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  1. JonCurtis

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    Aug 31, 2006
    Hi Guys, I compiled a list of all the white collegiate runningbacks / fullbacks and need your help. [​IMG]If you see a name I missed or misspelled please post the correction. If I posted the wrong team, wrong position please post the correction, I know we all live close to some colleges and know quite a bit about our local guys, just wanted to compile them all in one list. It is all appreciated thanks. [​IMG]

    Adam Ballard Navy RB

    Billy Latsko Florida RB

    Brandon Hancock USC FB

    Brandon Leone Texas A&M RB

    Brett Denton Boise State RB

    Brock Bolen Louisville RB

    Chad Hall Air Force RB

    Chad Smith Air Force RB

    Chane Moline UCLA RB

    Conrad Chanove Southern Mississippi RB

    Corey Mckeon Nebraska RB

    Dane Zaslaw Oklahoma FB

    Danny Nelson UCLA FB

    Dario Camacho Purdue RB

    David Romaka New Mexico State FB

    Doug Jones Cincinnati FB

    Eric Kettani Navy RB

    Glyndon Bolasky Arizona RB

    Jacob Hester LSU RB

    Jake Sharp Kansas State RB

    Jared Hawkins Vanderbilt RB

    Jayson Bird Idaho RB

    Jeremy Bruce WVU RB

    Joe Helmandollar Boise State RB

    Joe Semanoff BYU RB

    Joe Surratt Florida State RB

    John Lyons Notre Dame RB

    Jon Drager Kent State RB

    Josh Zidenberg Virginia RB

    Josiah Sears Indiana RB

    Justin Boyle Duke RB

    Kevin Harris Wake Forest RB

    Kyle Bell Colorado State RB

    Lucas Casperelli Wake Forest RB

    Luke Kravitz Washington RB

    Luke Lippincott Nevada RB

    Mike Falco Rice RB

    Mike Hague BYU RB

    Mike Kanellis Nevada RB

    Mike Rinfrette Wake Forest FB

    Mike Viti Army RB

    Mitch Morsillo Ohio FB

    Nathan Mickle BYU RB

    Owen Schmitt WVU RB

    Paul Chiara Syracuse RB

    Peyton Hillis Arkansas FB

    Rich Owens Fresno State RB

    Ricky Lay Sr. Army RB

    Ryan Kock Iowa State RB

    Ryan Worthen UNLV RB

    Shane Smith UCF RB

    Taylor Rank South Carolina RB

    Tim Frye Army RB

    Toby Gerhart Stanford RB

    Tom Busch Iowa RB

    Tyler Evans Georgia Tech RB

    Vinnie Perretta Boise State RB

    Division 1-AA

    Austin Knowlin Columbia RB

    Brady Green Montana RB

    Brandon Markey Brown RB

    Chad Kackert New Hampshire RB

    Chris Covington Georgia Southern RB

    Cory Koenig South Dakota State RB

    Jason Bash Dartmouth RB

    Jimmy Hughes Rhode Island RB

    Joe Casey Rhode Island RB

    Joe Russo Lafayette RB

    Joe Sandberg Penn RB

    John Majeski North Dakota State RB

    Johnny Sanchez Southern Utah RB

    Josh DeStefano Bucknell RB

    JT Rogan San Diego RB

    Keith Levan New Hampshire RB

    Kyle Steffes North Dakota State RB

    Luke Siwula Cornell RB

    Matthew Murray Yale RB

    Mike Brower North Dakota State RB

    Nate Servis Dartmouth RB

    Nick Cisler Penn RB

    Nick Harigan Brown RB

    Pete Ploszek Princeton RB

    RC Langomarsino Princeton RB

    Rob Toresco Princeton RB

    Ryan Chappell North Dakota State RB

    Sam Shepherd Penn RB

    Sean Mizzer VMI RB

    Shane Kilcoyne Cornell RB

    Steve Silva Holy Cross RB

    Tim Watson Lafayette RB

    Tuff Harris Montana RB

    Tyler Roehl North Dakota State RB

    Division 2

    Ben Stallings Delta State FB

    Danny Woodhead Chadron State RB

    Jake Machachek St. Cloud State RB

    Division 3

    Nate Kmic Mount Union RB

    Greg Micheli Mount Union RB

    High School Seniors New Freshman

    Carmen Messina New Mexico RB

    Curtis Marsh Utah State RB

    Dan Dierking Purdue RB

    Derek Lawson Arkansas State RB

    Frankie Lugo Air Force RB

    George Carpenter Marshall RB

    JJ DiLuigi BYU RB

    Joe Martinek Rutgers RB

    Matt Kiserman Boise State RB

    Matt Merletti North Carolina RB

    Micah Mosley North Texas RB

    Mitch Burroughs Boise State RB

    Phillip Morelli Colorado State RB

    Robbie Frey Connecticut RB

    Scott Concannon Northwestern RB

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  2. KG2422

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    Aug 10, 2005
    Micah Mosley North Texas. Several of the players on your list have graduated.Edited by: KG2422
  3. voice

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    Apr 26, 2005
    Brylee Callendar left the team last year
  4. voice

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    Apr 26, 2005
    Just a thought here. You may want to stay in DI as that is where the hardcore caste system exists.
  5. JonCurtis

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    Aug 31, 2006
    Thanks for the replies. Some have graduated and some are from a few years back, and some are in high school currently. It was just a compiled list, I might try to stick to D 1, but IMHO those guys in other divisions are victims of caste just the same, they may play RB but most of them had to go to a lower school then they could have if they switched positions. It was a matter of choice for some and by sticking at RB and going to a lesser school, I think they still need recognition.
  6. JonCurtis

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    Aug 31, 2006
    Update after talking with Chad Kackert of New Hampshire he confirmed Bobby here doesn't identify himself as a white person or have any white in him, so he is removed from the list

    Robert Simpson New Hampshire RB
  7. jared

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    Aug 16, 2006
    Brian "First and" Toal only really runs at the goalline. I wouldn't even put him on the RB radar. His future lies at LB. Good list though.
  8. Colonel_Reb

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    Jan 9, 2005
    The Deep South
    Nice list JonCurtis! Some have graduated, and a couple are with different schools. Later this summer I'll let you know if I find any more of them. I would definitely list 1-AA players, as well as D2 and D3 RBs, because from my experiences, as soon as a black is recruited, their job is always in jeopardy just like so many 1-A men we have been following. Nate Kmic at Mount Union is a D3 phenom!
  9. voice

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    Apr 26, 2005

    You are probably right. We should publicize the success at all levels

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