What's your top 25?

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  1. Odysseus

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    Oct 7, 2018
    Hello everyone! I hope you and yours are really well (in body, spirit and mind) and are getting ready to celebrate Christmas and New Years like never before. Today it's my first day off from the total sixteen that will follow. I hadn't taken a break in the past 14 months. I don't remember when was the last time I slept 8 straight hours to be honest.

    Anyway, since I've got enough free time this morning and I'm home alone at the moment, I decided to make a holiday top 25 of my favorite people and things. Let's give this thread a festive character.

    Since this is a sport website, I will start with my favorite sportsmen first. Please feel free to add any sport or personality/activity you feel I may left out!


    Footballer: Tough one but I am between Diego Maradona and Roberto Baggio. Cristiano Ronaldo is probably the most athletic and influential personality in the history of the sport though.

    Basketball Player: The one and only Nikos Galis!

    Rugby Player: Sébastien Chabal

    NFL: Tom Brady. I don't know much about the NFL, but I love this dude. I even bought my son a POP figurine of him.

    MLB: I will go with the G.O.A.T. Babe Ruth. I don't even know how baseball's played btw lol.

    NHL: Chris Chelios

    Tennis: Pete Sampras

    Driver/Rider: Tough one but I will go with the G.O.A.T. Michael Schumacher and Valentino Rossi.

    Olympian: Pyrros Dimas. The greatest weightlifter to ever live in my opinion.

    Fighter: I am going to cheat here big time but I will go with Mike Zambidis from kickboxing, Fedor Emelianenko from MMA, Jim Londos from professional wrestling and when it comes to boxing I literally have a top 25 itself so I will just name my two current favorites (Loma and Usyk) and leave it at that.

    Extreme Sports/Other: Too many extreme sports out there and all of them dominated by white brothers. Btw, I would like to say here that many of you in this website seem to underestimate the MASSIVE influence extreme sports have in younger males and females from around the world. Their videos have hundreds of millions of views (NFL videos have hard time to reach a million or two) and the vast majority of the dominant athletes are white. Having said that, I will go with Felix Baugartner. What this brother did is out of this world. Also from other sports, I would like to pick the likes of Yiannis Kouros (not sure if it's accurate or just an hyperbole, but NASA once claimed that he's the only human in history to cover by running the distance between earth and the moon), John Brzenk, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson.


    Inventor: Nikola Tesla

    Explorer: Yuri Gagarin

    Politician: Ioannis Kapodistrias (thanks to him I don't speak Turkish and I don't worship Allah today) and Pericles for visualizing and funding the construction of the Parthenon.

    Scientist: Too many to name, but I will go with Aristotle.

    Writer: Homer. This man is second to none.

    Military Leader: Leonidas I in a tie with Constantine XI Palaiologos.

    Philosopher: Socrates in tie with the likes of Plato and Heraclitus.

    Artist: Michelangelo in a tie with El Greco. Now that I think about it, I love Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci and Pablo Picasso as much. Too many great folks from our kind.

    Cuisine: Anything from Greek, Italian and European-American.

    Director: My "Greekness" wants me to say Elia Kazan but I will have to go with the great Ridley Scott. I also love Andrei Tarkovsky for its incredible picture and cinematography.

    Musician: Wow, too many but I will go with the greatest soprano ever, Maria Callas.

    Actor/Actress: Hmmm, Leonardo Di Caprio is pretty good. Colin Farrell also. Tom Hardy as well! And Hugh Jackman. Too many really.

    TV Series: The X-Files, of course. Especially the mid- 90's seasons.

    Superhero: No one beats Superman, right?

    Whoever has the time and energy, please be my guest. Our race is the only one who has great (if not THE greatest) ambassadors in every field of human activity, so please share your favorites. There are TOO MANY of our brothers to pick from ;)
  2. Charles Martel

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    Mar 14, 2007
    I don't have time to answer in detail, but here's a start:

    Tom Brady
    Boxer: Marciano
    NHL: Crosby
    MMA: Fedor

    Military Leader: Many. Trajan, Kitchener, Robert E Lee, Edward III and Alfred the Great come to mind.
    Soccer: currently Harry Kane
    Director: Sergey Bondarchuk
    Writer (novels): Currently Hilary Mantel. Homer was great, as was Victor Hugo.
  3. DixieDestroyer

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    Jan 19, 2007
    NFL : Dick Butkus
    NBA : Larry Bird
    Baseball : Ty Cobb
    MMA : Fedor Emelianenko
    Boxing : Rocky Marciano
    Golfer : Bobby Jones
    Auto Racing : Richard Petty
    Pro Wrestler : Lou Thesz
    Olympian : Dan Gable
    Strongman/Weightlifter : Paul Anderson
    Coach : Tom Landry
    Military Leader : Nathan Bedford Forrest
    Author : Saint Peter
    Book : The Bible (KJV)
    Person : Jesus Christ
    Website : Caste Football
    Actor : John Wayne
    Musician : Hank Williams Jr.
    Movie : Gods & Generals
    Director : D.W. Griffith
    Politician : Thomas Jefferson
    Scientist : Tesla
    Food : “Down Home” (Southern cuisine)
    TV Show : The Beverly Hillbillies
    Inventor : Henry Ford
    Explorer : Magellan
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  4. Odysseus

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    Oct 7, 2018
    Very good choices, mate. Marciano is a top 5 for me as well. He's arguably the greatest heavyweight to ever live, even though I believe that boxers like the Klitschkos and even Usyk would either school him or TKO him late. For all their toughness, I tend to believe that many old-school boxers of the past wouldn't fare well nowadays. However, I can see Rocky being a savage at Cruiserweight of any era. One way or another, his cultural impact on the sport and his incredible 49-0 record makes him an immortal in my book.

    Btw, a quite funny story. Not too long ago I went to Switzerland for a few days combining business and mini-holidays. As I was getting on the plane with my wife, I see this skinny black dude (very friendly I must confess) smiling at me and pointing at my hat (I was wearing a yellow Rocky Marciano Undefeated cap) saying "I wouldn't wear that on any flight." I just looked at him in a way that took his smile away in a couple of nano-seconds and replied "It's better than any apparel of your overrated chumps as Ali and Tyson." He avoided to serve me the whole flight LOL. After a while I realized that Rocky lost his life in an air crash and that the African probably referred to that. Oh well, it's not like I felt any guilt anyway LOL.

    Interestingly, Swiss Air's serving staff included a black dude, an Arabic (very dark, I would never classify her as Caucasian, and as you know I am not as strict as some of you with the Caucasian term) and a Filipino woman. So, 3 out of 7 were non-whites in a country that is like 99% white? I wonder why! I am sure there are several Swiss (or any kind of Europeans) who would LOVE to work for Swiss Air. In a EU that over 25% of Natives are unemployed currently (in Greece, Italy and Spain over 40%), Africans, Arabs and Asians have very decent jobs thanks to the PC laws of England, France and Germany. European "Union" my ass!
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  5. Odysseus

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    Oct 7, 2018

    Alfred the Great. Vikings!!!!!!!! I love this show ;)

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