomed?

    Considering the dumbing down of the average American, the debasement of morals, the contempt the media and thus the average person has toward family, and the piss-poor work ethic and quality of many goods manufactured in the USA, do you think America is going to lose its status as the number one...
  14. GiovaniMarcon

    The greatest heavyweight of all time?

    Who is the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time? Most sports columnists would say Clay/Ali. Do you agree? If not, who do you pick, and what's your rationale? I say Jim Jeffries. He got his a$$ kicked by Jack Johnson, but then again, Jeffries by this time was an old man coming off...
  15. GiovaniMarcon

    Do you "Disown" People?

    Scenario: A white athlete -- let's say a football player -- is a tremendously successful running back in high school. Against all odds, he becomes a top recruiting prospect for a Division I NCAA team, and becomes their number one ball carrier. After a three or four year stint as a college...
  16. GiovaniMarcon

    Where is this all going?

    It's good to see that you guys are fighting for the cause of the white male athlete, but where do you see your movement going? Do you think the mainstream sports media is ever going to change its view? Do you think you'll ever be represented or covered in sports to a fair degree? Or is...