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  1. GWTJ

    Why Do So Many Posters Not Post?

    I'll share why I stopped posting, if it helps. I posted in the earlier days mainly because I had a job where I had the time to do so. I had young kids and not much time to post at home. When I changed jobs I no longer had the time I once had to post. When my kids got older and I found myself...
  2. GWTJ

    PC Police Find Whopping Race Gap In Professional Sports

    Good article from Matt Walsh, a Ben Shapiro co-worker at The Daily Wire.
  3. GWTJ

    Sharks (the Undefeated) against the Jets (Caste Football)

    If the NFL dies, a big part of it will be because of head injuries. Kids are not being allowed to play(parents) and are playing other sports. The NFL has had to make it less violent and will continue in that direction as more players die and are found to have brain injuries. The NFL is less...
  4. GWTJ

    Things that make us happy:

    This article give some info on that picture. No. 10 tells where the ownership of the photo ended up which is pretty pathetic but not surprising. The article also says that the accusation that the photo was staged was just pure conjecture by a NY Times writer(a-hole)...
  5. GWTJ

    The Trump Era Begins

    Don, I'm no DWF, or a Conservative. I am a Trumplican though, and I am quite woke. For example, I have been railing against NAFTA for decades. Trump is doing great things for this country fighting China and putting tariffs on many countries to balance our trade with them. Companies are, at this...
  6. GWTJ

    The Trump Era Begins

    I disagree with much of what you say Don. You are ignoring the fact that our Government was specifically set up to prevent one person coming in and doing what he wants. And you know that yet you're ignoring that fact. 1. The wall: Trump has had Congress refuse to give him the funds, judges not...
  7. GWTJ

    The Trump Era Begins

    It's a shame Trump doesn't get the credit he deserves even here by some posters. I'm not sure why anyone would expect those in power to just move aside for him. I find it amazing just how much Trump has accomplished as our POTUS. He is one person(an outsider) fighting against a Government that...
  8. GWTJ

    Black QBs in the NFL

    I've noticed two patterns with these black QB's. Their first year is often their best year, after which other teams take away whatever the one thing is that they're good at and squeeze them straight to mediocrity or to the bench. I also don't think it's a coincidence that so many of them get...
  9. GWTJ

    Black QBs in the NFL

    When Baker Mayfield gets the nod on Monday to be the Browns new starting QB, this will leave only 4 black starting QB's in the NFL. Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, DeShaun Watson and Dak Prescott, all of whom are middle of the pack performers. The young White QB's have become more mobile in the last...
  10. GWTJ

    Elvis Presley and today's pop/rock stars!

    In Elvis's day, singers didn't write songs. Composers wrote songs for them. The music business was compartmentalized with very little overlap. The Beatles are given credit for really changing how songs got to the public and they deserve that credit. Michael Jackson is a composite of all the...
  11. GWTJ

    We Are Living In A Cartoon

    Here is more evidence that Building 7 was brought down intentionally: And more evidence: And still more:
  12. GWTJ

    The Godfather

    The answer is in the book. If you want to read it for yourself don't read any further. I understand why the movie didn't bother to explain it as it wasn't really important to the movie story line. In fact, I've answered many questions about the movie for people who didn't read the book but you...
  13. GWTJ

    The Trumpening?

    Some nutjob climbing the Trump tower with suction cups right now. It will be interesting to hear why he is doing this.
  14. GWTJ

    Hollywood Pushes Liberal Agenda

    I didn't realize this was a TV series. That is surprising. I thought it was a movie. I guess they got the idea from that girl Little League pitcher(who was black). I understand your point of the agenda these networks have and I agree. I'm just not sure they thought this one up as much as they...
  15. GWTJ

    FBI Gives Up Trying to Identify D.B. Cooper

    I think the guy made it. It's easy to presume he died but how did the authorities not find him with the huge manhunts and sniffing dogs. These cases cool off after a pretty quick time and they had no leads to work with. I've always said that the criminal who doesn't get greedy can avoid capture...
  16. GWTJ

    Hollywood Pushes Liberal Agenda

    Almost all baseball movies are ridiculous. A 12 year old pitcher(Rookie of the Year), a 12 year old manager(Little Big League) a 38 year old suddenly throwing almost 100 mph(The Rookie) and plenty of other fantasy based baseball movies. My one question about this movie, what took it so long to...
  17. GWTJ

    The Trumpening?

    When Trump was speaking last night Hillary at some point started her victory speech. Not a single network cut away from Trump to cover Hillary. There wasn't even a commercial break. I watch these news shows and the energy level is way up among the pundits. I would guess their ratings are up as...
  18. GWTJ

    The Trumpening?

    SJW = Social Justice Warriors
  19. GWTJ

    The Trumpening?

    Don and others have posted many times about the trance like sheeple of America and how hopeless it seemed to wake them up. But perhaps we were wrong. America seems very awake now that there is a safe voice to attach themselves to. I don't blame anyone today for not speaking out. All it does it...
  20. GWTJ

    2015 Green Bay Packers

    Found this on my RTSports FF site. Not sure if USA Today wrote this or just used it from another source but we need more of these honest critiques of black NFL players at the speed positions. This was an update on Devante Adams: The Green Bay Packers have the slowest team in the league when it...
  21. GWTJ

    Ping Pong

    I'm a big table tennis fan. Jan-Ove Waldner is a god. In Sweden, Waldner and Federer are like North America's Larry Bird and Wayne Gretzky. Table Tennis has an amazing following around the world. At the European Championships fans are literally hanging from the rafters in the arenas. There...
  22. GWTJ

    Another ESPN jerk

    Not saying he's a jerk but Curt Schilling was just suspended from his assignment at the L.L.W.S. for an offensive tweet. No mercy for the white hero/cancer survivor. I guess commenting about ISIS is politically incorrect too nowadays. :ohwell...
  23. GWTJ

    Looking for Fantasy Football Owner

    Don, I will join the Lambert league if you still need an owner. Seeing how the Riggins League is done I would be glad to kick some butt in this league.
  24. GWTJ

    Paying for sex and prostitution, what's your take?

    I don't see a problem with this thread when it stays on point. Prostitution is just another social issue and I don't see why we should ignore it. Personally, I don't like it on the streets. It is unsightly and you do see the worst of life. But consenting adults should be left alone to do as...
  25. GWTJ

    2015 NCAA Tournament

    Great job Wisconsin! Considering Kentucky is supposed to have all these NBA players, only Towns and the one Harrison looked good. Kentucky had a pretty soft schedule all year and seeing how they struggled against Notre Dame then lost to Wisconsin it's pretty clear to me that they were way over...