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    Eric Decker

    Spygate II and 5-15 since a 6-0 start his rookie coaching season aside, McDaniels ought to reminded of the days when players like the late Rob Lytle, Steve Watson and Dave Preston were allowed to flourish under the coaches Red Miller and Dan Reeves.
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    "Full Color Football"

    Jaxvid, Full COLORED Football is what the sportswriters and talking heads wanted since Day One. Leave it to the football MSM to lead the way, with the football establishment coming around and then eventually the DWFs. Pretty pathetic chain reaction.
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    More diversity propoganda

    I already posted a comment there.
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    CBS Rejects Superbowl Ad for Gay Dating Site

    There used to be a time when Super Bowl commercials aired specifically for that event were tolerable.
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    Ubiquitous Man Hating

    Highlander, "The Bionic Woman" aired from 1976-78, so it was mid-late '70s. "Six Million Dollar Man" aired from 1974-78, same time frame.
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    TNB to the extreme

    Watch any commercial of Mickey D's from the '70s and early '80s and you would think this was a completely different establishment.
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    APNewsBreak: McGwire admits using steroids

    When using steroids is akin to physically committing a crime, like killing a person, you can see how f'ed up our society is. Personally, seeing behomoths in both baseball and football is a turnoff. If "bigger, bigger, bigger" is the mantra of today's sport, then how do you explain the prowess...
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    Saint Dungheap at it again

    I like to pop in a few DVDs I have of various football games from the '80s. That was when I started to watch football and recently had a discussion with my mother about how nowadays there are no real "household word" players. I think back to the eighth grade when I was a major Denver Broncos...
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    Chris Matthews : Alinsky "Our Hero"

    I have a feeling Chris is being paid $$$ under the table to be Obama's virulent cheerleader. But even with all the money it's not equalling ratings. People would rather watch neocon Fox News than leftist MSNBC and CNN, and I can't blame them.Edited by: OldSchoolBoy75
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    Google 'celebrates' Christmas

    Google's "Christmas" logo last year (and the one before it) was some odd drawings of mice with I guess what one would call a secular Christmas theme. It was nothing remotely familiar to the symbolism we associate with Christmastime. I also noticed that this year's logo featured a spaceship and...
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    What’s Your Favorite Movie?

    The Last American Virgin (1982) Beetlejuice (1988) Grease (1978) Lucas (1986) One Crazy Summer (1986) Better Off Dead (1985) Bad Guys (1986) Elvira Mistress Of The Dark (1988) Stewardess School (1986) Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1982) Home Alone (1990) National Lampoon's Vacation...
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    Study finds college leadership no "diverse"

    Black lesbian handicapped blind deaf deformed retarded coaches.
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    Favorite Food "Genre"?

    Italian, French and Thai are my top three, with Mexican a close fourth. My tastes are eclectic I suppose, ranging from Swedish meatballs to Japanese tempura.
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    Scooby Doo..."PC" Style

    Can you say "Brawny Man"?
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    The Boys Of November

    If Joe Girardi was a mulatto, it would have already been a special report on ESPN and inside the NY Daily News and NY Post newspapers. Girardi has a complexion not unlike Joe Torre and Vince Lombardi. I'm not sure if he's of Sicilian descent but it's very likely he is of southern Italian descent.
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    Eagles v. Skins: No Racism Here

    Tremoglie needs to wake up to the reality that is 2009. "Reverse" discrimination is so 1978. Discrimination doesn't come in different forms. As long as scribes continue to push the Marxist belief that discrimination can only be practiced by White men there is no point in accepting anything...
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    White labels

    I was watching a MNF game from 1978 recently and one of the announcers couldn't stop talking about how "athletic" one White player was. I was aghast; White players are truly "athletic"? Well, at least in 1978 they were.
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    Ronan Tynan ended his career.

    Not for nothing, but Yankee Stadium is still enforcing "God Damn America" down the attendees' throats every seventh inning?
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    Limbaugh/Checketts bidding on Rams

    JIm Irsay--wasn't he the man John Elway refused to play for when he selected by the Colts in the 1983 draft? Roger Goodell--corporate hack who typifies the pussification of the NFL. Need I say more?
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    John Elway 8 signs of a terrorist cell

    Maybe I'm not totally shocked by this as opposed to others here. John is a Republican and an active one at that. No, it's not going to change my views on him (considering he was the first NFL player I followed when I first got into football), but I do think it's unfortunate he's caved in to...
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    "Diversity" "Multiculturalism"

    Considering how the NFL treats its former players with their health problems, this isn't a surprise. The NFL is just another corporate entity who bows at the altar of PC. But the NFL isn't the only male-based sport which has been pinkwashed: on Mother's Day golfers wear pink pants and in...
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    Mike Ditka / Snoop Dogg

    I also seem to remember a number of years ago when Ditka said that Kerry Collins, who was having personal problems, should "find God".
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    Mark Herzlich

    I saw Herzlich on College Gameday Live this mroning. He looks like he's mystery meat. Derek Jeter-esque.
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    Oregon May Reinstate Blount

    I didn't know there was an established Dean Of Black Athletes in the sports infrastructure. Why didn't loser Chip go to mischlinge Herman Edwards, Art Shell and Romeo Crennel in the process?
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    White labels

    I could just imagine if I was doing a play-by-play for a game and referred to a White punt returner as "exceptional", "a terrific athlete" and a "runner". I could just see the look on my fellow White play-by-play man's face--one that looked like the wrath of God.