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    2011 Eurobasket Semifinals & Finals

    Great win for Spain, 92-80 over the very surprising Macedonia. They reach the gold medal round, good chance to repeat as champs. Spanish sharpshooter Juan Carlos Navarro leads with 35 points, Pau Gasol follows with 22 points, 17 rebounds, brother Marc has 11 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists. Ricky...
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    Adam Gemeli World 100 Meters Junior Champion (10.05)

    Thus just me, but this Gemili fellow looks a lot like the female mulatto sprinter Jodie Williams.
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    2011 Eurobasket Semifinals & Finals

    The host nation for next year's Olympics, the UK fielded this team... 6 blacks (including Luol Deng), 5 whites, 1 mixed
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    2011 Eurobasket Semifinals & Finals It's the semi-final round now and these are the 4 teams remaining... Spain - 11 whites, 1 black (Serge Ibaka) vs. Macedonia - 11 whites, 1 black (best player) France - 11 blacks, 1 white :thumbdown: vs. Russia - 12 whites Macedonia is the real...
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    2011 U.S. Open

    Well said, sir. I guess Federer will need to do a Sampras, win one last Slam and walk away with a smile. Nadal and Djoko have more battles to come (most likely one sided). I feel kinda bad for Murray, just one Slam win will make him a British legend.
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    V. Klitschko vs T. Adamek 9/10/2011

    I doubt the so-called PEEK A BOO style will be effective on the Klitschkos. Haters continue to rant that Frazier or Tyson would murder the Klitschkos in a few rounds. :icon_rolleyes:
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    2011 U.S. Open

    It's OVAH, Djokovic wins!!!! 3 Grand Slams this year... It's now official... he's become a tennis SUPERSTAR!!!! :tongue:
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    2011 U.S. Open

    I think Nadal has ran out of gas, and Djokovic's shot making is just sick. The back is holding up. He's now up 5-1, go for the win, Djoko!
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    I always wondered if a traveler or gypsy is another term for tramps and hobos.
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    Championship of the Americas

    Scola is very underrated in the NBA, but in the International scene, he's a superstar! Argentina's win is extraordinary considering how old that squad is, with an average age of 32-33 years. Carlos Delfino was the only player under 30 (29 years old). This is a fitting end to Argentina's GOLDEN...
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    2011 U.S. Open

    Djokovic appears to have strained his mid lower back, he's not serving of moving well right now.
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    Good Music Videos

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    V. Klitschko vs T. Adamek 9/10/2011

    Idiots like Kellerman will continue to sound stupid whenever a white boxer triumphs. Wlad could remain HW king for another 3-4 years, while Vitali should gut it out until next year. More reason again to give those like Kellerman brain aneurysm. :tongue: The most amazing thing about the...
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    2011 U.S. Open

    Way to go, Sammy! :high5: That was one hell of an unexpected win and that marks a Grand Slam shut out for the Williams sistahs! :tongue: First Grand Slam by an Aussie in 9 years. I'm kinda with foobar on the Djoko-Nadal finals match. A win for Djoko signals another changing of the guard...
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    2011 U.S. Open

    Federer and Murray sweep the blackies in straight sets. :high5::high5::high5: It's now 100% White for the men's side, let the good times roll once again. :tongue: It would be a great way to cap the Grand Slam season if big butt Serena gets eliminated again, but I don't see any of the remaining...
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    2011 U.S. Open

    Matches to watch out for... Federer vs Tsonga Murray vs Young Wins for Federer and Murray makes it another 100% white affair on the men's side. Serena is no doubt the favorite to win the women's title. It will take as usual, another miracle (more like self implosion) for any of the remaining...
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    Hollywood Pushes Liberal Agenda

    2010's Secretariat is the Marxist Liberals answer to 2003's SEABISCUIT. I've not seen either film, but after seeing Thrashen's remarkable review on Secretariat, I'll certainly avoid it. Seabiscuit's is still regarded as the better race horse movie by many as it earned more than twice the...
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    Christophe Lemaitre "White Lightning" 9.92 and 19.80!

    It's simply difficult for a non-roided sprinter like Lemaitre to compete in both events. My opinion, He should specialize in just one event (preferably 100 meters) in the long run. Unless, Lemaitre and his coach finds a way to get stronger without bulking too much. On a late note, Blake's...
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    Somali drought.

    So much for the Jewish-led "New World Order", let the stupid whites breed themselves out. The racially aware whites (like David Duke, Jamie Kelso, CFers, etc..) will stand ground and whether the chaotic storm no matter how long it takes. Most colored folks are unable to stand on their own...
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    Stephen Zimmerman Age: 14 Height: 6'10 An incoming freshman at Bishop Gorman High in Las Vegas, Nevada, says his idol is Dirk Nowitzki. It's said he's got a solid perimeter game (including 3-pointers), and a smooth low post game. Said biggest...
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    Joe Alexander

    More reason why the NHL continues to gain more audiences. The NBA had better get that CBA nonsense fixed or else. Even if they do resolve it, the league just lost more audiences with Yao Ming's retirement.
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    Rapper Teams Up with State Dept. for China Concert

    Very interesting topic. I too had no idea the push for "multiculturalism" and "diversity" in China has been going on for sometime. Unlike what's happening in the West, I don't think the Chinese will fully embrace such a thing. More like tolerate it, as long as the money and revenues keep coming...
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    Thoughts on White Women

    Rebajlo, you homered on that one, well done! :high5: Best wishes to you, and your girlfriend.
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    Christophe Lemaitre "White Lightning" 9.92 and 19.80!

    Time to change this thread title again, 9.92... yeah!!!! :high5::high5::high5: He had quite a bad start, but enjoyed a maximmum allowable tail wind (+2.0 m/s) to set his new personal best. He needs to continue working on his reaction time, and he could go as low as 9.80-85 if possible. For...
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    Dirk Nowitzki

    The parents of Dirk's girlfriend... Father - White Swede Mother - Black Kenyan She has twin brothers, Martin and Marcus Olsson. That makes her a dark skinned "mulatto." Quite a tiny improvement for Dirk...