Your new Caste hero: Margus Hunt, SMU

Discussion in 'College Football Stars' started by Bronk, Nov 23, 2009.

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    Margus Hunt reads like a Caste Football hero: An Estonian native, he is a world junior record holder in the shot put who came to Southern Methodist University to train with the track coach. Football Coach June Jones saw him walking around on campus and asked him to try out for the grid team. Hunt has made a huge difference in several Mustang games this year by blocking kicks - he leads the NCAA with 7 blocks.

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    I hope SMU utilizes him a lot this season.
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    Bronk, kudos to you for first posting abouyt Margus Hunt!

    Here's a great blurb about him that draftdaddy posted

    Hunt's priorities:

    Sophomore defensive end Margus Hunt morphed from an athletic phenom last year to a football player this season. Hunt is still a constant threat as a kick blocker, as he displayed as a freshman, in his first year of playing football _ ever. But the Estonia native became a starter at defensive end this year and had 44 tackles, 6{ for loss.

    Hunt, an international-level discus thrower, will go home after the bowl to try to map out how he juggles football and track and field going forward. While he'll definitely continue to play football, he still has his eye on throwing the discus in the 2012 London Olympics.

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