Will Best Teams in East Be Whitest?

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Freethinker, Oct 22, 2014.

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    So I intend to do full previews of the NBA roster once final cuts have been made and depth charts released. Like the last 2 years, I'll factor in my "point system" and provide Caste Football with the best teams to root for. I think the NBA is trending Whiter.

    With that said, I couldn't help but notice that two teams, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Chicago Bulls, are very White friendly. They are also the two teams that many "experts" are predicting to be the cream of the crop in the Eastern Conference. What a turn of events that would be.

    Cleveland will start superstar Kevin Love at PF. Anderson Varejao, the Brazilian who probably has some injun blood, will start at center. I've always considered him White, mainly because the Corporate Media seems to treat him as such. The Cavs bench will be majority White. Matthew Dellavedova will be the backup point guard. U of Virginia standout Joe Harris seems to be the SG off the bench. Veteran sharpshooter Mike Miller is slated to be the reserve SF. Those are the locks. After that, UDFA center from New Mexico Alex Kirk seems to have a good chance at making the final roster. Veteran and Denis Rodman-like dirty work, hard nose Lou Amundson is also fighting for a spot. 5-7 Whites possible and likely half the rotation White.

    Chicago acquired Pau Gasol in the offseason to start at PF. He's getting long in the tooth but is still a borderline All-Star. Mike Dunleavy will start once again at SF. He's revived his career with the Bulls but is most likely keeping the place warm for Doug McDermott. McBuckets will be the backup 3 and provide much needed scoring off the bench. Derrick Rose's return has pushed Kirk Hinrich to the bench as the backup PG. Euro sensation Nikola Mirotic is currently listed as the 3rd string PF. He's been looking good in preseason so I'd imagine he'll get some minutes. They could use Taj Gibson at center and go "small" to get Mirotic in there. Lastly, is PF Cameron Bairstow. The Australian out of U of New Mexico was drafted in the 2nd round by the Bulls. He seems to be at a logjam position. I'd expect him to make the team but never get any minutes or play in the D League. 6 Whites and likely half the rotation White.

    Would anyone in the media notice the "Whiteness" if these teams finished atop the East?
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    Freethinker they definitely won't notice the Whiteness as anything positive. I had noticed this also that Chicago and Cleveland will likely be the two best teams in the East and also very white, at least by NBA standards. For the past 10 years or so the West has been much whiter than the East in the NBA, so it's a new trend that these two teams are so White friendly. I am going to be rooting very strongly for both of these teams. It will be interesting to see how fast McDermott and Mirotic progress. I am also interested in seeing how what kind of NBA player Harris becomes. He is big for a SG at 6-6, 225, and he does alot of things well. He's not just a jump shooter, though he can certainly do that well.
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    Thank you Freethinker! Your previews really helped me to closely follow the NBA last season.

    I agree, I believe the NBA is trending whiter. I did a report last season showing how there were more white players on average, in the NBA in the stat leaders then in the NFL stat leaders with the exception of the QB position!

    Thankfully the QB position in the NFL is dominated by white players or the NFL would be around 90% black among stat leaders!

    I believe I had the NBA stat leaders around 27-30% white. Without the white QB's, the NFL was nowhere near that last season!
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    May 1, 2015
    Chicago hires former Iowa State head coach Fred Hoiberg to be the new head coach of the Bulls. Apparently, Thibodeau never gave McDermott a chance this season and that seems to be one of the main reasons why he was let go. Chicago ended up being a let down this season as far as playing times for Whites, especially McDermott, but it sounds like that may change:

    The former Cyclone replaced Greg McDermott as Iowa State coach in 2010, as McDermott moved on to coach at Creighton. McDermott’s son, Doug McDermott, was a Chicago lottery pick in 2014; one the Bulls gave up several picks in order to move up to draft. The rookie was yanked from the Chicago rotation early in his first season and wasn’t even given token minutes by then-Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau, much to the front office’s consternation.

    Gar Forman, the Bulls’ general manager, was an assistant coach at Iowa State during Hoiberg’s senior season. Forman also currently lives in the same house that Hoiberg lived during his playing days with the Bulls. Forman also drafted Doug McDermott. Clearly you can see where all this is going.


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