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    2022 NFL Week 12

    Anzalone is having a great game, 7 tackles and an interception in the end zone. Josh Allen has about 50 yards rushing and one TD he ran in after he recovered a fumble.
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    2022 NFL Week 11

    McCaffrey is currently projected to reach 1065 but that takes into account his games in Carolina. Now, with his current usage I guess he needs to break a long run or two in order to safely get that. I also wish they ran him behind Juszczyk more. Here's hoping he can get all the way to SB while...
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    2022 NFL Week 9

    Harrison Smith already has 4 INT this season, just one behind NFL leader and his own personal season best!
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    Best All White Offensive Team 2022

    It's funny how SF has the best RB and FB in all of the football who happen to be white and a maybe second best TE. Never thought I'd say this but... Go Niners?
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    2022 NFL Week 7

    and Bosa finally got his sack for the day
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    2022 NFL Week 7

    Kelce just had a TD called back. What a beast he is, tho.
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    2022 NFL Week 6

    Funny how running Christian to the outside is immediately paying back.
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    2022 NFL Week 6

    Nick Bosa is inactive due to a strained groin.
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    2022 NFL Week 6

    What a TNF that was...
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    2022 NFL Week 5

    You just made me feel super old at 41! Who knew 33 is "that old" ;)
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    2022 NFL Week 5

    Nice heads up play by Skowronek on Cooper's long TD. I also can't believe that Panthers still haven't figured out that CMac to the outside would be benefitial to the team... Maybe they'll get the memo after this game? No wonder he only has 1 rushing TD after 5 games of the season. What a waste.
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    2022 NFL Week 4

    It's so sad to see Juszczyk talents being wasted (hey, at least he's still in the league and gets an occasional bone...). This dude i could be a legit star, with his size and explosiveness combined with great hands. A proper power back.
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    2022 NFL Week 3

    So good to see Skowronek coming alive. PS Evan Neal looks slow in both lateral movement and lost in space. What a great acquisition for Giants. At least he will get 10 years to prove he's not a bust.
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    2022 NFL Week 2

    It's a popular Polish last name, what would be so funny about it? The actual meaning of it is some sort of a songbird, skylark maybe? Not a big expert on birds... Good to see CMac looking sharp. And what a great game for Aiden H!
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    2021 NFL Wildcard Round

    Welcome to CF! Always good to see new people here.
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    NFL getting rid of the Wonderlic test

    Probably not a very PC thing to say but Young had that score written all over his face.
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    NFL getting rid of the Wonderlic test

    Era of super smart QBs can now continue with nothing more than 40 yards to measure how good they are.
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    2021 NFL Week 17

    Did you guys see that mean stiff arm by Allen in the third quarter (Beasley TD drive)? What an athlete. Shame he didn't break a 100 rushing.
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    2021 NFL Week 16

    Wow, what a day I chose to miss! Very happy for Rex. Cooper is unstoppable! On another note, glad to see that Jake Kumerow is still in the NFL! I remember him having one catch! (it went for a TD) last year for Saints or some such?
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    2021 Week 14

    Talking about glorified carries for passes, I've watched every catch by Renfrow on NFL's YouTube and basically 90% of them are swing passes and such. I feel like McCaffrey gets more long passes than him...
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    2021 Week 14

    That Herbert TD throw was a beaut.
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    2021 Week 13

    Ah, what a shot of nostalgy! Those were some great players. Dan Morgan for Panthers as well, freak athlete. Shame he retired early.
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    2021 Week 13

    There is definitely a disproportionate percentage of white DEs and OLB often either leading - or close to - it when you look at the overall numbers of them in the league. Not even going back to Paup or Greene but we had the likes of Patrick Kerney who was perennially getting 10+ if memory...
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    2021 NFL Week 12

    Simply because he's somewhat off the pace now. And for whatever reason, history shows us that our record breaking receivers tend to start hot and then are no longer targeted in quite the same way (be it locker room "chemistry", teams adjusting to them, defenders taking it personally and actually...
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    2021 NFL Week 12

    Well, there goes Kupp's chance for a record in receiving yards, looks like.