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    Carlos Quentin was a lock for AL MVP until he injured himself. He carried the team when Konerko, Thome, and Dye were slumping. Carlos was huge for the Chisox this year. I can't take that away from him because he had a heck of a year. The problem was he injured himself during a pennant race. He...
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    Cross Toby off the list

    I hate Toby Keith regardless. Actually, I have no idea who he is, never heard of him until today. From reading the other comments I can tell he is some kind of country western singer, which I kind of like, I mean, I do like country music. I just don't like the modern country music. To me it's...
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    Demo convention

    I probably would have felt physically ill if I watched it.
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    Jim Thome

    Barring injury, he's playing next season. He wants to reach 600 as much as you want him to.
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    Pittsburgh chases more diversity!

    The bottom line is that you can't win major league games with minor league pitching. You could put Mickey Mantle in his prime on this team and he wouldn't make them a winner. Just look at the Rangers, they are top 5 in almost every hitting category but they have poor pitching. They are 16 games...
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    All-Star game

    Nope. He didn't make the team. Oh, and I think you meant Ryan Howard. Should be interesting if you watch the game knowing that Jason Varitek is batting 218 and made the team. Boston should just put their entire roster on the team. The All-Star game is a big joke. A.J. Pierzynski should be...
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    Best of Out-of-Shape Athletes

    There is no order from best to worst. No person in there right mind would rank Livan Henandez #4 ahead of George Foreman and Babe Ruth. I heard Ruth was big for his time but people have a different standard for what is considered out-of-shape today. I don't know when the rumors...
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    Best of Out-of-Shape Athletes
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    Black National Anthem?

    I overheard someone call us the rainbow nation on the television last week.
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    Manny Ramirez involved in clubhouse scrap

    That's TMB. Typical Manny behavior. We created new Internet slang for him
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    Jim Thome

    He batted a lot better in the month of June. There were rumors in May that maybe he was washed up and would retire at the end of year. Chicago is kind of like a mini New York so every slump is blown out of proportion. It wouldn't be the first time a player had a slow start or a bad month. He...
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    Tyson Homosexual

    by Radley Balko Ed Brayton of the terrific blog Dispatches from the Culture Wars has the find of the day, an hilarious goof from OneNewsNow, the news-ish publication of the American Family Association (AFA). AFA apparently has implemented a policy of substituting "homosexual" whenever the...
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    Manny Ramirez involved in clubhouse scrap

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the latest episode of "That's Just Manny Being Manny!" In this edition, witness Manny Ramirez's latest controversy as a report in the Providence Journal says he pushed Boston's traveling secretary, Jack McCormick, to the ground after a dispute over his request...
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    Baltimore Orioles--Whites Lead the Way

    Aubrey Huff was one of the best White players in the league a few years ago. I was surprised how fast he fell. I could expect that from many power hitters but Aubrey hit for average. Was he hurt?
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    Fat Boy in Tax Trouble

    Normally I'd say what is $400,000 to a professional athlete but Milwaukee renewed his contract for $670,000 in the spring. I bet he's actually hurting because you know there is nothing left of that $2.4 million signing bonus, not with how all these professional athletes spend money.
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    The comments left at the end of the article make me want to gag.
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    George Carlin passes away

    Heard of him but never actually watched one of his shows.
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    What do you make of this list?

    I think a decathlete was a good choice for their #1 athlete. The list is kind of hard to gauge because they all play different sports and have different strengths. I think Tomlinson and all the other American pro-sports stars on the list could be debated. I strongly disagree with LeBron James...
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    Copper line stills

    It says the name of the artist at the bottom of the page.
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    Poor Poor Willie

    They traded for Trot Nixon a couple of days ago. Could this experiment be over?
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    Don on radio/internet today live!

    I had to use Internet Explorer because Firefox didn't work for me.
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    R. Kelly is found not guilty.......

    More people are outraged that Amy Whitehouse is a racist than they are that R. Kelly was acquitted.
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    Las vegas

    What's the thrill in losing all your money?
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    Can anyone confirm this?

    I read on a MLB message board that the Yankees selected a 100 yr old Negro league player. Is this true?
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    so, it’s McCain or Hussein

    America is in its final death throes.