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    Dominik Kopec "The Polish Bullet" 10.05

    He was flying, with close to zero wind.
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    2023 World Outdoor Season

    Samuli Samuelsson just clocked a new Finnish NR of 10.12 with +0.9 tailwind in Kuortane Finland, Oliver Bromby of GB ran the exact same time for his new PB in this race. Cravont Charleston won the race with a new PB of 9.90. Excellent conditions to run in Finland, as we have a heat wave nearing...
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    2023 World Outdoor Season

    Samuli Samuelsson equalled the Finnish NR with a time of 10.16.. wind was +1.3. The time was rounded up to 10.16 hours later, preliminary result being 10.15, strange how they can change results hours later. A very fast time for such a small nation. His actual time was 10.151
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    2023 World Outdoor Season

    Made the same observations, actually his start was very lacklustre, once he gets it in order, hello low 9.9s. Running 10.01 in long tights with a shitty start, that is something exceptional :D
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    2023 World Outdoor Season

    Brazilian Renan Correa Gallina ran a windlegal 10.01 at altitude in Bogota U20 South American championships earlier this month. He turned 19 in march and has already clocked a 20.12 in the 200m last year. Dont let this guy slip under your radar.
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    2022 World Outdoor Season

    Samuli Samuelsson just ran a new Finnish NR of 10.16, dont know the exact wind reading, but it is official so under 2.0 m/s. He ran in a 10.22 in the heats in Porvoo and bettered the time in finals to 10.16.
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    2021 Track Season Results So Richardson out with a 99% chance and Prandini in, the way I saw her run the first 100m in the 200 in Olympic trials makes me believe she can easily go below 11 in Tokyo...
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    2021 Track Season Results

    Riku Illukka and Samuli Samuelsson of Finland both ran their PB’s in Kuortane, 10.27 each (+1.9), Mathias Hove Johansen of Norway also PBed to 10.39, expect Samuelsson to improve Finnish NR below 10.20 this season.
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    2018 Season news

    Purola fell ill/caught fever the night before semifinals/finals, so he dropped out. A real shame. He was looking a little better in his preliminaries. He has been a little disappointing this season considering how he was flying a year ago, well he is still young..
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    2017 season

    Samuelsson wouldve medalled in the 200m for sure if not for the slightest of false starts in the semi, he is a really good 200m runner with terrific speed endurance, I can see a 20.5-20.6 for him this season. But huge respect to Jan Volko 20.3 is a great time, more so considering he seems so...
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    2013 NFL Week 13

    Reminds me of this:
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    2013 NFL Week 13

    No excuses. Packers O-line and Flynn are simply atrocious today.
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    2013 NFL Week 13

    Atleast Aikman just acknowledged all the PI on Nelson today.
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    2013 NFL Season Week 12

    That was beautiful. Would be great for Toby to get over 100..
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    2013 NFL Season Week 11

    Gerhart's 40 was 4.47 in the Combine, McClusters 4.53 according to wikipedia.
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    2013 NFL Season Week 11

    Sorry to disappoint you, but no he wont. Rex Ryan is clueless when it comes to picking and sticking with QB's, For gods sake, he allowed Sanchez to entertain us with his horrendous plays and buttfumbles for game after game, why wouldnt he do the same with G.Smiff.
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    2013 NFL Season Week 10

    I left them feedback through their contact site (or similar). Im calling a spamming campaign on them!
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    2013 NFL Season Week 9

    Riley Cooper looking simply unstoppable, awesome throw and even better catch. Absolutely loving it, can't wait for the explanations at Rotoworld :D At this rate Cooper is going for over 200 yds.
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    2013 NFL Season Week 8

    Giants with Peyton Hillis are 2-0, safe to say. The announcers are praising Hillis today. Loving it.
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    2013 NFL Season Week 8

    3/21 for Hillis so far. Heart warming :)
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    Julian Reus 10.01 & 20.29

    Weinheim or not, those are fast times. Besides, Keller and Reus clocked 9.99 and 10.00 respectively in Florida early this season (+3.x wind). They earn my respect and I hope they do well and get close to PB in Moscow.
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    Christophe Lemaitre "White Lightning" 9.92 and 19.80!

    Obviously you know jack schitt about track. I do however compete in track and whether you're running at national or international level, EVERYONE will be affected after maxing out in the 200, especially after only one hour rest. That easily cost him a tenth. Running 200m after 100m is a lot less...
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    Christophe Lemaitre "White Lightning" 9.92 and 19.80!

    But what is the point in running a crappy time in the 100m (after the 200). Destroy your self-confidence with a crap time?
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    Christophe Lemaitre "White Lightning" 9.92 and 19.80!

    Mediocre 200m followed up by a weak, weak 100m. 10,23 at this time of the season is sub-par. Lemaitre didn't even hit his normal 6th gear in the latter part of the race. Very disappointing. Have to ask though, what in the hell is going on in Lemaitre's and his coaches mind in running 100m with...
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    Tiger Woods

    Have to question Lindsey Vonn's sanity for knowing Woods' substantial infidelity problems in his past marriage. Or then she is after his money. Anyway, good luck to her, she is gonna need it.