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  1. lightning

    Rex Burkhead

    Thank you and I appreciate the kind words. I really enjoy football and honestly many sports. I'll try to be more active as it is nice to see others that see truthfully what has been going on way to long.
  2. lightning

    Zach Zenner, Z2K

    Zenner has to take it as a compliment and Bennett knows it. Bennett can get away with being racist because if Zenner complains about the fact that he didn't get picked up by a major college due to being white, went undrafted due to being white and is sitting so long not being used in Detroit...
  3. lightning

    Rex Burkhead

    About time he was given the ball. Amazing how poorly other players must play for a more talented white player to get into the starting role.
  4. lightning

    Rex Burkhead

    Truth on Burkhead Truth about Rex Burkhead. Stigma's such as these have followed him his entire career: Power Back Plodding Lunch Pale carrying Deceptive Hard worker etc. etc. Truth is: He is a freak and top notch athlete with incredible football knowledge. Lets compare him to the Bengals...