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    Forgotten White Athletes?

    I've seen other posts where there are some incredibly talented rugby players . I came across this video and thought I would share. Pierre Spies had some impressive measurable.. 6'4", 240, 10.7 speed. It seems he is also an amazing person too.
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    2022 NFL Week 4

    Daniel Jones actually had a top 10 NextGen stats top speed (21MPH+) for one of his runs either last year or previous. it was the long run where he stumbled at the end and couldn't get to the end zone. He is fast!
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    2022 NFL Week 4

    My apologies, Don. I would love to post on the games; however, I will not support the NFL with my viewership. I guess I could track box scores but my solace on Sunday is coming to CF to see how the guys are doing.
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    2 billion people watched this dreck!

    Thanks Charles and Freethinker. I agree. It is good to get a refreshed perspective from a long lost time that fostered a better civilization and society as a whole.
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    MLB 2022 Season

    I periodically take a look at MLB Statcast during the season. There are some great measurables (Barrel %, Spin Rate, Exit Velo, Sprint Speed etc..). For your viewing pleasure I included Sprint Speed YTD DWF's and the MSM might be surprised at who is represented in the Top 10 (6), including...
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    Mac Jones

    Thanks Extra Point. Mac Jones is way more athletic than the sports media and DWF's want to give him credit for.. Same story different day of course. His measurables were very favorable to Mahomes and his pro day #'s in 40 (4.72 & 4.68) , vertical (32") and agility were actually better than...
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    2021-2022 PGA Tour

    Wow.. that's interesting.. Johnson has lost his luster a bit (formerly ranked # 1) but still a legit threat for most tournaments. I'm still a fan of Mickelson but not really sure where I stand on the LIV Tour honestly as I don't know all the motivations for a rival tour. In general my...
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    We Are Living In A Cartoon

    I came across this article about Seth Smith and thought I would post it as it captures everything frequently documented on the site. I didn't even know much about this story as it didn't garner the press headlines here in California. It is a long read but sums up all we are facing with the...
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    Asian performers

    Here's an interesting article on Randy Hutchinson who trains and develops the Chinese sprinters. His program and techniques have certainly improved their performance and growth...
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    Coronavirus thread

    Here is a good one on Steve Stricker...
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    2022 Players Championship

    I'll definitely be watching. I did see Wood's HOF induction. He had some good back stories which helped provide some context on his mental fortitude, competitiveness and formula for his future success. His father was relentless and instilled in him a strong work ethic and a no excuses type of...
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    Post Covaids, Post Ukrainia-Russia Cycle, Cyber Attack Incoming?

    Thanks, Ambrose. I found this interesting and in retrospect didn't appreciate the size of NATO territory expansion in the region. I'm not a Putin apologist but one can imagine Russia's feeling of a continued advance and threat on their border (s). Any sovereign nation would seek to provide...
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    Joe Biden's America

    Not surprising of course from this administration and the deranged left. The attempt to accelerate the country's demise is in full effect. Communist nominee for banking czar. The transformation is almost complete. When do we start to fight back...
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    Usyk vs Joshua

    Awesome fight by Usyk! Was definitely the more skilled, faster boxer and hurt Joshua a number of times. Well deserved win!!
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    Coronavirus thread

    I encourage all CF'rs to check out Substack. The articles, journalism do a genuinely could job of coverage. Attached is Chris Waldburger. His article covers many areas but figure its best served for the Covid thread. He has some solid content on South Africa and Tech Tyranny also...
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    Joe Biden's America

    I find it unbelievable that the recall broke down almost identical as the Nov 2020 election.. 64/36% . There are way too many other people in California that agree it is a mess..
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    2021 White Purge

    A number of absolute personal disappointments here with Hogan, Hansen, Hollister, Sills leading the way. It amazes me that someone like Nall, with his talent, would let himself be kicked in the teeth so many times and keep coming back to Chicago. Probably really bad representation, mentoring...
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    Coronavirus thread

    With FDA approval and corporate buy-in US will quickly replicate Australia in the coming months. We are going to really need this type of representation here in the States.
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    Coronavirus thread

    From Andrew Bogut on Australian lockdowns...
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    Coronavirus thread

    If you have the time a worthwhile video from a frontline Covid worker. Summarizes many of the things highlighted in the posts above . Take note....
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    2021 NFL Pre-Season Week 1

    I agree WL. On twitter I had sent some direct messages, tweeted a couple of comments warning him that the Bears were the worst organization to resign with ...not that my opinion would matter of course. I'm can't believe that he wouldn't have other options. The Bears depth chart is/ was...
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    Coronavirus thread

    Might be a post for a different forum here but.... Kirk had to expect the hospital cutting ties like that. In his position he would be required to tow the line on VAX speak which is ridiculous. I'm still amazed that I haven't seen more pushback from the NFLPA. I mean look at the VAX #'s by...
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    2021 Track Season Results

    Here is the Cole Beck 100M race. That is really very impressive! And it does look like a slight stumble and start..
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    We Are Living In A Cartoon

    Of course it wasn't classified as a hate crime. The perpetrator is the wrong color...
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    March Madness 2021

    Baylor is just outplaying Gonzaga. Better shooting, defense, rebounding and fewer turnovers. Kispert unfortunately has been cold since UCLA game. They're making nothing from perimeter.