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    Apr 26, 2005
    Hey Guys

    I was just reading a sporting news and came across some disparaging remarks about Blake Powers, they had commented he was "pretty much worthless". The reason I went to the Hoosier website is that his name sounded white and thought they were saying that he was a crap white RB.

    After I dug in deeper, I found out he wasn't a RB but a QB. Furthermore, the "pretty much worthless" QB had last year broken IU's single season Touchdown record as a freaking Sophomore.

    It all made sense when I learned later in the write-up he had broken Antwan Randel-El's single season passing TD record. What a joke, could you imagine a Black QB, as a sophomore, breaking a Big 10 schools all-time season season TD record and subsequently being written up before his Junior season as "pretty much worthless"

    There truly is a war against everything white/european in this country and it should strengthen our resolve that we have to change this! 0.html

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