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    Tim Tebow -NFL

    We've all heard that Jacksonville Jaguars' owner Wayne Weaver has considered taking Tim Tebow in this upcoming NFL Draft. He said, quote, "Star power is incredible, and Tebow is an iconic figure. That's very compelling. He clearly is an outstanding football player and would be an asset to...
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    Playoffs Thread

    I want the Colts to get beat, not because I hate Peyton Manning, but because I hate Jim Caldwell for doing something completely ordinary. I'm a Rams fan and not a fan of anybody else, but I think it's dumb that Caldwell wants to settle for a Super Bowl instead of try to go undefeated...
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    Jets' Schottenheimer 'went with my gut' in rejecti

    The Bills should take a look at Daddy Shottenheimer for a head coaching position. May be known for not winning the big one, but the Bills barely win any. Marty can build a team and bring them together. Hey Dad! You want a job?
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    Jets' Schottenheimer 'went with my gut' in rejecti

    Jets' Schottenheimer 'went with my gut' in rejecti The NEW YORK JET' offensive coordinator said Thursday that he turned down the BUFFALO BILL' request earlier this week to interview for their vacant head-coaching job. Edited by: Don Wassall
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    A record number of white WR's?

    Does Jeremy Shockey count as a Tight End??? If he does, I would say him. Otherwise, Brandon <nobr style="color: darkgreen; font-size: 100%; font-weight: normal;" id="itxt_nobr_8_0">Stokley<obr> maybe
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    NFL Playoff Pickem!!! Wildcard weekend!

    Everyone starts new...anyone can play...just pick your poison: Saturday Jets-Bengals 4:30 pm ET Eagles-Cowboys 8:00 pm ET. Sunday Ravens-Patriots, 1:00 pm ET, Green Bay-Arizona 4:40 pm Edited by: Don Wassall