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    Let the Cam Newton propaganda begin!!

    What an idiot. McNabb couldn't throw 80 yards if his life depended on it.
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    Peyton Hillis

    " . . .they allow smaller players to catch passes" Which smaller RB in the league has better hands than Hillis? Sproles? Rice? Please.
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    2010 Pittsburgh Steelers

    On the one hand, it's another lame excuse. On the other hand, what does Polamalu's being "exposed" tell you? Isn't playing "center field" a key component of a safety's job?
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    Polamalu wins AP Defensive Player of the Year!

    That was, I think, Polamalu's only sack of 2010.
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    2010-11 NFL Playoffs

    Jordy had one real drop, the others were passes no WR could have caught. Overall he had an excellent game. As someone pointed out, that floppy-haired chubby girl who won the defensive player of the year award was conspicuous only for absence, and for having been faked out of a jockstrap twice on...
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    2011 Hall members!

    Pro Football Reference claims a career total of 492 tackles for Sanders; even if those numbers were official they wouldn't be terribly impressive as a 14-year total. Sanders ought to be Exhibit #1 in "You can't make great WRs out of return specialists, no matter how black they are." I've had...
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    Peyton Hillis

    This negro is illiterate as well as stupid. Unfortunately he's also typical.
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    2010 Oakland Raiders

    But of course Campbell can't be expected to learn a complex NFL offense in just one or two seasons. That will be the excuse when he doesn't perform.
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    Polamalu wins AP Defensive Player of the Year!

    Shouldn't you have to be at least among statistical leaders in some category for this award? Apart from conquering dandruff and split ends, what measurable thing did this chubby girl do in 2010?
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    Peyton Hillis

    My cousin's husband is a classic DWF (big gut hanging out of a Bears jersey, the whole nine yards) and told me that Hillis "came out of nowhere" and that "no one outside of Cleveland knows who he is." I explained that PH didn't come out of nowhere, that anyone who knew about him in Arkansas or...
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    Top 10 Backfield Tandems

    As a kid I loved Osborn/Brown of the Vikings, though they didn't have quite the production of some of these tandems.
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    wes welker

    I was never a great fan of Reggie "Mr. October" Jackson, but I've got to hand it to him for this:
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    2010-11 NFL Playoffs

    I have a cousin who's a sort of female DWF, and likes the Steelers. She has a revolting attraction to Polamalu (or however you spell that floppy-haired girl's name), and absolutely hates Brady. Three Super Bowl rings and MVPs? Feh--he wasn't really that great, everyone else on the team was...
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    2010-11 NFL Playoffs

    Ron Mexico is a Vick alias: As for his graduating from VT, I'm not certain, but I do know the Falcons had to hire a speech coach to try to teach him how to speak English in front of cameras.
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    2010-11 NFL Playoffs

    You're right, I meant Schaub, who's proven himself as far as I'm concerned.
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    2010-11 NFL Playoffs

    That's exactly what happened with Matt Ryan, of course, although for some inexplicable reason the commentariat suddenly decided that Roddy White, who was supposed to be a liability under Ron Mexico, was a superstar receiver.
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    2010-11 NFL Playoffs

    Not to step on anyone's toes, but I've long thought that Philly fans were among the worst when it comes to turning on players quickly and (sometimes) undeservedly; will Iggles fans themselves start to turn on Ron M., I wonder, or will that ol' black magic carry him through another season or two...
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    2010-11 NFL Playoffs

    Dissension: Ron Mexico's teammates take issue with His Magic Highness' clock management:
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    2010-11 NFL Playoffs

    Here's a belated Ron Mexico link from the Smoking Gun:
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    2010-11 NFL Playoffs

    Ron Mexico's Magic Negro super powers fail him. Great ending to the game.
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    2010 Week 17

    It occured to me the other day that every Northern Division team, except the Lions, has beaten the Eagles; in fact, the Vikings (who had nothing to play for and were fielding an awful black quarterback) handled them pretty convincingly. I hope the Packers take care of business.
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    Peyton Hillis

    The fact that a few years ago Vince Young went to the PB and Welker didn't tells you all you need to know about that African beauty contest.
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    Toby Gerhart

    Eddie George was a solid but not great RB. His greatest strength was resilience. His career YPC is lower than Alstott's, and with all his affaleticism he managed exactly on 60+ carry in over 2,800 attempts.
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    2010 Week 14

    That's the best thing: he's better without Moss than with him.
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    White RBs and 100-yard games

    If quarterbacks count, Bears QB Bobby Douglass had 3 100 yard rushing games in the 70s, by far the highlights of his career (Bobby was a sort of white, non-criminal and slighly more intelligent Michael Vick).