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    (This isn't football related. But I didn't think it fit well anywhere else.)

    Briffault's Law claims another victim:

    He filed the original divorce petition. When men do this, it's because the wife has become a monstrous bitch and refuses to live up to the promises she made in her wedding vows. He wasn't cheating or beating her. She just became incorrigible. He wanted out and he wanted to divide everything equally. Beth, knowing that she has complete control of the situation, countersues for divorce and demands EVERYTHING. She takes his brand new house, the kids become her kids, and he becomes her slave for life.
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    Yes, this would fit nicely in the "Ubiquitous Man Hating" thread over in Happy Hour.
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    Yeah, admins we should move this thread, if possible.

    Anyway, the entitlement mentality of some of these American skanks is mind-boggling. Not only is she asking for everything present and future, and complete control of the children's lives, Sean Payton is supposed to pay for it all, while having no say in his children's affairs, and only having access to them as decided by the courts. And the sad part of this insanity is that the b*tch will more than likely get everything she's asking for. The courts and the state are 100% on her side.

    Getting married to an American woman in this country, under these laws, is suicide for any man.
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    Now, "hardass" Goodell has been caught apparently offering to cut Jonathan Vilma- the lone black punished in this scandal- suspension in half.

    Goodell has caught nothing but hell for trying, very, very gingerly, to slap a few of these perpetual criminals on the wrist and make them stop "tackling" ghetto style, by projecting themselves like missiles, leading with their heads at all times.

    The jock sniffers in the media were always upset about the penalty given Vilma, who like all veteran black players, is "respected" around the league.

    Meanwhile, no one is suggesting that Payton's suspension be reduced.
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    they weren't punished for illegal hits such as spearing with the helmet. They were punished for pay for play, where Gregg Williams paid money to defensive players for making "BIG" hits. Every hit they showed was legal. There was some audio from Gregg Williams where he said some harsh stuff, but White linebacker Scott Shanle came out way later and said it was all taken out of context and that if you took Williams literally then you would be in jail, its just typical locker room stuff to motivate out of shape blacks who only want a pay check, so basically standard lockerrom talk and Ive heard similar stuff in high school.

    Vilma is the one who offered 10,000 dollars to anyone who injured Favre. Now every hit I remember seeing was legal, but it was apparent they were trying to hit him as hard as they could.

    The team would not have been suspended because the league knew 0f this pay for play after the 2009 season and told the team to stop and if they didn't THEN they would be penalized. They didn't, but here's the thing, Scott Fujita (White linebacker) wasn't on that 2010 team (and of course not in 2011). He merely spoke out against Goodell right after everything was going down and was suspended 2 games which is why Shanle waited so long to tell the whole truth.

    So Vilma should get the most amount of time for the 10k bounty on Favre. The main issue with Gregg Williams ans Sean Payton was the money being paid to players that didn't count against the cap etc, that is against the rules, and failing to stop the program. I forget when Payton became aware of it but he wasn't a big part of it, it was between the defensive coordinator and the defensive players.

    I am all for stopping helmet to helmet hits and injuring players on purpose but I do not want the game to be wussified more. The league doesn't want to ACTUALLY stop injuries, they just want to appear like they are trying to so they don't get sued later on. The rules don't benefit the White players because I still see them get hit illegally, last year was a great example with Woodhead, every defender was aiming for his head after his preseason concussion. Guys like Eric Smith get fined for perfectly legal hits, but big name black players get special treatment.

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