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    Kevin Love back for the t-wolves!

    The guy hasn't even played 10 games yet, and he is already second place in RPG at 14.40, and average 19.4 ppg while he gets back into the cruel of the nba schedule that will go well into the mid 20s. The t-wolves are also missing the flying white russian (kirilenko) who was having a darn good...
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    Adam Silver: The NBA's next (jewish) commissioner

    Lol, love the headline, but oh so correct. I had to inform my father, that the new guy taking over is a stern anti-white guy protege, so he shouldn't try to watch the nba again lol. nba and the nhl, the two most anti-white sports! WOOOOOO. There is more bleeping mixed-raced freaks in the nba...
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    Mike Trout

    Harper didn't deserve it sadly though clearly. Wade miley for the D-backs, had all-star numbers (wade is white though, so either way lol). While harper was average to below average.
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    Mike Trout

    i agree, that not enough threads exist for stand out White men. Lumping the person together with his team does no justice (and is wrong, seeing majority of teams in sports are anti-white). Seeing the angels thought their 200 million mixed-raced wonder would lead them to bliss lol. Now it's the...
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    Josh Hamiltions free agency situation

    I wonder am i the only one that thinks it's disturbing that one of the best hitters in the game the last 5 or so years is being told by the oh so wise media that he is lucky if he gets a 4 year contract?! LOL! Pujols did what this year for the angels? Detroit's non-white majority lineup did what...
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    RG III

    They can harp all they want on their "next big black hope qb star." Just like useless cam newton this year, one year after the nfl gets used to griffin he will be what he really is (a C to if he's lucky B qb). blacks will and never hold a candle to White QB'S move onnnnnnn Anti-White media, and...
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    White WRs 2012

    When the patriots struggled in the first month of the season, it's because they tried to get their useless black wideouts production (we know that failed in anti-white patriot coaching staffs faces lol). Welker will be a free agent, and i'd love the cowboys to get rid of useless dez bryant, or...
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    Luke Kuechly

    Top 5 NFL linebacker already! The sole bright spot on the panthers awful majority black defense lol. White men make up 3 out of the top 5 best linebackers in the NFL! Yes you read that right, in a league that is 80 percent black or higher lol, White men have fought their way back to become elite...
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    2012 Carolina Panthers

    Luke Kuechly top 5 linebacker in the league ALREADY!
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    It won't be the last time

    So long as that idiot remains in charge of the sport clearly.
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    The NHL Assassin

    States that are not anti-white (like Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, etc should have more pro sport teams). Does the Blacks in Georgia care about anything? Who goes to the majority of sporting events down south? The whites that are obsessed with greed, not breeding, and dying out that's who lol. All the...
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    UEFA EURO 2012

    LOL. Man oh man Whites in Germany just get it on the chin dailyyyyy. The new anti-white left-wing Ruler of France will rise the government debt to record heights lol, and then plunge them into meltdown. I don't understand how much more the Whites in Germany think they must keep saving and paying...
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    UEFA EURO 2012

    He reminds me of the idiots in the USA that wear Black players sport jerseys lol. 1. Blacks barely wear their Black "heroes" stuff. 2. Your basically giving off the message you hate your own kind, and wish all White males were banned from professional sports. 3. Yeah let's let the little kid...
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    UEFA EURO 2012

    Passing over White kids like they do in the USA and even fairy Canada, has already been in the works in Europe. How long until more Totalitarian Race Laws like in the USA, come to government handout loving Europe? Not long lol. France is no longer a white country, England will allow the next...
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    UEFA EURO 2012

    LOL. How is this ****** lover NOT banned? You make the Great White God of Zeus look pathetic. "1 ****** is no big deal" that's how it starts idiot. White girls in Italy will think ****** men are fun and safe, then they get raped and killed, or more mixed-raced alien freak babies get born...
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    UEFA EURO 2012

    If anything the blacks and mixed raced things on the English national team will only INCREASE in the coming decade lol. It's like the idiot whites in the USA that go see an NBA game. A sport controlled by blacks, has no blacks in the audience barely ever LOL. silly white people, wake up or die.
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    UEFA EURO 2012

    eh crowd support in sports means weak minded players. every major athlete in all major world wide sports has to be able to win on the road, or they'll never win championships. It could be worst for the Ukrainian team, they could be forced to watch all the visitors in their country bring more...
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    UEFA EURO 2012

    they keep starting him and pushing him because coaches have a love affair with nonwhites "athleticism." Like in the USA you'll have coaches pick useless blacks that have zero mechanics and have no brains for a particular sport/position and say go hit the bench whitey lol. they love their blacks...
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    UEFA EURO 2012

    lol italy. and yeah northern europe is a bunch of pansy scandinavians. southern europe knows how bad multiculturalism and multiculturalism is, so of course they boo the moon bat playing for the ITALIAN NATIONAL TEAM. when italy plays well on the international game, It's when their led by...
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    UEFA EURO 2012

    give up on england england has been taken over by all nonwhites. black rap "artists" that can't make it in the USA are thriving in england lol. blacks go over there to make it as actors and models as well LOL. as pathetic as the whites in france are, the french national soccer team was won...
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    Ukraine Vs France

    two whites win it for france it seems like FOREVER since the french national team "tested the waters" with white players. and look at that their win in international play today is thanks to two whites!
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    Jeremy Lin

    The simple fact is this guy he is getting much loved media hype because he is the only Asian to do anything in the NBA. They talk about how he is also born in the USA, and is a Christian. So basically we have the Asian version of Tim tebow. Whites have no balls and of course are already in love...
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    Superbowl XLVI

    I agree that no one can talk jack about Eli anymore. He is an A ranked QB indeed. With a healthy Peyton next year, it will be white qb frenzy. I’d love to see the colts trade Peyton to Minnesota. They need some white men.
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    Superbowl XLVI

    If your white you should defend welker all day! The simple fact of the matter is the black loving media will make that one bad play; the game! Which was a bad throw by Brady anyways(who had a very poor game) what about Hernandez and branch? They can’t catch balls thrown across the middle...