Whites Not Allowed To Play Defense

Discussion in 'NBA' started by bigunreal, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. bigunreal

    bigunreal Mentor

    Oct 21, 2004
    Watching the NCAA tournament games, I have noticed that the few white
    players participating in the games are not allowed by the officials to
    play tough, aggressive defense. Time and time again, some black player
    drives to the basket and a hapless white big man will stand there with
    his arms up, clearly afraid to go all out to stop him, yet still be
    called for a foul by the referee. This happened a few years ago in the
    NBA playoffs during the Minnesota-Lakers series. Wally Szerbiak was
    called for a key foul late in the game, without even being close to the
    player in question (Kobe Bryant, who as a black superstar can garner
    fouls like this constantly). It was so ridiculous that the announcers
    actually protested it, and Charles Barkley really criticized it during
    the post-game show. This, combined with the fact that all blacks are
    allowed to get away with lots of contact, including the Shaq special
    (elbows thrown out viciously, often connecting to the defender unwise
    enough to be within that space, yet no foul called even when he goes
    flying down hard to the floor), goes a long way towards explainiing the
    timidity on defense that so many white American players possess on the

    If one remembers the 1960s, when blacks first started to dominate in
    the NBA, there were numerous interracial fights resulting from the
    street-ball credo that physical contact-including fllying elbows to the
    face-are just part of the game. In those days, white players had not
    been brainwashed and naturally objected to this illegal style of
    defense (or offense, in the case of so many big men, now perfected by
    Shaq). Kareem Abdul-Jabbar used to get in fights all the time, and
    always with a white player. There was an article by white-hating Tony
    Kornheiser about this several years ago, where Jabbar freely admitted
    that he liked to fight whites during his playing days, and that this
    mentality came from the streets. Kornheiser was, not surprisingly,
    sympathetic to this ignorant and twisted way of thinking. That's the
    problem every white basketball player encounters now; if you attempt to
    play by the rules, you will get crushed, because the black players are
    playing by their own street-ball rules, and the officials are allowing
    them to do it. On the other hand, if you attempt to play the
    aggressive, hands-on defense that street-ball permits, the officials
    will call fouls on you if you're white. In many ways, white players
    simply can't win.
  2. Bart

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    Feb 6, 2005
    Nicepost Big-Unreal. You explained the situation very well. The last portion of your post is so good it requires a second look. Your analogy applies to every area of society as well.

    One more thing. Big strong aggressive white rebounders will have two or three fouls called on them very quickly, forcing them to sit on the bench for long periods. After coming back into the game they are forced to play timidly to avoid fouling out.

    Case in poiint last night. During the N.C. - Wisconsin game the reserve white center gets two fouls in three minutes. one in particular fits the scenario. B. Butch stands still with his arms straight overhead while a black guy rams into himputting up a shot, foul called on defender. Watch for yourself and see how often this happens. Sometimes they wont even jump or try to defend they know they will get whistled. But hey, they just stand there and still get the foul. Drives me nuts!
  3. Colonel_Reb

    Colonel_Reb Hall of Famer

    Jan 9, 2005
    The Deep South
    You guys are right. It has become street/jungle ball. Like watching a bunch of dogs fighting, anything goes. The refs might as well be all black cause they make all black calls. You will hardly ever see a white guy get the kinds of calls the "primadonna thugs" get. It makes me sick. That's why I don't watch hardly any of it. I'd rather listen on the radio and pretend everything is ok. I guess that's not right on my part though, but hey basketball has never been my game. I usually listen to the Spurs play just to have something to listen to while I fall asleep. College football is something totally different to me. I will watch all of those games and get upset over refs stretching the rules for blacks. My pet peeve is players who don't buckle their @#$% ^&*( ^%$( !@#$ chin strap all the way! When I see that, I start crawling the walls, and am not a happy person to be around. If you don't want to buckle a 4 point strap, for the love of God, wear a 2 point strap, don't leave 2 of the 4 straps loose and flopping in the wind. Man I get so ticked when I see that, white or black.
  4. Kaptain

    Kaptain Master

    Nov 25, 2004
    You guys are right on. The frustrating thing is when they actually show a replay of some of these "fouls" and non-calls and the announcers say nothing about the obviously wrong call. But in the rare instance that a black player gets called foul on a white player they seem to always question it. It is the biggest barrier to white success in basketball.
  5. JD074

    JD074 Master

    Oct 19, 2004
    It's so annoying to see a little guy ram his shoulder into the
    chest of a big guy, and the big guy gets called for a foul. It's
    like they don't realize that even though they're standing still
    with their hands straight up in the air, they'll still get called for a
    foul when a little guy plows into them.

    On the other hand, it's also annoying to see a big guy try to
    take a charge against a little guy instead of trying to block his
    shot. Athletes have no sense of pride anymore.

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