White RBs and 100-yard games

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    2010-2019: Total of 19 so far
    1) Christian McCaffrey: 10
    2) Peyton Hillis: 7
    3) Toby Gerhart: 1
    4) Rex Burkhead: 1

    2000-2009: Total of 8
    1) Mike Alstott: 4
    2) Brock Forsey: 1
    3) Peyton Hillis: 1
    4) Brian Leonard: 1
    5) Brad Hoover: 1

    1990-1999: Total of 9
    1) Mike Alstott: 3
    2) Gil Fenerty: 2
    3) Merrill Hoge: 1
    4) Brad Muster: 1
    5) Tommy Vardell: 1
    6) Scott Lockwood: 1

    1980-1989: Total of 53
    1) John Riggins: 19
    2) Craig James: 9
    3) Rob Carpenter: 8
    4) Merrill Hoge: 3
    5) Larry Moriarty: 3
    6) Matt Suhey: 3
    7) Mark van Eeghen: 2
    8) Dan Doornink: 1
    9) Joe Dudek: 1
    10) Hokie Gajan: 1
    11) John Cappelletti: 1
    12) Rick Kane: 1
    13) Jim Jodat: 1

    The decade we can use for comparison purposes, 1970-1979. The last decade before the full implementation of the Caste System against White RBs. The list from this decade is still under construction, but 138 100 yard rushing performances have been identified so far.

    1) Larry Csonka: 19
    2) John Riggins: 15
    3) Marv Hubbard: 10
    4) Ed Podolak: 9
    5) Jim Otis: 9
    6) Mark van Eeghen: 7
    7) Donny Anderson: 5
    8) Rocky Bleier: 5
    9) Norm Bulaich: 5
    10) Andy Johnson: 4
    11) Doug Kotar: 4
    12) John Cappelletti: 3
    13) Paul Hofer: 3
    14) Don Nottingham: 3
    15) Steve Owens: 3
    16) Ken Willard: 3
    17) Rob Carpenter: 2
    18) Jim Kiick: 2
    19) Jeff Kinney: 2
    20) Jon Keyworth: 2
    21) Scott Laidlaw: 2
    22) Rob Lytle: 2
    23) Ed Marinaro: 2
    24) Don McCauley: 2
    25) Larry Schreiber: 2
    26) Pete Banaszak: 1
    27) Jim Bertelsen: 1
    28) Bill Brown: 1
    29) Vince Clements: 1
    30) Scott Dierking: 1
    31) Dan Doornink: 1
    32) Doug Dressler: 1
    33) Walt Garrison: 1
    34) Les Josephson: 1
    35) Rick Kane: 1
    36) Dave Osborn: 1
    37) Mike Adamle: 1
    38) Fred Willis: 1
    39) Bobby Anderson: 1
    40) Bob Burns: 1

    Edited to add: Christian McCaffrey's 117 yard, 1 touchdown performance against San Francisco in week 8, his 146 yard, 2 touchdown effort against Tennessee in week 9 and his 108 yard, 1 touchdown game against Green Bay in the week 10 snow.
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    List is updated. CMac has now tied Peyton Hillis for the most 100 yard games this decade and will likely pass him any given week. Overall, Hillis still has 1 more 100 yard game than McCaffrey as he had 1 in the previous decade. There is still time for McCaffrey, or maybe another shocker from Burkhead to add to the total, but this decade has easily been the best for White running backs since the 1980s when Riggins, James and Carpenter dominated.
  3. Titus

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    Jan 7, 2019
    McCaffery has had 3 more 100 yard games since this list was last updated. We're now at 19 100 yd games by white RBs this decade, easily eclipsing the 17 accumulated in the last 2 decades combined.
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    Oct 3, 2008
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    Thanks Titus. I’ve updated the list accordingly.
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    Jan 7, 2019
    I think Patrick Laird is best positioned (besides Mccaffery) to have a 100 yard game. He's 2nd on the depth chart in Miami now and Ballage is a joke.
    I doubt Burkhead is ever going to get another 100 yard game. The Pats use all 3 of their RBs nearly equally and they are pass first this year it seems without Develin.
    Zenner is hanging on to a roster spot and barring a miracle won't get a shot.

