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  1. Deus Vult

    Athlete Crime Thread

    "Minor league hockey players" ain't what they used to be!
  2. Deus Vult

    Fear Of A Black QB

    These whiny black quotabacks and their advocates allege a black QB must be "twice as good as a white QB" to get a roster spot. Really, how many black QB's are "twice as good" as his white competitors for the QB position? Damn near zero! Warren Moon is still butthurt over having to play in the...
  3. Deus Vult

    Fear Of A Black QB

    Has anyone else here seen the "documentary" on the Vice Channel called "Fear Of A Black Quarterback?" I recorded it several weeks ago and have noticed it replays every so often. I've watched a few 15-20 minute snippets, haven't seen the whole thing yet. I want to be fair and even charitable...
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    TV - Television Series Reviews / Discussion

    Dexter, Spartacus, and Vikings were the last TV series' I watched. My DVR records Tucker Carlson's show and Expedition Unknown; I watch, listen or fast-forward through them whenever convenient. I have not watched NBA or college basketball since the mid-1990s, haven't watched any NFL in 6-7...
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    Eric Clapton turns 76 today. What is your favorite song by him?

    Blues-based guitarists are at best the JV team among rock guitarists. Heavy rock, hard rock and metal draw from many different influences, including classic and swing, as well as blues. The most advanced players seem to be the least blues-based. The Anglos, Scots-Irish and Germanics are who...
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    Eric Clapton turns 76 today. What is your favorite song by him?

    Would have to be White Room, then Sunshine Of Your Love.
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    Good Music Videos

    I'd never heard that WASP song. The first two WASP albums were pretty damn good. I saw them open for Iron Maiden in 1985; the band was disappointing. They were just not good musicians.
  8. Deus Vult

    Rush Limbaugh, RIP

    Rush was a great broadcaster and a pretty good political commentator. He had just turned 70. I first heard his show in December, 1988. He is missed by many.
  9. Deus Vult

    What are some of the best movies you've ever seen?

    No ****? Man, that is downright evil! They truly are trying to erase us. They're trying to hit the reset button and write us out of the story. A movie like Fast Times At Ridgemont High, with its nearly all white cast, set in Southern California in the 1980s, might fit this Orwellian...
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    Adrian Krieg, RIP

    I enjoyed reading Dr. Adrian Kreig. The Nationalist Times was an excellent publication. IMHO, the NT's best contributors (other than the deceased) were Don Wassall, John Bell and Paul Richert. Condolences to Dr. Kreig's family.
  11. Deus Vult

    Whites More Likely to Believe in Black Athletic Superiority than Blacks or Other Races

    Believing in "black athletic superiority" seems quite different from recognizing the races differ naturally and some physical traits give some competitors an edge. Anyone who claims "superiority" needs to specify.
  12. Deus Vult

    Most Underrated Historical Figures

    Man, these days I have to include Thomas Jefferson. Leading political figures, especially libertarian-types, used to call their political philosophy "Jeffersonian." DNA tests suggested that some male from Jefferson's line fathered a child with mulatress Sally Hemmings. It was inconclusive as...
  13. Deus Vult

    Weeping Wussies

    I used to like Herbstreit. Looks like College Gameday is turning into the Mangina Monologues.
  14. Deus Vult

    For the Guests and Lurkers

    Welcome, young brother. The fact that you recognize the race-based dishonesty in the professional sport business puts you far ahead of the average DWF. However, there is something else you must realize: that colorblindness is tantamount to unilateral disarmament. Unilateral disarmament is...
  15. Deus Vult

    Bashing of white athleticism among many white activists and the alt-right

    David Duke was (maybe still is?) an avid golfer. Jared Taylor has been a runner and track athlete; he is still, in his later 60's, an exercise and fitness enthusiast. This is such an important topic for discussion, precisely because it is taboo in the general public sphere. Racial differences...
  16. Deus Vult

    Favorite Rock & Roll Bands

    I liked what these bands did in the 1970s (but not so much what they did in the 1980s and beyond): Queen Kiss Ted Nugent Rush UFO Thin Lizzy Van Halen I liked what Van Halen and Def Leppard did 1980-1982, but checked out when they went more pop-style. I liked these bands in the 1980s: Iron...
  17. Deus Vult

    Ben Shapiro

    MD, just so we're clear, I have no interest in labeling you. Dialogue, yes. Discussion, yes. Finger pointing, no. I don't have an irrational hatred for Shapiro in particular or Jews in general. I do have a bit of wariness toward both, however, based on their track record. If you like Ben...
  18. Deus Vult

    Ben Shapiro

    I'm not an expert on Ben Shapiro, but I have seen some of him. Man, Awake In America really said it all. I don't begrudge Zionists their Zionism. Just don't push it on us whilst denying us our own ethnocentrism. Zionism is Jewish nationalism. Jews should have their own nation. As to...
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    Fake News and Hoaxes

    BeyondFedUp, you are correct, sir. I hope this spate of incidents and the awareness of the hoaxing leads at least some people to investigate further. The general public has been lied to for a long time. False narratives have long been used to push the crowd into certain behavior. Race-based...
  20. Deus Vult

    Sites and podcasts to visit?

    Jimmy, If you do not already listen to, you should. Memphis-based AM radio program also archived at the TPC site. is hit and miss. Good to skim daily for gems. for articles and video. On You Tube: Red Ice TV/radio Red Elephants The Pressure...
  21. Deus Vult

    Fake News and Hoaxes

    Steve Sailer very succinctly summed it up: Our society’s fervid “hunt for the Great White Defendant” is the central insight of Tom Wolfe’s 1987 novel The Bonfire of the Vanities. The supply of white wrongdoing falls short of demand, so our culture offers rich rewards to those who can concoct...
  22. Deus Vult


    Don, I've kinda wondered why you don't have a current show on You Tube (or if I've missed it?). The format was made for you. Lotsa rookies out there, and I do salute their enthusiasm and efforts. You, in contrast, have a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer. Once you get established...
  23. Deus Vult

    "Pop" Goes Country

    Country music was “that old stuff” my Dad listened to on those Saturdays whenever he drafting me into helping with whatever home improvement project he had going. Of course, I resented the interruption of my important weekend agenda (riding bikes, playing ball, shooting BB guns in the woods...
  24. Deus Vult


    My wife and I went to the local multiplex cinema a couple weeks ago to see Alpha. It was a pretty good movie. The thing that stood out, however, was how empty the movie theater was on a Saturday night. The concession workers were huddled up, talking when I approached; they were startled and...
  25. Deus Vult

    Commercials we HATE!!!!

    The Mitsubishi rapper ad: Beyond stupid.