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    Naive (White?) Parents

    Sorry, my mistake!!! He's from Florida so he is probably Cuban. Or maybe a cafe-au-lait.
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    Naive (White?) Parents

    Barney "****" Frank is a child molester and he is in congress. There are tons of school teachers who molest children too. Youth Soccer coaches tend to molest children too. I don't think all of the parents where white. I bet some where mexican. Scum like that tends to stick with its own kind.
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    Best Tigh End

    It is a rarity that the white players are poor role models. They may do some things that most people have done a little of, but they are not public about it. Jeremy Shockey is much more public about his carousing than say Peyton Manning. Shockey went to UMiami and played a lot. Usually they...
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    Been to an NFL game since awakening?

    Yeah, I have been to a Patriots/Raiders game. It was a good game. Few white players were playmakers.
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    Politically Incorrect

    Here is ANOTHER article not necessarily agreeing with Caste Football, but politically incorrect on race. <h1 align="center"> Rush Limbaugh Was Right</font></font></h1> by Karen De Coster by Karen De Coster</font> </font>...
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    Black Player admits Caste System

    I am still not exactly sure what the Caste System is, but I think this black player just acknowledged it. He also was frustrated by the lack of black quarterbacks however. Here is the site. Same Newspaper as before, Chicago Sun Times. Could Mike Mulligan be a mainstream writer for "your...
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    Here’s an article for you

    Here's another guy wondering why white running backs aren't recruited. Its before Chance Kretcshmer was cut, making it an interesting retrospective read. I think Jon Entine is a son of a c**t for essentially saying that whites should accept genetic inferiority and not try to compete...
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    My views

    By radical, I meant posters on this board sometimes express opinions that seem irrational and are not backed up. I used "secret, conspiracy type of operation" to convey a sense of under the table policies and views, not an organized conspiracy. In the articles, "racial politics" is a phrase...
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    My views

    You guys seem to be awfully radical at times, especially on the ANU. Another thing is that a lot of you guys seem to believe its a secret, conspiracy type of operation controlling sports' racial makeup. Well I found several articles in newspapers agreeing that whites are screwed. Here's one...
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    They live better in prison than they do on the streets in general. Crime has no real meaning to them. Once they go to the NFL and make millions, they still act this way because that's how they were raised I guess. Raise blacks in regular environments they won't turn out this way. It's an...
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    Favorite College Teams

    You guys cover a lot of teams here. What's your favorite. I watch BC a lot, but thats gone black lately. I used to go to UCONN games. I like some mid-Western teams. Whites are well represented in such schools as Purdue and Ohio State.
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    What State are you from?

    I'm from the "middle of nowhere" out in Western Mass. I used to live in New Hampshire. Edited by: American
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    Randy Johnson

    I'm short. I am jealous of tall people. I'll kill a bird with a shot-gun thank you.
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    Mike Hass

    Watching OSU vs. ASU. I have heard of Mike Hass before and how devestating he is. I guess players like him made me think college football retained its traditional feel. I guess a few schools have, but a lot of teams(Miami(FL), Florida Schools, etc.) have lost it completely. And there are a...
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    Rice Owls

    I bet you have to be a good student to play at a place like that too.
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    When was it 50/50

    69% Black!!! I thought it was around 50/50. I haven't watched the NFL regularly in a LONG time(not since the early 1980's). Obviously, I've seen a few games like the Super Bowls. Mostly, I watch a lot of local high school and small college ball. Until recently I played in a fun league. I...
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    Motivations for Caste System?

    I've been reading this site for a couple weeks. I was stunned that there were so few whites in the NFL. I can understand why blacks are overhyped at times. Players like TO are much more marketable to the non-football public than say Eric Crouch. But that still doesn't explain why the Packers...
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    Black guy is really white

    Sorry about hijacking the thread so this could be continued on a new thread. I don't think his writings are all that bad. He is just trying to give his educated opinion unbiasedly. He does make some biased remarks in his writings, and one could certainly counter, or critique his work...
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    Interesting Political Article ailor_s_protest Its about a soldier, or sailor(Hispanic) refusing war duty.
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    Roger Clemens

    Out of all the pitchers in baseball, why is Rocket criticized the most? He has made mistakes and is at fault for certain things, but who isn't? Rocket cannot seem to get any redemption for the Mike Piazza incidents. Bob Gibson threw at hitters too. A lot of pitchers have. But why can't they...
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    the pope interesting tidbit

    I think many people still consider the Irish a distinct racial group. On the Jewish subject, the reason the Jews are considered an ethnic group are because they rarely ever looked for converts so many of the Jews in Europe are descended from the original 12 tribes of Israel, and not the Aryans...
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    Eric Crouch

    The Frankfurt Sea Devils have Eric Crouch and it appears that he is here to stay. He is having a solid season so far and is starting at SS. PS, the free safety is Shawn Mayer. How 'bout that, two white safeties. Are they breaking any quotas with that?
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    Screw Fox

    Fox can play wherever he wants except the line. An athlete like Fox would do fine in the backfield, as a linebacker, or as a defensive back. Free Safeties are better football players than cornerbacks in general as they are able to hit harder. Safety is much more high profile in the NFL and...
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    Real Pro Wrestling

    Interesting match right now. Fullhart(white) vs Muhammad Lawal, a black muslim who said in an interview he loves rap music, although nothing anti-white has been said by him. Fullhart is looking a bit sluggish right now, but Lawal will not get additional, unearned hype because wrestling is...
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    Sheffield incident

    This is not an isolated incident(for either redsox fans) or Sheffield. Sheffield has commited acts that could warrant a long-suspension or ban from the game, if not kept under wraps so well. Here he shows no class in a controversal incident. He could have been more mature. Sox fans got...