    Would be nice if we got another 100 yard game from someone besides McCafffery this decade. Would go a small way to normalizing white RBs.
  6. Titus

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    Jan 7, 2019
    While we've had more 100 yard games this decade than the last two combined; they've come from fewer individuals than any previous decade. So in a certain sense that's a step backwards.
  7. Hartline

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    Sep 9, 2019
    A white running back is in the MVP race 10 weeks in. No way we've gone backwards. I'd love someone like Laird or Burkhead to get 100 yards but if CMC gets 1500 rushing yards its far better than Burkhead, Zenner and Laird getting a random 100 yard game each spread over 5 seasons like in the 90s and 2000s.
  8. Dwight Mansburden

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    Jul 11, 2015
    I'm happy for McCaffrey and I'm rooting for him for MVP all the way, but we as White men shouldn't be satisfied with one token White player who gets carries. Imagine if Pat Mahomes was the only black guy allowed to play QB in the NFL. Do you think the black and libtard fans would be satisfied with that? Of course not. We need other White players like Laird, Nall, Zenner, etc. to get carries. We need to send a message that we will not be bought off by one token, that White players in general deserve a fair shot at running back (or any other Caste-verboten position, including cornerback).
  9. Truthteller

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    Oct 19, 2009
    I think something that could bode really well for the rookie tailback with the Miami Dolphins (who is even lining up in the Slot, like CMac), as well Washington State's Max Borghi is their ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. I don't think we stress that enough here at CF. Black's do not need to be good receivers out of the backfield to play in the NFL. For the rare white running back's it's a must, just to secure a spot as the team's 3rd or 4th running back.

    That could be something Ryan Nall and Zach Zenner have going against them in this racist league? Perhaps both have the ability to be prolific receivers, but neither has shown it so far -- albeit in very limited chances.

    Did anyone here know Peyton Hillis had a 100 yard-plus receiving before he had that "stunning" 100-plus rushing game as a rookie? Sure it took a bunch of injuries for Denver to give him a shot at tailback, but it's very likely he would never gotten the shot to run the ball for the Broncos had it not been for that 7 catch, 116 yard receiving game. Chances are, the Broncos would've signed some black scrub off any practice squad to be their 4th or 5th running back option without that 116 yard receiving effort....his receiving skills clearly allowed him to get a shot as a runner.

    Did anyone else here know Mike Alstott never really got to run the ball in Tampa, until he flashed as a receiver? He was the 35th overall pick in the 1996 Draft, but in his first 13 games as a rookie, he had more receiving yards than rushing yards 12 times? Only time he had more rushing yards than receiving yards in his first 13 career games, he had 31 rush yards and 30 receiving yards. Again, his receiving skills allowed him to get a shot as a runner.

    Danny Woodhead was equally talented as a receiver and runner, but what really put him on the map as a NFL player was a 4 catch, 104 yard Monday Night game against his former team, the Jets. Amazingly, Danny never had a 100 yard rushing game in his career. It seemed like it would happen in San Diego in 2016, as he was finally getting a lot more attempts as a runner. But a serious injury ended that season after one full game.

    Christian McCaffrey had more receiving yards than rushing yards 11 times during his rookie season. That season he ran for 435 only yards, but had 651 receiving yards. Needless to say, his receiving skills allowed him to get a ton more chances as a runner. Actually, his receiving skills are probably the main reason he was a high first round pick?

    Don't forget, it was a while back, but Scott Lockwood (1992) and Brock Forsey both had 100 yard-plus rushing games during their very brief NFL careers. Lockwood did not register an NFL reception in his 6 career NFL games. In his 17 career NFL games Forsey had 69 rush attempts (244 yards), but only 3 career catches. Last decade, former Rutgers star Brian Leonard also had a rare 100 yard rushing as a rookie for the Rams, but he had a relatively long career in the NFL (91 games), mostly due to his ability as a receiver/3rd down back.

