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    2019 NFL Week 7

    Camera pans straight to Nate Gerry after the cowboys TD. Ignore the fact that he was on the opposite side of the field to where the play was ran... 15th ranked LB by PFF is Gerry, very nice for a fifth round safety. Too bad he couldn’t cover both sides of the field on that play and was vilified...
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    2019 NFL Week 6

    So called copycat league...only white running back allowed to start is coincidentally the best in the league at the moment. You’d think this might encourage some teams who are interested in winning over “diversity” to get behind guys like Zenner, Nall and Burkhead but I guess not. Gotta keep the...
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    2019 NFL Week 5

    I’d be interested to see how Mahomes would perform in a different system (like say the inept Dolphins or Jets) without a very good offensive HC in Reid, but the same could be said for if Brady was drafted by the Jets or Dolphins - just Belichick still have ) SBs, does the rest of the AFC East...
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    2019 NFL Week 3

    Definitely noticed it that time...Kupp scores, Collinsworth blaming Whitehead (? I think that’s his name)...but the camera goes straight to Schobert.
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    Super Bowl LIII

    One way of looking at it going against the pats - if Brady plays poor be still has 5 rings, a few MVPs, and one of the all-time great QBs. Goff might get crucified with a poor performance and DWFs will want to replace him. Seeing as both teams are near coal on defence a high-scoring game with...
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    2019 NFL Draft

    Murray should be used like Taysom Hill or Lamar Jackson pre-starting. Few throws a game, lots of trick plays, used as a running back and as a receiver (spilt out wide or out of the backfield), and as a special teamer. See how he progresses and maybe look towards him at QB more full-time down the...
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    Josh Allen

    Obviously a very small sample size, but Allen averages the most yards per carry of any QB in NFL history with 75+ carries. His 7.09 yards/carry is above Vick’s 7.00 and Locker’s 6.78. Allen also averages 52.6 yards rushing per game, which is 10 yards per game more than Vick.
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    Future of Black coaches a concern

    “League officials insist they are committed to diversity. Well, the state of diversity in the NFL can best be described as abysmal.” What a joke.
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    Christian McCaffrey

    I love CMC as much as everybody else, but I don’t think it’s that egregious that he didn’t get a nod. Gurley, Barkley, and Elliott have also had great seasons in high-profile teams, and NFC is clearly much better for RBs than the AFC with Kamara another elite RB not named for the NFC who would...
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    2018 NFL Week 15

    How many players have had 50+ yards passing, rushing, and receiving in a game? On Newton - saw on PFF the other day that he has been the fourth or fifth worst grades QB in the league over the last five weeks, only ahead of Driskel, McCown (back ups), Rosen (rookie) and somebody else. And this...
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    2018 NFL Week 15

    Gotsis also very impressive on the DL on Saturday. 6 tackles (5 solo), a strip sack (recovered by Wolfe), a PD, and two TFL (one on a fourth quarter 4th down).
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    College Football News

    This would make a great one of those Player A vs B comparisons to show the caste system. Player A: 59 receptions, 1,103 receiving yards, 12 TDs in 13 games. 3/24/1 against like-opponent. Player B: 102 receptions, 1,698 receiving yards, 13 TDs in 12 games. 15/219/2 against like-opponent. A...
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    2018 NFL Week 13

    Gregory also gave up a facemasking penalty on the saints’ previous FG drive. 30 valuable yards lost in penalties for only one tackle would get a white pass rusher benched and cut, never to be seen again but I’m sure the long-time substance abuser Gregory will stick around for a long time to come
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    Christian McCaffrey

    And he also needs 390 more receiving yards to have a 1000-yard receiving season - an average of 78 per game. Has averaged 55 per game so far this season so it would be tough but definitely not impossible for a dual-1000 yard season which would be massive.
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    2018 NFL Week 11

    They give snaps to Niemann and Sorensen, have a star white TE and very white OL, so they’re definitely a step above other deplorable teams like the Raiders, Seahawks, Cardinals etc Also on inactivity - I’m australian so games start at 2am, 5am, and 8:30am which are not great times for me to...
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    Christian McCaffrey

    Caff on track for 219 carries, 1030 rush yards, 9 rush TDs, 96 receptions, receiving 781 yards, 7 receiving TDs Hopefully he keeps this pace up!
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    2018 NFL Week 10

    17 straight pass plays by the Panthers to end the half. Caff averaging over 6 ypc was moving the ball well but they abandon it so early to start chucking it - from a QB who already has a pick six on the day.
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    2018 College Football Week 9

    Nice game by Britain Covey 7-yard TD pass A 19-yard rush 5 catches for 47 yards And 2 punt returns for 66 yards (one for 36, one for 30). Against a pretty coal-UCLA team.
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    Sam Darnold

    Hard to say whether Darnold or Mayfield will be better at this stage. Both have shown flashes of brilliance and have been overall very good to bring the Jets to 3-3 and the Browns to 2-3-1 (could easily be 5-1 with some better kicking and better refereeing against the raiders). I’d have to give...
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    2018 White defenders

    Week five snap counts Baltimore: Ricard 11 (14%), Urban 39 (49%), Weddle 80 (100%). Total: 130 Buffalo: Williams 34 (63%), Phillips 24 (44%), Murphy 36 (67%), Milano 53 (98%). Total: 147 Cincinnati: Hubbard 28 (44%), Vigil 46 (73%), Fejedelem 2 (3%). Total: 76 Cleveland: Zettel 2 (2%), Schobert...
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    2018 NFL Week 5

    Kittle’s 45-yard reception on the TE screen was great, what a superb athlete with speed and acceleration much faster than I’ve seen from the vast majority of receivers and defensive backs in a game situation and not just running without pads or opponents in a straight line for 4-5 seconds. And...
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    2018 College Football Week 6

    Borghi ended up with 6 carries for 43 yards and 2 TDs, plus a 17-yard catch. His TDs came on a one-yard run in the third quarter to put WSU in the lead while the other was a 30-yarder to seal the game in the fourth quarter.
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    2018 White defenders

    I've been a bit busy the last couple weeks so didn't get the chance to do week 3 or 4 snap counts, here's a summary of the first month of the season (and TNF this week). Baltimore: Ricard 25 (9.26%), Sieler 11 (4.07%), Urban 151 (55.93%), Weddle 253 (93.70%). Total: 440 Buffalo: Murphy 151...
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    2018 NFL Week 5

    The “weapons” Luck has at his disposal right now, with Hilton and Doyle out injured, are just downright sad. Running Back Two mid-to-late round rookies who have never shown anything too impressive at college or pro level. Receiver Rogers, Swoope, Johnson, Pascal: UDFAs who have never shown...
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    2018 White defenders

    Jewell #1 and LVE #3, can’t complain with that. Jewell is excellent in coverage and against the run, wonder why he slipped so far? The three black LBs taken in the first 22 picks don’t even appear in the top six!