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    If I did made race sport Book

    Sorry, CS, here's the post missing in the sequence because I was revising it and ran out of time: I think what waterbed is doing in that particular post is trying to standardize the cultural and socio-economic factors that might help or hinder an athlete (things such as whether a particular...
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    World Youth Championships

    He looks like he could be a sprinter. Or a decathlete. He's even a bit long-legged. And not so large that he couldn't learn to pole vault. That's close to an 11' broad jump.
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    What's wrong with the white American boxing fans

    Facetious only in the sense that a reference to "Franks and Greeks" would perhaps have been too obscure. I've had a couple websites in the past where I would have been happy to pay that sort of hyperactive "troll", just to get the post count rolling. He seemed Greek to me.
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    What's wrong with the white American boxing fans

    Apparently, the northern Europeans here find the Mediterranean personality irksome.
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    Christophe Lemaitre "White Lightning" 9.92 and 19.80!

    The stars are aligning for Lemaitre.
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    Greatest warriors of all time

    I remember talking to a rather bookish student of the Eastern martial arts, and he was of the studied opinion that the particular skillsets of the East as well as the training of the knights of the West, had a common source, and that being the Roman Legions.
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    2011 outdoor season

    Borlee recently ran a 20.42 in the 200.
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    2011 outdoor season

    Van Zyl's jackpot will add to family herd South African 400m hurdles record holder LJ van Zyl says he will use his prize money from the domestic athletics season to buy cattle for his family. Van Zyl, the leading one-lap hurdler in the world this year, received a R200 000 cheque from...
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    Laura Roesler

    Very interesting dynamic going on there. T&F fans are not at all DWF's, and yet here we see many of the posters on that forum with an almost instinctual decision-making process based on... well... not necessarily intentionally so -- because the mind cannot openly admit it -- but based on color...
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    Yes, I do think you have a point. Although some of what is considered "tightness" seems to me to simply be better gross motor skill control. Edited by: Observer
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    Ubiquitous Man Hating

    Some economists can't count. Yeah, sure, let's get all the women working. Oh, and also make sure they get lots and lots of training for all of those modern technologies. Oh, yes, now with all of that career busy-ness, she is into her 30's and hasn't had time to marry. And when is she...
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    Scott Starr

    Surnamed rightly.
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    Bobby Wolford and John Wolford

    Actually, to me it reads as if he is not really comfortable with the choice of being a Catholic and yet choosing a Mormon school; but that BYU was the best choice because it was not a moral cesspool. I would guess that he and his family discussed the pros and cons of this and decided that this...
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    800 meters

    I have never read a post by trackster that was not fascinating. Thank you, again.
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    Christophe Lemaitre "White Lightning" 9.92 and 19.80!

    Why? I mean, why do heavy weights hurt junior athletes? I thought that those ideas about the growing bone ends being damaged was now considered obsolete. Or are there other reasons? Or simply an observation of fact?Edited by: Observer
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    Jamaican Sprinting.

    Jamstar, three things on which perhaps you could give some insight: 1. Jamaican cultural attitudes regarding drugs vs. your perception of White USA attitudes on this. (My thought on this is that White Americans love their prescription drugs, but non-prescription drugs are mostly taboo...
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    Hollywood Pushes Liberal Agenda

    If you can actually believe the following, then Hollywood must certainly have had a hand in this statistic as well... Poll: Americans massively overestimate prevalence of homosexuality, by John Jalsevac, June 7, 2011 ( Even though the best data available puts the...
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    Jamaican Sprinting.

    I stole this quote by j41181 from Lemaitre's thread: Jamstar, my comment is not directly related to Jamaican sprinting, but I thought that you might be able to lend some perspective. I agree with j41181's statement above, at least regarding White sprinters (although I speak in generalities...
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    Christophe Lemaitre "White Lightning" 9.92 and 19.80!

    This race was nothing like last year's... I was able to stay in contact with Bolt and Powell, and at the end they accelerated. I would never have imagined to run like that! To make a run like that at this time of the season is enormous!
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    Watch list

    Do we have a watch on Gunnar Nixon? He is setting all kinds of multi-event national high school recrods.
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    Watch list

    6'3" and 185 lbs... and already a champion pole-vaulter... that all-around athleticism that all pole vaulters have, along with Irwin's size... I wonder if he has ever tried a decathlon?
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    Christophe Lemaitre "White Lightning" 9.92 and 19.80!

    Seriously, a 0.3 drop by the end of the season?! You are even more optimistic than White Lightning!
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    Jason Smyth

    A FANASTIC RESULT BY JASON SMYTH TODAY! Running 10.22 and placing 3rd in an international-class field! Even better, this is his first race back after ending last season by injury. Jason Smyth sets new NI 100m record in Florida
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    Jamaican Sprinting.

    Is this the same Steve Mullings caught doping in 2005?