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    2009 Ohio State Buckeyes

    So how long is OSU going to suffer through having Pryor at the helm? He is grossly incompetent now and doesn't show any sign that he can get better. They would have won tonight with any mediocre quarterback in his place. They have almost three more seasons until he loses his eligibility...
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    Eric Raskin: Hater of White Boxers

    baer wasn't really jewish.
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    Booker *Taliaferro* Washington...

    taliaferro is common name for caribbean blacks. i don't know what the origin of it is. it's not because they have recent mixture with italians. taliaferro was probably some famous person they were named after like george washington or some big plantation owner.
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    Beibut Shumenov

    pure mongoloid types in mongolia, northern china, manchuria and siberia can be fairly big and strong. most "asians" are a racial mix of mongoloids and indigenous austronesian peoples, who are very slightly built, like pygmies almost.
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    Christians murdered by blacks

    killing christian musicians in texas? death penalties for sure in this case.
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    1984 French Side -- All White!

    that team was heavily italian and other non-french europeans. most of the players mentioned in that article don't have a french name. so they are doing the same thing now but with africans. Edited by: cjay
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    UEFA Cup winners - No blacks policy

    many of the black players on the french national team come to france as adults to play professional soccer, then join the national team. they aren't all french born blacks. the french team will remain mostly black as long they keep doing this.
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    Under Armour "commercials"

    whites never ran hollywood to begin with.
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    Baxter’s articles....

    i never knew that columbia was supposed to host the world cup in 86. what were they thinking? that would be like having it now in iraq.south africa has a lot of crime, but the government is actually in control of the country.
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    Joe Calzaghe vs. Bernard Hopkins

    joe got hit with one puch that made him fall, he got up immediately and continued to walk towards hopkins for the rest of the round. he didn't seem hurt by it, maybe he was a little more cautious for the first few rounds but he was still the aggressor in every round of the fight.
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    60% of NBA players broke after 5 years

    i find it shocking that anyone who earns more than $1 million a year would take out a loan to buy a house, let alone a car. Edited by: cjay
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    Do We Need a White Ali/Tyson/Mayweather??

    by nature, many blacks have that kind of personality, but very few whites do. i think we just need to keep winning fights and keep spreading the word. remember that the sucess of eastern european boxers has caused an explosion of interest in among young men in the former soviet union, that...
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    Hatton Didn't Lose

    some people here are taking this way too hard. hatton is a very good, maybe great fighter who moved up a weight class and lost to a man that is unquestionably the best black boxer active in the world, and who many people think is the best, most skilled fighter period. it would have been great...
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    Floyd Mayweather vs. Ricky Hatton

    hatton's strategy didn't work. he took a lot of shots charging in then wasn't able to do anything when he got there. he seemed too quick to allow clinches. he kept wraping his arms around mayweathers' torso, and mayweather would take two overhooks and the ref would break them up.
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    Floyd Mayweather vs. Ricky Hatton

    hatton knocked down in the 10th.
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    Floyd Mayweather vs. Ricky Hatton

    well mayweather has really pulled ahead in the 8th, he landed a lot of good shots and has hatton hurt. hatton is firing back, but missing. mayweather is too slippery.
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    Floyd Mayweather vs. Ricky Hatton

    okay, the 6th round just ended and mayweather is evading and landing the occaisional jab. both fighters land some shots inside before the ref breaks them up, but no real damage.
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    Floyd Mayweather vs. Ricky Hatton

    my feed just conked out, but midway through the third round, mayweather is just backing up the whole time and holding when hatton catches him. no one has landed any big punches.
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    2007 Navy Midshipmen

    How did this post slip by without comment? I have a problem with a team that is supposed to represent America's Naval Aceademy being mostly black. Anyone who doesn't have a problem with that shouldn't be posting here.
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    foxsports article with jason sehorn

    the whole point is that white people as a group get screwed because successful/powerful whites won't lift a finger to help other whites. large numbers of white people are not going to act until someone in a percieved position of authority says it first. that's basic human psychology.
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    French NBA players

    none of this is true. i'm too busy right now to make a point by point rebutal. this is what happens when people get all their information from the american right wing media. i think the moderators should have a zero tolerance policy for admitted non-whites who come on this forum and make...
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    Good News on English Soccer

    immigration to england is probably worse right now than in any other white country. a new study was released which showed that last year 25% of all babies born in the UK had at lest one foreign born parent. that of course doesn't count the children born to the majority of nonwhites who are not...
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    Vick smuggling dope?

    does anyone else think this might actually be bad for those of us that are against the caste system? i'm thinking with Vick not playing, it will be easier to lionize him. i can see talk about "what could have been." ie winning super bowls, all-time great etc. it seemed like people were...
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    you know it dawg

    No, that is clearly a white man making a bad attempt at typing in what he thinks is current black slang. I made another post on how to detect real blacks posting online. It has less to do with grammer or vocabulary than with logical discrepancies and inexact correlation of words to ideas.
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    Ministers want more British players

    Here's another one: Y_NAME=soccer/07/08/10/SOCCER_West_Ham_Nightlead.html&TEAMHD =soccer NOBLE CALLS FOR FOREIGN QUOTA West Ham's England under-21 midfielder Mark Noble has called for the introduction of a quota on the number...