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    2022 World Series: Phillies v. Astros

    "I think walks are overrated unless you can run. If you get a walk and put the pitcher in a stretch, that helps. But the guy who walks and can’t run, most of the time they’re clogging up the bases for somebody who can run.”–former Cubs manager Dusty Baker Incredible how thus guy is an MLB...
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    2022 NFL Week 7

    The world class athletes on the 49ers, with the exception of Bosa defense are simply horrible. Missed tackles, letting receivers flat out run by you, ridiculous.
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    Taysom Hill

    Afterwards, I realized I meant to compare him against Kamara and Ingraham.
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    Taysom Hill

    I posted this on Twitter after the Saints game. I'd love to see Taysom Hill line up exclusively as a RB. Give him snaps and see what he can do. He's flat out quicker and more elusive then Richardson. He and Kumara would be a great running back tandem. And of course, no responses. I was hoping...
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    Ryan Nall vs. David Montgomery RAS

    My apologies as I wasn't quite sure where I should post my comments. I'm a long time lurker and wanted to contribute now with my thoughts. I first off want to say I don't hate anyone and expect respect and give it back in return. That said, I can't take anymore of the baloney about the best...
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    2022 College Football Week 4

    I understand Al Sharpton will be on the Iowa campus tomorrow picketing for more diversity in the defensive backs.
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    2022 NFL Week 2

    I saw it on Twitter. I'm trying to upload. The dback is covering Zach Ertz. No holding from what I could see.
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    2022 NFL Week 2

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    2018 NFL Preseason Thread

    Ryan Nall being cut is a total baloney. I read these fools articles on Twitter saying they’re happy he was cut. He was the most productive rookie in camp and would have cheap for them to sign. The old adage of the best players always play is a total crock.
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    India's "sanitary" standards

    I speak from experience as I've been in hotel management for 16 years and I can assuredly tell you that Indians have brought bed bugs back into the United States. From recollection, the heavy import of H-1B visas started in the mid to late 90's. I started seeing Indian programmers replacing what...
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    2010 White Running Backs

    Oops, meant yards not years.
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    2010 White Running Backs

    Does anyone know why Zach Line only got 11 carries yesterday? I guess I'm getting greedy however if the age old line is "you win with talent" and "the best players play" why wouldn't he be getting the lionshare of the carries? The guy has averaged over 100 years per game this season. To be...
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    2010 White Running Backs

    Zach Line of SMU has had a great first two games of the 2010 season. I saw their opener against Texas Tech and he's very shifty and elusive.Here are his stats from the SMU website.
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    Daley is not running for reelection!

    Mayor Daly has been a huge advocate of revitilizing the inner city for at least 15 years. Some of the worst, most crime ridden areas were regentrified and thousands of pioneers moved into areas where their were tear downs and then brand new expensive condos built with the hope of the areas...
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    Toby Gerhart

    I'm so pissed about Gerhart being inactive... I'm starting to not give a s**t anymore because if he's not injured this is such blantent discrimination. I hope if he's actually injured he'll heal quickly. Has anyone heard anything about his status?
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    South Africa World Cup 2010

    Thrashen, we're all on the same team here. I resent the "German/Pollock" comment you posted about Miroslav Klose. Klose and Potolski are two big reasons why Germany in still in contention for the World Cup.
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    Willie Rose

    Rose looks great in the youtube vids. He should be compared to Jerome Bettis or perhaps more of a Brandon Jacobs style of runner but alot faster with great cutting ability. He should have the opportunity to compete for at least half of the carrries kwith an NFL team as a running back and not a...
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    2010 NFL COMBINE

    I called WSCR (The Score) Sports Radio this afternoon and got on the air. I made a comment about Toby Gerhart running the fastest 40 yard dash time among the top rated backs who competed in the combine today and posed the following question to one of the radio hosts, "based on Toby Gerhart's 40...
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    Levi's jeans

    I saw the movie "Valentine's Day" with my wife. I normally wouldn't have gone to see crap like this but she wanted to see it so I gave in. What I wanted to mention is that ugly, cocky, negro Jamie Foxx is shown kissing Jessica Biel. I'm so sick of this inter-racial BS being shoved down our...
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    Playoffs Thread

    I took offense to the reporters comments about how american kids would never accept doing chores and implied that we're lazy and undisciplined.That's just a bunch of crap and so is that news piece because they took a cross section of the population they wanted you to see. As you stated, not all...
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    Texas WR Jordan Shipley

    guest301 you're absolutely right in your comments about Shipley and I heard the comment by Musberger as he spoke it and had the same immediate reaction as you did. These frickin announcers need to grow some kahones and give white players the same type of recognition that they automaticallygive...
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    Brandon Wegher

    Congrats to Brandon!!! Man, I'll tell you what, I was so happy for that kid last night. 113 yards rushing on 16 carries for a 7.1 ypc. I loved it when they kept showing head shots of him with his helmet off. I want as much exposure for great white athletes such as Brandon as possible...
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    Craig Steltz

    I was listening to the Bears announcers after the Minnesota game and former Bear and current analyst, Tom Thayer, commented about Craig Steltz being a "smart" player and "not very athletic". Well, why the heck is he on an NFL roster if he's only "smart" and "not very athletic"? He must have...
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    Article in SI exposes caste system

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to say that I've finally found a group of link minded people. I've had the same thoughts about many on this website for years. I'm 48 years old and distinctly remember a great tamdom of Larry Czonka and Jim Kiick playing for the Miami Dolphins. I don't recall...