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    2010 Miami Hurricanes

    Just for the sake of shock factor I thought I'd put my "white men can't jump" update in here. In 2010, the 7 highest high jumps in the world were all accomplished by white men. 2.34 meters by Ivan Ukhov, who has a 2.40 PB. In the long jump (which requires both jumping ability and a high top...
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    2010 Miami Hurricanes

    LOL! Just the opposite, I am against affirmative action of all sorts. If the best argument you "scholars" can think up is the "best players see the field no matter what because America is run by white people," then it's clear you just feel uncomfortable when your bubble is busted. The point of...
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    2010 Miami Hurricanes

    It's kinda sad reading their posts, actually. What ticks me off is not that they disagree, but the fact that they are unwilling and maybe even incapable of grasping our message. Their apathy represents the plight of America quite well, in fact. Their minds are so deeply infected, so heavily...
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    We the People -- So What?

    Both Bill Cooper and Alex Jones have indeed helped to expose Zionism without mentioning it much (although Jones has license to mention it now if he wants because he's educated many people on the two party paradigm; and when one sees a paradigm he cannot go back), rather by expsoing its tools and...
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    Scofield's KJV: Turning Christians Into Zionists

    Good post. Christians today wrongly believe the Jews of today are the Israelites in the bible. Not so. They are Ashkenazi/ Khazarian, and have links to Jesuits and virtually every other not-so-secret secret society. Even the Vatican has been infiltrated (supposedly since 1958).
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    We the People -- So What?

    I still can't tell if Alex Jones is for real. I believe William Cooper was, and I also believe even the controlled alternative media is not as controlled as they intended to be.
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    South Africa World Cup 2010

    Cameroon is out.
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    "Rocket" Ramil Guliyev 9.97 and 19.76 (World Champion 2017 over 200 meters)

    Simone Collio ran 11.04 and got fourth at this very competition into a -3.7 wind. Guliyev, Cerutti, and Yepishin all ran into a -3.5 and ran faster than Collio considerably. Keep in mind, on the same track as Asafa and Christophe, Collio ran 10.29. Basically, you are worried about nothing.
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    Christophe Lemaitre "White Lightning" 9.92 and 19.80!

    I wouldn't worry about him false starting at all. That's complete over-analysis (something we do too often on here). I'm glad there was a headwind, so we know we didn't miss anything. I thought he'd run a little faster than 20.56, but the strong wind explains it. The + sign doesn't help the...
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    2010 White Running Backs

    Awesome thread. I am so excited to see McGuffie play ball this year. As Jimmy Chitwood alerted us, there are two white RBs for Stanford that may be in the mix shortly. Maybe instead of just having a "whitest teams thread," we should also have a "teams with a white RB" thread. And I think...
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    Israel did 9/11, ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD!!

    This whole Israel topic really does have a lot of pent up animosity on this site. Clearly, Zionism is a destructive force. Many Zionists hate us, some don't, but I for one do not hate any of them. Because I'm Christian. And after that, I am white. I think even David Duke would be a little...
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    DWFs, non whites want USA soccer to resemble NBA

    If the USA attempts to sport an all-black team like the NBA, NFL, or even semi-black teams like in the MLB, they would be utterly annihilated at the world stage. In fact, that would completely expose the caste system significantly more than the "Dream Team" did. There is no way a 100% black team...
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    Police State Redux

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
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    Deaths as Israelis attack unarmed relief boats

    This whole event has left me very skeptical. For some reason, the media has endorsed the bashing of Israel, and many of the names of the authors I have read about on this issue are indeed Jewish. It seems fishy to me. Very fishy.
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    Craig Pickering

    Allen wells was about 28 years old when he won a gold medal in Moscow. He should think more about changing his training style than quitting altogether. Also, it's a good thing he isn't posting his training on an online forum anymore to me. Keep trying, Craig.
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    White woman punished for not being gay

    "It soon became very apparent that plaintiff never (had) a reasonable basis to believe that evidence existed to support her claims and that she and her attorney included her most salacious claims regarding race and sexual preference discrimination merely to garner media attention and to publicly...
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    Riley Cooper

    Agreed all-around. Also, David Duke did an interview with Wolf Blitzer I believe, and CNN made every attempt possible to make him look ugly (with the cameras). I admit, he's aged, but he's always been a somewhat good-looking guy. Not surprisingly, Wolf worked for AIPAC. Talk about being...
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    Craig Pickering

    It's his training. There is no doubt anymore.
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    High School track meets

    Nice find! Theoretically, you could drastically change the racial dynamics of high school sprinting by just training a dozen young men like Jamison Jordan. The caste system does not translate to track nearly as much as any other sport, if at all, but propoganda and media attention (not to...
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    Newsweek’s War on White People

    I also no longer watch television. And I especially don't read Newsweek or Time, lol. Anybody have suggestions for balanced news. Not even white nationalist news, but just balanced news that covers everything. I pretty much rely on youtube now, sadly.
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    White man and black women in hollywood/media

    The masses of self-righteous DWFs and white people no longer know what racist is thanks to the mass media. If you're white, it is "racist" to have pride in your race (and act like it), while other races can act however they please. Racism is no longer a term that denotes hatred of other races...
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    Klitschko vs Sosnowski...

    Agreed. Though Klitschko was always in control, and most likely could have put it away earlier had he needed to. The Klitschkos may be the classiest sportsmen ever.
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    Klitschko vs Sosnowski...

    Sosnowski showed he deserved the fight and it was a pleasure to watch both of them. Thanks for the feed.
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    Klitschko vs Sosnowski...

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    White man and black women in hollywood/media

    Quite ironic that the racism of f3dor and gatorprideFL far surpasses any of the traditional white nationalists here on CF. It's the same way with my liberal and neocon DWF friends, though they take the moral highground with any real debates.