    My point? For young, upcoming white running backs, flashing as a receiver out of the backfield, might be much more important -- in terms of longevity -- than a rare 100 yard game. And for all the great CF posters that curse Mike Leach in the college forums for using Max Borghi as much more of a receiver than a runner, perhaps the eccentric Leach knows that's any white tailback's lottery ticket to a long, well-paying NFL career?
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    Jul 20, 2018
    Excellent research and write up @Truthteller !I think you're on to something here. Being a capable receiver is important to have in the tool bag as a White RB.

    Also good point about Leach and Borghi. Borghi had 81 catches in this CFB Season. That is a HUGE accomplishment on top of his rushing accolades.
  11. Rocky B

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    Jan 1, 2017
    Go Borghi.....I just want to watch him run....
    I curse Leach for that....As a fan of Max and not WSU.
    Football wise, Leach should be cursed for his thick skulled insistence on passing no matter what......They lost that game earlier in the year after they were up by so many points....
    All they had to do is go three and out a few times and they’d have burned the clock out...
    Situational football Mike, it’s not rocket science.
  12. Shadowlight

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    Mar 16, 2013
    My problem with Leach is more about his outer space personality. I just can't relate to this weirdo. And he is not a defensive oriented coach and in general his teams are pretty caste.

    But I think for a white running back and even white receivers it helps to have a diversified resume see above Truthteller post. That said that could change over time. We could very well see a white RB get drafted who isn't a great pass catcher in the not too distant future.

    But for players who might be considered "borderline" NFL prospects bolstering their resumes with diversity skills only helps their cause. For example for white wide receivers ( see Braxton Berrios) having returns skills gives them greater avenues for getting into the NFL. The same is true of course ( see above discussion) for pass catching white running backs. Patrick Laird while not drafted is on an NFL team mainly due to his versatility and his various skills were on display Sunday and those qualities directly helped Miami win a game.
  13. Titus

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    Jan 7, 2019
    Patrick Laird should be getting the start this week with Ballage going to IR.
    Burkhead is going against the Chiefs who have given up the most yards to RBs of any team and who he has had success against in the past.
    McCaffery gets the Falcons who are terrible.

    This week is our best shot for multiple 100 yard games. We can dream.
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    [QUOTE="Shadowlight, post: 750760, member: 3025"

    But I think for a white running back and even white receivers it helps to have a diversified resume see above Truthteller post. That said that could change over time. We could very well see a white RB get drafted who isn't a great pass catcher in the not too distant future.

    Does that even exist? lol
    Most if not all of our guys can catch well. It just comes down to opportunity. Brock Forsey didn't get a chance to showcase his receiving ability in the NFL but he had over 100 career catches in college for 1100 yards. Lockwood had 50 receptions in college. I do agree it's important to have a diverse skillset but a ton of already do. Guys like Edelman, Taysom Hill , McCaffrey that line up everywhere, there's way more out there just like them. I think it just comes down to luck whether or not they wind up with a coach willing to utilize those skills. If they do get a shot they have a very short leash. Zach Zenner had 95 career catches in college and has pretty much caught everything thrown to him since I've started watching him, but he dropped one pass for the Saints and was cut.
  15. Rocky B

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    Jan 1, 2017
    Found old football cards of Jim Jodat and Rick Kane.....
    Researched them and found a few 100 yard games....
    I thought I was going to add to the list.....
    Nope.....You guys are on the ball.....

    Moving this thread to the top, getting ready for a few additions this year....
    CMac will have his share, could Rex grab one, could Nall surprise us?
    I just want them to make the team, along with Laird......
    Maybe someone sneaks on a roster......

    If there’s no big 10, I’m concerned about Groshek’s future.....This was his year to shine
  16. backrow

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    Oct 23, 2005
    Nall would surprise me just by getting carries since Bears have such a hard on for Montgomery and Cohen, plus some u drafted rookie was creating a "buzz" (not sure if he's now on Covid/reserve list or still on the team, remember seeing an article about it a while ago).
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    Sep 27, 2020
    To be fair, I believe other White Running Backs have had 100 yard receiving games out of the backfield.

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