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    Sebastian Zbik

    Personally thought it was a draw...obviously Zbik wins the first half of the fight but Chavez did seem to land the harder blows towards the end.
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    The Russian resistance
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    F-1 - Lewis Hamilton

    Did you notice how the commentators didnt even try to hide the fact that they wanted him to win? Practically cheering him on.
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    HBO's Great Black Hopes

    Less popular in the U.S. but not Europe, lets remember that the Klitschko's and Calzaghe filled soccer stadiums in Europe in recent years.
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    Chris Rock

    Lets not forget that many black comedians have jewish writers. Im sure the same is true with Chris Rock.
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    How Japan views blacks

    Skip to 4:25
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    How Japan views blacks Ok this is a must see, lol.
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    Awesome video!!!

    This pretty much speaks for its self lol by: jcolec02
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    Vote for Hilllis, Woodhead for Madden '12 Cover!

    I gotta say, when I first saw this thread I had very little hope that Hillis would even get a chance. Now that he has won I have to believe if it wasn't for those here he would not have won. Thanks you guys!!!
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    Very cool pro white russian website

    I am liking what I have seen so far. Pride in their history, technological achievements, their physical beauty as well as there athletic prowess. The Russian military also is featured and it appears to be a very pro christian and white site. Glad I could share with you guys.
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    Very cool pro white russian website

    Hundreds of pictures and dozens of articles.
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    Very cool pro white russian website

    Thought you guys would like this: by: jcolec02
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    Pavlik and.......Pacman 5/7/2011!

    Even if Pavlik wins, im not sure if he can beat the Kessler's or the Bute's of the world. Maybe im wrong but he hasn't looked impressive lately, but hopefully he can rebound strong. As for the Pacquiao fight, I think its obvious who the people at this site are going for. Pac man is the best...
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    McD's beat down. More Black on white BS!!!

    Are you referring to the victim?
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    Crime Thread

    Michelle Malkin hits the nail on the head. by: jcolec02
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    Vitali Klitschko -vs- Tomasz Adamek

    Cant wait for the fight, but I must say I wish Adamek would have stayed in the Cruiserweight division and dominated.
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    It's not a big deal, I just wondered if we had a sponsor or something lol.
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    Smartest race discussion in years

    From a black man no less... by: jcolec02
  19. J has been popping up everytime I come to Castefootball, not a big deal, just wondering why its been doing this the last couple days.
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    As long as your not one of those star of david Israeli flag waving christians then you are ok with me.
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    The most ghetto video yet...

    Here it is... by: jcolec02
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    Video Game Thread

    L.A. Noire: by: jcolec02
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    Video Game Thread

    Haha that was pretty funny!
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    Cool video

    If only we had guys like that in the U.S.
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    2011 Masters

    I wasn't aware that Jason Day wasn't full blooded white. I see on his Wiki page that he is half Filipino.