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    Wide receivers class of 2012

    Thanks Don. It works perfectly now.
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    Bin Laden Dead!

    Obama assured his re-election the moment the GOP allowed Paul Ryan to talk about healthcare.
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    Greg Salas

    i agree. great pick for the Rams and Bradford. Sam can gun it with accuracy and all he needs is some sure-handed WR's to catch the ball for first downs. i'm excited for the future of Sam, Danny and Greg.
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    Bin Laden Dead!

    thanks Aragorn. stay classy. quote of the day: "Sure, I've been called a xenophobe, but the truth is, I'm not. I honestly just feel that America is the best country and the other countries aren't as good. That used to be called patriotism." -Kenny Powers
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    Bin Laden Dead!

    thanks man. i do have friends fighting in Afghanistan. one of them took a bullet to neck but came out alright. he's stateside now waiting to see about surgery to take out some bullet fragments. physically he's fine though. no paralysis or arterial damage. he probably won't see combat again, but...
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    Bin Laden Dead!

    great day to be an American. it took the better part of a decade but the deed is done. Bin Laden is dead, and justice is served. let all terrorists know that their death will follow any attack on our country. now i hope the president ends the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and brings our troops...
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    Cam Newton Vs. Tim Tebow

    i think "JaMarcus" will become code for "over-hyped black qb" eventually. any time i hear a friend/draft guru drooling over a black "specimen" at the qb position i say, "JaMarcus 2.0" conversation over. haha. i have no doubt "JaMarcus" Newton will fail. this guy has the same cocky attitude...
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    Brandon Wegher

    firstly, i don't care about what you will or won't tolerate. ultimatums should only be given by the owners of the site. secondly, the posters aren't "bashing" Brandon. people are just disappointed that he's made such horrible choices. he could of easily prevented this by using protection or...
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    Brandon Wegher

    this kid's career is done. hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. damn shame. he had as much potential as any frosh tailback in the country.
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    Martinez vs Dzinziruk

    Westside, i'm watchin the fight too. looks like your scouting report was Nostradamas-esque. i really like Sergio. reminds me of Roy but minus the ghetto bullsh*t. i hope he destroys Kirkland. Dzinziruk had balls. never backed down. he was just overwhelmed. no shame in it, he gave all he...
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    Riots in Wisconsin?

    great post Kaptain. there are some public employee unions that are over-paid but teachers aren't one of them. this is neo-con union busting at it's best. it's funny how morons like Boehner threw a fit about the Bush Tax cuts for the rich expiring, without ever mentioning austerity. but now they...
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    83% Failure Rate

    that's an easy one. the reason for the increase in "busts" is the increase in guaranteed signing bonuses for rookies. in the old days guys had to bust there butts for their entire careers to make good money. nowadays, a guy like Charles Rodgers becomes a multimillionaire before he even plays his...
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    2010 White WR's

    i'm really rooting for Scotty and it sounds like he is busting his butt to get a shot at the next level. i've seen lots of games with this kid and i know he's legit. he just needs a chance.
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    Another Article on Race and the NFL

    looks promising. hopefully the author opens up more in the next installment.
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    Polamalu wins AP Defensive Player of the Year!

    ah yes, straight from the Al Davis school of Over-emphasizing One Game Performances. let me guess, you're a big Larry Brown fan, but you think Jim Kelly, Fran Tarkenton, and John Elway are all garbage right? haha. i like you Thrashen, you're always good for a laugh. btw, Troy isn't my...
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    2010-11 NFL Playoffs

    Great post ES!
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    Polamalu wins AP Defensive Player of the Year!

    Deadlift, i'm not suprised Wisconsin "crushed" hawaii. Wisconsin is great team. they are not afraid to offer scholarships to talented white players and because of that i will always root for them. i hate SC. i've made several posts about that. i hate SC because they consistently ignore a...
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    Polamalu wins AP Defensive Player of the Year!

    take a deep breath.
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    Polamalu wins AP Defensive Player of the Year!

    Kiwi is making a point about race not limiting athletic ability or position. his post is anti-caste system. btw, Jonah Lomu would've have been an excellent DE. he was an athletic freak. Rugby is full of athletes that could've been dominant football players had chance and circumstance been...
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    NFL Players who gave gone broke

    how do you leave your pregnant wife? scumbag.
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    Polamalu wins AP Defensive Player of the Year!

    you're welcome warhawk. i found this article helpful in proving the caste system to friends. here the quotes always seem to have an effect on people. cheers.Edited by: johnnyboy
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    Polamalu wins AP Defensive Player of the Year!

    i can honestly say i don't spend any time "analyzing" posters. i have no problem with your approach Reb. it suits your belief system well. i don't judge you. my case is different. i played highschool and JUCO ball with guys of different racial backgrounds, so when i am "telling the truth...
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    Caliphate - the era of Islam's ascendancy from the death of Mohammed until the 13th century; some Moslems still maintain that the Moslem world must always have a calif as head of the community
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    seeing the "professionals" come into play makes me think that something big is about to happen. either Mubarak steps down immediately, or he's going to kick out all the reporters and go ape sh*t on the protesters. personally i don't care. everyone on cable news is weird about the domino effect...