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  1. Tired old White

    Telling it like it is

    John Derbyshire I have no problem with people who think Mr. Derbyshire's article is wrong so long as they attempt to refute his reasoning and logic. They do not even try to do this it must mean they know that hey that they will be forced to admit that he is absolutely correct. So they call...
  2. Tired old White


    YOU NEED ENDURANCE TO PLAY LACROSS Blacks may have straight line sprinting speed but in lacrosse you will run for longer than 10 seconds. It also requires the ability to use a stick to throw the ball either to a team mate or into the goal. It is also a very team oriented sport so hot dogs tend...
  3. Tired old White

    Article about the demise of courtesy in boxing

    This is at he same some nice things about the K brothers.
  4. Tired old White

    Superbowl XLVI

    Ballard was the best NY Giant What ever the so called experts say with out Ballard the Giants would have been noncompetitive, He was Eli's work horse until he was injured. In my opinion he should have gotten the game ball. Or was I the only one to notice that Welker like Braday and Rodgers...
  5. Tired old White

    Diversity is a strength?

    Hawkeye, Your father in law may be right. After half a century of desegregated schools better than 50% of the black adults I encounter in the work place have problems with reading comprehension and simple math. When I was young man this was blamed on the segregated schools which gave blacks a...
  6. Tired old White

    Diversity is a strength?

    James Edwars take on Steven Crowder Somewhere on this sight is a link to an Australian beer commercial about a wihte fighter who fihgts a balck fighter. The back ground music is a techno verson os the song deliver me tha ironically was written by Steven Crowder.
  7. Tired old White

    Blast off to Mars this morning! And how many Americans even know about it!?

    BRA cannot afford to find a habitable planet or a way to terrform one and make it habitable. If this were to happen a high number of unusually talented and productive Caucasians would volunteer to go and plant a colony. This would badly damage the tax payer class here on earth and eventually...
  8. Tired old White

    Food Shortages

    I gotten so paranoid about the **** hitting the fan that I am in the process of buying another small farm way back into the boondocks. One of my old Marine Corp. buddies put me onto so cheap land way the hell away from what most folks would consider civilization but that just makes it perfect...
  9. Tired old White

    Should the NFl Make the goal post narrower

    I checked a web site that had a break down of FG Kicking Statistics. I assume he played in Philly last year. I seldom watch any games that do not involve the Patriots ( Wes Welker), Green Bay (Jordy Nelson) or Cleveland ( Peyton Hillis. I guess since Hillis is bench due to injury I will not be...
  10. Tired old White

    Should the NFl Make the goal post narrower

    "As for the caste implications... we could have 200 teams in the league and there'd be at least 198 white kickers. Blacks are not as good at kicking, not interested in kicking, and generally don't have the kind of personality to get good at kicking." My point exactly
  11. Tired old White

    Should the NFl Make the goal post narrower

    I had always wondered why the the NFL wanted to discourage FG kicking by spotting an unsuccessful attempt at the point of the kick instead of the line of scrimmage or penalizing an unsuccessful kicking attempt for -7 yards. The Eagles have a place kicker David Akers capable of success inside...
  12. Tired old White

    Should the NFl Make the goal post narrower

    I was really wondering if anyone would view this as a Caste type of thing. If there is a non-white place kicker in the NFL I do not know who it is. With this kind of success kicking field goals a coach playing the per centages would probably start kicking a lot more often when past the 50 yard...
  13. Tired old White

    Should the NFl Make the goal post narrower

    Interesting piece at another Non-PC site Thought it might make for an interesting discussion. Time To Narrow The NFL Goal PostsBy Steve Sailer on November 6, 2011 From Crossing Wall Street on November 2: We’re nearly halfway through the [NFL] season and kickers have made a...
  14. Tired old White

    Oh ****, I'm A Racist

    When you use the link you will get a message that it was not found . just type racist in the search box and it will bring it up
  15. Tired old White

    UFC on Fox Sports

    There are a few of us who enjoy watching Tuf and will probably vote on the fights. It would be more fun if we got too vote on the winners. I have a feeling that some of the fights might have a different outcome. I scored the Albert Dodson fight as a draw. The Judges scored both rounds for Dodson...
  16. Tired old White

    TUF 14

    Yes he did and he also is continuing his romance with black and Hispanic fighters
  17. Tired old White

    London of the Apes!!!! more black violence and rioting

    If you click on one of the blue highlighted links you will see that these two lads really are ENGLISH
  18. Tired old White

    TUF 14

    Dodson's life might be getting unpleasant. He is feeding info to the other team and will be found out soon. Just can not trust some people.
  19. Tired old White

    Max Kellerman

    I was not sure whether this should be posted here or in boxing. It seems that Mad Max Keelerman is not well thought of as a boxing announcer even among his Jewish brethren. Here is what Jew or not has on him. Updated Weekdays Home · Blog · RSS Latest Profile » Mickey Cohen...
  20. Tired old White

    Sarah Palin: Mudshark

    I guess this removes the "RACIST" label Sarah Palin has been tagged with so often. Whether you like Palin or not you have to wonder what is it about her that terrifies the leftist MSM to the degree she so obviously does.
  21. Tired old White

    Sarah Palin: Mudshark

    Slate is also the magazine that insists the Trig is actually Bristol's illegitamate child despite the fact that Bristol was pregnant with her real illegitimate child at the time Trig was born. They will print anything negative about Sarah Palin.
  22. Tired old White

    Strange Government Behavior

    The really weird thing about this is that Gibson does not buy the wood for its fret boards out side the US. IT buys the wood from an importer located in California as does Martin, as does Taylor and as does Fender. So why did the gub'ment goons not raid the import company or not raid every...
  23. Tired old White

    A toast to Tiki Barber

    DWF I said it was possible that Barber had a 200 IQ just not probable. I followed the link and read the articles(S) they were very interesting as my formal education is in the filed of Biochemistry and Psychology and I am now pursuing a computer science degree ( I love to learn new skills ) ...
  24. Tired old White

    A toast to Tiki Barber

    I am not going to say that Tiki Barber does not have 200 IQ. But it is very unlikely. To my knowlege no one not even Albert Einstien has ever tested at 200. Einstein never took an IQ test. I have seen estimates of 190 but do not know what these estimates are based on. The probability of an...
  25. Tired old White

    Crime Thread

    I will have to give the blacks one kudo. They have never let us down when it comes to supplying materail for this thread.