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    U.N. racism investigator to visit U.S.

    The thing that baffles me is that I consider racism to be a good and healthy quality in a people. Its only a bad thing if one looks at it from the perspective that we are all ONE people and those whose ancestors sat around in huts made of poop doing nothing should be given an equal share of the...
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    Another Viking Disgrace

    Yeah, when they finally released this information I just shook my head in amazement. The old, "I wanted to see if the boy could get the bag off his head by himself" excuse.... As if THAT is an acceptable explanation. What I want to know is how in the F does a guy like this make it through Ohio...
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    Chances of UDFA players making rosters?

    Its really hard to gauge an undrafted FA's chances at this point in the offseason. Injuries to guys ahead of them is probably the biggest factor in whether or not they ultimately make the cut. Very few of these guys are given a legitimate shot to make the roster based upon their own performace...
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    White RB 2008 Watch List! I'm Optimistic!

    If he can stay healthy, Stanford RB Toby Gerhart is a monster. I'm not sure if he will be considered a Junior or Sophmore as he may have been granted a medical redshirt in one of his first two seasons.
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    Suing college Football

    The problem is that AA establishes that it is okay to discriminate against Whites to "right" past "wrongs". Until AA is struck down, no suit claiming institutionalized racism against Whites will hold merit.
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    2008 NFL Draft Scorecard

    The easy part is over, all picks are updated and accounted for on post #1 of this thread. Please post any undrafted FA signings you may come across of white players in this thread and I'll keep that first post updated.
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    2008 NFL Draft Scorecard

    10 Picks to go and a ton of White talent left untapped. Highlighting those still available. Sam Keller Danny Woodhead Mike Cox Todd Blythe Danny Amendola Kirk Barton Chase Ortiz David Vobora J Leman Ben Moffit Jaime Silva Marcus Watts
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    2008 NFL Draft Scorecard

    Pretty disappointing draft to this point, but not too far off from what was expected. I thought Connor would be long gone and either Steltz or Zib would have gone in the 2nd. The big caste angle tomorrow will be whether or not Blythe or Woodhead get picked.
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    2008 NFL Draft Scorecard

    Sh!t Of all the teams he could have gone to... How the hell am I going to bring myself to root for a Packer? Congrats to Jordy.
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    2008 NFL Draft Scorecard

    I stand corrected. Flacco at 18. Maybe we can get 6 or 7 this round? We only need Connor, Brohm and maybe a Nelson or Sam Baker...
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    2008 NFL Draft Scorecard

    The Patriots pick has really been the only big disappointment so far. That should have been Dan Connor's spot in a colorblind world. Otherwise, things are going about as expected. I think another 5 yard apes or so and then we get into the range where a White may be selected.
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    Jared Allen, Viking's

    The Star Tribune and NFL network are both reporting that the Chiefs have dealt Jared Allen to the Vikings in exchange for their 1st and both 3rd round selections in this weekends draft. This gives the Vikings Defense a 3rd White Starter, which isn't saying much, but its better then nothing...
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    2008 NFL Draft Scorecard

    Probably depends on how badly he wants it. I think he gets a camp invite unless he decides its an easier road to go to the CFL. Once in camp, who knows. It depends on how much of a shot he is actually given. Admittedly, I haven't really seen the kid play, so I'm just going on what I've read on...
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    Jacob Hester named LSU starting RB

    If the 40 Time is the only indicator of NFL success, then Hester should go on to have a fine career. Of the top 32 Rushers last year 7 ran the forty yard dash at or slower then 4.55 at their respective combines. Brian Westbrook 4.57 Jamal Lewis 4.58 Frank Gore 4.55 Brandon Jacobs...
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    Mike Mamula

    Using Pro Bowl appearnces to justify anything other then that the player was popular is foolish. Just from the team I follow closely, the Vikings, I can tell you that Darren Sharper is more of a hinderence then a help and yet he was named to yet another Pro Bowl last year. He hasn't been playing...
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    2008 NFL Draft Scorecard

    None of the White DT's in this years draft class are expected to go higher then maybe mid 3rd (Hayden). Nick Hayden is a high motor guy who may project out to a 3-4 End position. He could beconsidered a poor man's Chris Hovan. Lokey was solid at Texas, but much like Robison last year was...
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    2 Whites get the hell stomped out of them

    Funny how the racist remarks aren't on video. Did they happen? Given Blacks track record of falsely playing the race card I certainly wouldn't doubt it. BTW, that website is disgusting. And there was at least one White in that mob kicking the kids who were down.
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    Jared Allen?

    The Vikings "could" end up with a linebacking unit next season that looks like this: SLB: Ben Leber (white) & Dallas Startz (white) MLB: E.J. Henderson & Vinny Circiu (white) WLB: Chad Greenway (white) & Heath Farwell (white) Utility LB: Derrick Pope or Rufus Alexander...
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    Jared Allen?

    The word in Minnesota is that he isn't likely to make it out of town without a deal getting done. This is his second day there, and he is reportedly taking a physical. He was seen out last night with Steve Hutchinson.
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    Will Jordy crack the first round?

    I'm going out on a limb and saying that Jordy will be off the board by the 40th pick. Sadly, I don't see another White Wide Receiver being selected for probably 120 or so selections. But lets hope I'm wrong on that second prediction.
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    Danny Woodhead

    It's my personal opinion that Darren McFadden will be a bust in the NFL. It comes down to work ethic and attitude and although I can't speak for the first, his failures in the second give me a good idea of the probability that the first is lacking. If Woodhead was given the opportunities that...
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    Does anyone know??

    The comments you are probably looking for are in this article: 01-cutler-marshall_N.htm
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    2008 NFL Draft Scorecard

    (I've compiled a list of all the potential White draftees and rookie free agents by taking the average ranking from all of the major draft/scouting sources and pulling off anyone who comes in near, at or under's listed number likely to make an nfl camp at a given position. Feel...
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    2008 NFL Combine

    If there wasn't such orgasmic hype surrounding this Kelly kid, his production/workout results combined with his pis-poor attitude would probably land him as a borderline draftable guy. However, I'm sure some team will wet themselves at the prospect of getting another black primadonna wide...
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    LZR swimsuit

    And to think that back when I swam all we wore was a "speedo". I personally don't care as long as the technology is available to everyone. I'm not real big on allowing people to compete in prototypes.