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    Marc Gasol

    I'd rather see Dirk there. Pau already has rings and Marc is still young. Also the best player on each team gets the most media exposure and credit. This means we have a choice in the western conference between Kobe, Pau, Randolph, or Nowitzki for the hypefest. I'll take Nowitzki.
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    Dirk Nowitzki

    I've also been pleasantly surprised by Charles. He must be mellowing with age. Steve Kerr also pointed out how clutch Nowitzki is though Marv Albert would like to suggest otherwise. The media (other than former athletes) has been trying to characterize Dirk as "soft" and a choker for years. It...
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    White players are back !!

    Wisconsin plays great defense. They have a shot.
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    2011 NBA SEASON

    Thats' right j41181. Bogut is another foreigner having a solid season. It's nice to see him back after that horrible injury he suffered. Luke Ridnour has played well despite limited minutes so far. Linas Kleiza is also putting up good numbers.
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    Peyton Hillis

    I hope everyone here is voting for him early and often on their pro bowl ballots.
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    2010 White Running Backs

    McGuffie has 399 yds rushing and Burkhead has 396. McGuffie also has 254 yds receiving and Burkhead has 104. I hope these two have a few breakout games. They are both capable. McGuffie is 5th in the FBS in receiving yards among running backs. Di Luigi is 3rd with 322 receiving yards.Edited by...
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    Sam McGuffie

    McGuffie is leading the Owls in rushing AND receiving. The defense is the main problem. The Owls haven't given up less than 30 points in a game this season.
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    Jon Scheyer cut from Clippers

    When he recovers, he should go play in Europe. The money would probably be better for him anyway, and he would possibly enjoy himself more.
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    2010 White Running Backs

    I think McGuffie made a wise choice in ging to Rice. I played rugby with a guy who played d line for them. Their players are smart and classy for the most part. He'll hopefully receive a prestigious degree from there. And he gets to be the main guy there with a good locker room environment. It...
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    Sam McGuffie

    Fanuzzi is the quarterback i'm pretty sure. A few sacks probably accounted for the low ypc average.
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    Duke, Butler Defy Racial Stereotypes

    I missed it. I perused the topics but didn't search the threads. But I think it deserves its own thread anyway. This kind of article from the mainstream media is quite the rareity.
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    Duke, Butler Defy Racial Stereotypes

    This is a large article on the front page of NCAAB section of yahoo sports. I was quite surprised. It's like he's been reading the site.;_ylt=AnVL7GdQr2.VD3fQElo4Fe7evbYF?slug=jn-race040410 Duke, Butler defy racial stereotypes By Jason...
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    Manu Ginobili

    His insertion into the starting lineup, due to Tony Parker's injury, has coincided with the Spur's resurgence.
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    Danny Woodhead

    He had 3 carries for 24 yds sunday, including a 16 yarder. Its a highlight on his page. by: KG2422
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    Dirk Nowitzki

    It will be tough for dirk to carry the team for 4 quarters in the mile high city but if anyone can do it he can. The mavericks must rebound and turn denver into jump shooters while managing to contest billups and anthony on their jumpers. They have to run their offense through dirk about 75% of...
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    J.J. Redick

    I think Toronto just might take Howard for Bargnani. Toronto would have to throw in someone to make the salaries match (Kapono?). Remember they have Jermaine Oneal when he is healthy and haven't been too happy with Bargnani until now. It would be nice if the Mavs could unload Diop in the deal...
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    J.J. Redick

    Redick has scored in double digits his past 4 games. I'm hoping someone trades for him before the trade deadline arrives.
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    What is your ethnic background?

    I'm German, Scot, and English, roughly a 1/3 each.
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    Worst olympics ever

    I agree with this post. Another thing, get out and compete on your own. It will make you feel better.
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    Olympic Final Four

    Well said Bart.
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    Is Bolt on Drugs?

    I've known plenty of whites who've taken steroids. I've known blacks who have too. It's easier to tell by looking at a white person. The skin looks different. They take it long enough and their face looks different. But then again, so does Barry Bond's head. While I don't think all whites are...
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    Olympic Final Four

    When Spain cut it to a two point lead in the fourth I thought they had it. Everyone for the U.S. was starting to play tight except Kobe Bryant. That 4 point play was huge. I'm not sure if it was a foul. Both teams played great basketball. It was a very exciting game. I wish Spain would have won...
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    Disgusting New Movie/New Commercial

    Only to us unfortunately.
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    David Kircus

    It's always better to fight back. We shouldn't apologize for telling the truth either.
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    2008 Summer Olympics

    I have to admit that I would be capable of doing something like this in a fixed basketball game.