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    The Greatest Danger from Obama

    So when are you planning on starting the revolution, buddy? All I see is talk. Not even smart talk. Get it through your head, the US isn't a white nation anymore. It doesn't look out for white interests. A basic go f**k yourself is really all this merits. You seem pretty good at making...
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    The Greatest Danger from Obama

    The primary problem with the US Constitution is that in disputes between states and the Feds, the Feds are the ultimate authority via the courts. There is no check on the federal gov't, given a friendly(or neutral court that won't hear the case) Supreme Court and the 'necessary and proper'...
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    Immigration to Australia

    Well, I do speak German and some Italian, so Argentina is a possibility...we're planning a trip to Uruguay next year, maybe I'll try to extend it and go to Argentina too.
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    McCain picks Sarah Palin as running mate

    If she were a dude, she'd have been a good pick. Getting the Hillary-ites is just a bonus.
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    The Solution to the Problem

    Their numbers are much smaller, and if you've been to Canada's west coast, you'll see the huge numbers of Asians that have immigrated. Last figures I saw also put the Canadian murder rate per capita slightly higher than the US as well; its sample size theater with a population that size.
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    Immigration to Australia

    Uruguay is around 90% white with pro-white immigration policies; I'm even getting free Spanish lessons the longer I stay in the US. They scored lowest of the functional democracies, but are well above the flawed democracies, like Brazil, Colombia, etc.
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    The article about black QBS

    Campbell and Collins are only with the Redskins until Brennan is ready to start two or three seasons from now, IMO. I don't think Zorn will try and run his offense with any more black QBs after that.
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    tony romo, jeff garcia and mark sanchez

    Losman looks exactly like a roommate I had; Peruvian father, white mother. The kids ended up looking like Losman to looking black Irish, but all were unmistakably 'white looking'.
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    ’Skins sign Erasmus James

    And Jason Taylor to the Skins for a second round pick.
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    ’Skins sign Erasmus James

    Bad news. Just read a report saying that Buzbee is out for the year along with Daniels.
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    ’Skins sign Erasmus James

    We'll see how many shots James gets, since 35 y.o. starting DE Phillip Daniels went down on the first snap of training camp when he hyperextended his knee. I wonder if its a ploy to skip camp. It'd be nice if Alex Buzzbee(sp?) can see the field if he makes the roster this season.
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    Brian Leonard 23

    Haslett must be dying, having to coach Carriker and Long.
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    Favre coming back?

    Top 3? I can name 5 I'd take over him...Manning, Brady, Marino, Montana, and Unitas...that's without even thinking hard. Probably a few others I'd like just as well as Favre, such as Young, Tarkenton, and some others.
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    Favre coming back?

    Manning can be stiff and rehearsed; IIRC, he embarassed himself once in public while having a few beers in college or right after he got to the pros. Nothing big, he wasn't drunk, but he's very guarded and controlled. That said, he has loosened up a bit since winning the superbowl. I...
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    Just the RIGHT amount of COLOR!!

    She's Brazilian. I'll be curious to see the kid. I don't think its that big a deal.
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    Matt Jones to Jax

    Jones should serve his suspension like any other player, and do his best to start over in another city. The jocksniffers all worship Michael Irvin and Lawrence Taylor, and they were cokeheads. Also, I don't equate using coke with addiction, either. Plenty of recreational users during the 80s...
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    Tommy Zbikowski, S

    Rex(Baltimore)and Rob(Oakland)are Buddy's sons.
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    2007 Redskins

    Recall that Landry was originally SS; I could see Schweigert taking over the FS spot a few games into the season. I like Doughty a lot, but I think Schweigert is a better athlete, not to mention more experienced, and I think he'd be a better starter. I hate that Landry is actually talented...
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    Tommy Zbikowski, S

    Lot of talk that Harbaugh's background as ST coach is what prompted most of the DB drafting(esp Nakamura). But, they seem to like his attitude and toughness, and he might challenge Landry for starting time eventually.
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    best chances for white QB takeovers

    I think Brennan is Washington's future. It's obvious Zorn likes him, and if not for his injury, he'd already be the #3QB. As it stands, if his hip keeps bugging him, he'll go on IR or be scout team this season, at the very worst. I think a lot of people are discounting Booty in Minnesota...
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    Vanderjagt can’t get a job

    The Colts were flat in that playoff game, but still could have won if Vanderjagt made the kick. The bigger issue is he had a high cap number for a kicker with a groin injury who all the sudden began missing a fair number of kicks. No one wants to keep two PKs on the roster.
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    Ohio inter racial dating

    I thought women tended towards men who were slightly darker n skin tone than themselves; ie, the ideal man is 'tall, dark, and handsome'(it sucks being a fair-skinned blonde man). Look at the couples you know; chances are, the female is probably a little more pale than the male. Look at black...
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    Where did you meet your wife(fiance)??

    She used to work for me at a book store I managed. Had to wait until she was 18 and no longer worked for me to make a move though...
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    ppooor vince

    He scored early release by going into rehab was what I'd heard...I think he gets 9 months off.
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    Doughty article

    "Everybody's very happy with Reed," executive vice president Vinny Cerrato said. "He really came on and played well. He does a good job [covering] the tight ends. He's physical. He does a real good job on special teams. The coaches are very comfortable with Reed as their safety."...